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Welp foxy is back from Furfright! It was a extremely fun weekend. The Crowne Plaza Cromwell is a great hotel and the people working there are all very nice, I got a very nice room in the corner of the hotel that was a bit larger than a standard room. Once again team Foxy reunited with my best friend Kat sharing the room with me. I remember my friend Jokond giving me a big tackle hug on friday. Then I was able to see a few other old friends whom I haven't seen in a while, I was very happy to make up with them and be able to apologize to them about something I did face to face. For dinner Friday me, Kat, and Tajiri went to Japanese Hibachi place, the food was soooooo good, I couldn't finish it it was too much food hehe. I also saw my great freind Blarmajin, she really liked my hair :)

Saturday, was spent wandering around and running into a few new friends. Chaya, who's fursuit comes from Blarmajin, the same girl who made mine. Kat knew her more than I did since they live near eachother. Then I saw Dave from the Foxybowl, as well as my friends Amy and Flipasaurous, whom I saw by surprise earlier in the year at AnimeNext. I was also in the Fursuit Parade Saturday, it wasn't easy, it was the longest I have been in fursuit. After the parade, I saw a few other friends I haven't seen in a while, Tom from Brooklyn, and my friend Lapris Dragsku. Then dinner I ate at Sheffield's restaurant, I had a very yummy burger. Tajiri was performing in his costume at the Masquerade which I watched but only his segment, and that guy that looked like Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins

Sunday I was hanging out with BadgerBen and went to visit Joe Meyers table in the dealers area. I went fur suiting again, I wanted to get photos from the photo shoot thing but there was a line and it was SLOW as molasses so Kat and I went around the hotel and took some photos of me in suit in various places. As the afternoon went on the convention began to empty out. I got to meet Kitsune Cavalier, who really liked how I look :) Sunday night though, some inconsiderate fools decided to make a lot of noise up until 3am, I couldn't figure out where it was coming from to complain.

All in all it was the best Furfright I have attended. :)
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jmg124 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Glad you had a good time.
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October 28, 2013