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Last weekend I was in New Jersey for AnimeNext. I had a great time. Unfortunately the convention had a few problems. For one thing, it was wayyy too small a building for the convention. The parking lot was a mess, it was very hard to find parking. Secondly they had a really stupid way of getting to the dealers room, you had to wait outside, which would have been alright if it wasn't humid and rainy that weekend. Thirdly some jerk in the artist alley was giving me a hard time for photographing the area. She gave some lame excuse about supporting artists and whatnot. Guess what, me photographing the area and showing it to friends and family gives you free publicity and promotion. I wound up coming back later and snapping a photo anyway with my iphone when she wasnt looking. I hung out with :icontoonyk9: for a bit. It was great meeting puppeh for the first time ^^. I also was fursuiting for a bit at the show, but due to rain and the fact it was very hot outside I didnt wear it that often. I did get a lot of huggle requests and people photographed me in fursuit, however I cant find any of those photos online.

In the Doubletree, which was the con hotel, there was some cleaning guy that worked there that looked just like Manuel from Fawlty towers. I wandered around the hotel since there was panels and stuff taking place there. I didnt get in since it was sold out, so I found another hotel to stay at.

The hotel was nice, it was this Hampton Inn a few exits away. I like the Hilton family of hotels, they are always clean and well run. The one annoying this was how to access the hotel from the highway, you couldn't make the left onto the road where the hotel was in, you had to make a U-Turn at the light, which I realized the second day that there was a No U Turn sign so after that I found a back way in behind this shopping center and went in that way.
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whispering-destiny Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
It was sweaty right ;p I went to one about two weeks ago.. it's londons biggest expodition i think. big room. inside queeing and artist are freindly enough for you to take picture of their art unless if their is pre madeart and he-she isn't drawing in her block. It's hell of a lot fun :) hope yo had fun too
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June 13, 2012