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Last night I updated the character infopages on Marie Renarde and Aurora van Wolven. If you are interested in reading about my cute chubby girls, both of their infopages can be found at Mystic Fox Art Works, The pages for Jon Lupus the Fox and Inuk Husky I will be working on this week.

Marie the Fox…

Aurora the Wolf…

I know the sample pictures of them are a bit old, when I have more time over the next few weeks I'll put together better pictures for there.


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Beau-Skunk Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2010
Nice site. :)
PudgeyRedFox Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
glad u likey <3
WAtheAnum Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
as i had talk with my artwork friends, we will give you a comment later to this. so please wait. next to this, you make my comment as spam up there. are you a nazi? or do you dislike the german languane?

a lil info jon boy, DONT worry what i said there ^^ I and my friend get paid for a kind of "feedback" we will give you, you can read it later but not now, we work on it. ^^ but it will be a bit hard and funny, heh the feedback will you get from me, W.A., then ShakeYOURarse,Mbeat and Nudetail - all nicknames. hehe i had a lot of fun with this guys ^^
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January 18, 2010