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I had a blast this year at furfright. Its defenately better to stay overnight. Last year I went for one day and was too tired to enjoy anything. This year I got there Friday afternoon, and left Saturday afternoon.

Traffic was kinda bad in spots, an accident in Stamford blocked two lanes on the Connecticut Turnpike, after that there was some delays in New Haven in switching over to I-91.

I don't really know a whole lot of people that are going so I walked around, looked at the dealers area, saw some familiar faces, skyfire, joe, badgerben, It was a lot of fun seeing all the fursuits and stuff, makes me wish I had one. I didnt buy anything becasue I feel that the prices were too high, I'm not paying $20 for a rough sketch, especially from people that are on the same skill level as me. I got to meet a few guys from the site, unfortunately with so much going on its hard to really have a conversation. Friday night dinner was excellent, I went to a Japanese restaurant, and had sushi. A good friend of mine would have loved it. After dinner I had two Budweisers at the bar. Furry cons are a lot better when you had a few beers hehe. After that I sat in my room and watched the news, while playing around on my iPhone, the WiFi in the room was spotty, lucky I had an iPhone and was able to switch to 3G to keep online. There wasn't too much noise outside, with the exception of a few people walking around. I was worried I was gunna have the room next to the all night furry party, but I told the hotel staff to put me in the Quiet section.

The next morning I walked around the dealer area again, then hung around for a bit and then checked out. I joined the Priority Club rewards program (for Holiday inn family hotels, of which the Crowne Plaza is one of them) I defenately will be back there next year. It was a LOT of fun.… my photos I took with my iPhone. If I photographed your fursuit, lemme know.
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KatTheFoxtaur Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wish I coulda gone hehehe but I'm glad you had a great time, Marie! <3 :hug::heart:
felousefarnayne Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
really glad to hear that you had so much fun Marie and you got to see alot and meet friends too n_n :hug:
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October 16, 2011