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Last night I returned from my trip to California. It was a great 10 day trip all around the golden state. First day we arrived we walked around Santa Monica, which has a nice beach and pier. Then it was off to San Fransisco along the central part of the state, which is basically nothing but farms for miles and miles once you get past the big mountains at the north end of the LA metro area. San Fransisco is a great place, though the hills make it tough to walk, but luckily they got trolleys and other things to get around with. I hung out on the outside one of the times I was on the Cable Cars.

We also went to Sausalito and walked part of the majestic Golden Gate Bridge. It was kinda cold up there and foggy too :o After San Fran, we headed down CA Route 1, which is very scenic but in other times scary as you have to navigate hairpin turns with very little barriers to prevent you from falling down. After a stopover in some small town near Hearst Castle, we continued on US 101 with the fancy bell thingies every few miles towards Los Angeles. Once we hit Ventura we got stuck in traffic for about 60 miles, down thru Hollywood and the East LA Interchange, and down I-5 till the CA Route 39 Exit. Hollywood was very annoying, reminded me of a more annoying Midtown Manhattan with people every block harassing you to go on a stupid overpriced tour. LA Traffic is diabolical! I dunno how people get anywhere in a reasonable amount of time.

Eventually we reached our hotel in Anaheim, the Sheraton. It was a nice hotel. Disneyland was LOTSA fun! The Matterhorn was fun, but it hurt my back. It was interesting walking around seeing the differences between Disneyland and the WDW Magic Kingdom. Having been to both parks, I think Walt Disney World is sooo much better. There's a more higher class of people in WDW vs Disneyland which seems to attract the Six Flags crowd since its easy to get to from the city.

On the last day we went to the San Diego Zoo, which was fun tho I was dissapointed I couldn't see the Arctic Fox, he was either in the back or just hiding from view but I hung out there for a while and he didn't show up :( meeb.

Overall it was a fun trip, and I am back and ready to continue bringing foxy cuteness to the world :3
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felousefarnayne Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
welcome back! I am glad to hear that in the end you had a fun filled time at Disneyland n_n, traffic will always be awful at one place at least in one country to another, heck some of the towns I live near have tons of traffic and are bad and are changing to be less convenient for everyone even the city, anyway I keep taking your cuteness and giving you tons of cuddles in return :huggle: n_n
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August 27, 2012