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Last weekend when I was at I-Con I photographed a cute girl in this cute cosplaying outfit, my freind was rushing me so I didnt have a chance to talk to her or ask what character she was cosplaying.…

Does anyone know what character she is cosplaying and what show is the character from?


Comissions are **OPEN AGAIN**!

- Comission Status…
- Comission Rules and Pricing
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I wonder if I should post up my work from my Art Class this semester? Its mostly still life stuff so far...


Comissions are **OPEN AGAIN**!

- Comission Status…
- Comission Rules and Pricing

I finally got around to rewriting the info for Jon Lupus. A lot of it was ideas I had in my head for a while, but I don't want to rush stuff like this or else it never lasts, and then I'm where I was in years past where Id wind up rushing the design process and then get tired of it, then I wound up back where I started.

As for the comic, I'm happy everyone's enjoying it so far. Its been a lot of work to put together. The finale on page 5 will be exciting.


Comissions are CLOSED =( !

- Comission Status…
- Comission Rules and Pricing
Last night I updated the character infopages on Marie Renarde and Aurora van Wolven. If you are interested in reading about my cute chubby girls, both of their infopages can be found at Mystic Fox Art Works, The pages for Jon Lupus the Fox and Inuk Husky I will be working on this week.

Marie the Fox…

Aurora the Wolf…

I know the sample pictures of them are a bit old, when I have more time over the next few weeks I'll put together better pictures for there.


Comissions are Open!

- Comission Status…
- Comission Rules and Pricing
From the times online:…

"Scientists have identified the gene that keeps females female. An international team found that the action of a single gene is all that stops females from developing male physical traits, including testes and facial hair.

When this gene was artificially “switched off” in adult female mice their ovaries began to turn into testes and they started to produce a level of testosterone found in healthy male mice.

The discovery could eventually revolutionise gender reassignment therapy and improve treatments for babies who are born with a mixed gender.

The researchers anticipate that temporarily suppressing the gene in males would have the opposite effect. Turning it off would automatically trigger the ovary development gene to come on, leading to cells in the testes turning into follicles and ceasing the production of testosterone.

Applying the therapy in humans is a long way off, but the researchers say that it could dramatically improve clinicians’ ability to change a person’s gender. Rather than be placed on medication for the rest of their life, only a short course of gene therapy would be required."

Very interesting stuff, i'd be interested to see how this progresses.


Comissions are Open!

- Comission Status…
- Comission Rules and Pricing
Comission Status

Comissions: Closed till other comissions are complete


Single Character Pictures with no background

Sketches - $5
Cell Shading - $19
Soft Shading - $24 *NEW*

Extra Options

Extra Characters - $5
Background - $5

Current Status

Check the Comission Status Journal on Furaffinity for the 50 Sketch challenge…
I cant believe in another month we will be in 2010, a new decade :ohnoes::ohnoes::ohnoes::ohnoes::ohnoes::ohnoes::ohnoes::ohnoes::ohnoes::ohnoes::ohnoes::ohnoes::ohnoes::ohnoes:
Comissions are open!

Here is the pricing

**Uncolored Sketch**

* SALE! $4 for a Single Character Sketch
* Add $5 for each extra character

**Color Picture (Cell Shading Only)**

* $19 for a Single Character Sketch
* $29 for a Single Character Sketch with background
* Add $5 for each extra character

Send me a note if you are interested!
I am currently taking commissions!

Here is the price list:

**Single Character Pictures**

-Sketches $4

-Cell Shaded Pictures $19

**Extra Options**

-Extra Character $5
-Detailed Background $9

More Information here:

If you are interested, send me a note/private message.

** To-Do List! **
Im sure everyone knows the news now, the king of pop died. However what I have noticed on the news coverage of his death is that they left out one little but important detail about the guy, the fact he was a child molester! Every news station just glosses it over as "little controversy". Lets face it, had it not been for the million dollar lawyers, he woulda spent his last days in prison, not in Dubai laughing at us. Whats next, when OJ Simpson dies hes gunna be known as just a Football player who got into minor legal trouble. A sexual predator is a sexual predator, no matter if hes alive or not.
To start off the summer I am doing something unprecidented in Mystic Fox history. The Mystic Fox All Request Hour. I am offering 10 slots for color pix. 5 are for other peoples characters, 5 are for fan art of official characters, you pick the character. To enter, leave a comment and a link to a picture of your character or the character you want drawn. No descriptions. These are single character pix only, and no backgrounds. Only mammal furry characters please, and aquatic mamalls count as fish. No yiffy pictures and nothing that is anti-american and nothing against the 1921-1994 government of South Africa. I reserve teh right to refuse to draw a request if I choose to. All I ask in return from anyone who gets a picture from this is to view my gallery and comment regularly.

Update: All slots filled.

Update: Attention those with pictures pending, if you dont comment on my work, your picture WILL NOT be drawn! If you cannot do this, let me know now and I will remove your name from the list. All people with Sketch Pending and Need Character Info must agree to these terms for me to continue, do it by Jun 13!

Requests (Complete pictures removed from list)

4 :iconchrona-chan: Sketch Complete
5 :iconchessyoshi: Sketch in Progress

Fan Art

4 :iconwatheanum: Sketch pending
5 :iconroxor128: Sketch Pending
The Mystic Fox Forums are experienceing techical difficulties, I am going to try this week to get them working again, however the rest of the Mystic Fox site is still open
Merry Christmas everyone!
and Happy Hanukkah too!
How many countries around the world have you been to?

I've been to:

USA (I live there)
- New York
- New Jersey
- Pennsylvania
- Delaware
- Maryland
- District of Columbia
- Virginia
- North Carolina
- South Carolina
- Tennessee
- Georgia
- Florida
- Connecticut
- Massachusetts
- Rhode Island
- Nevada
- Arizona
- Utah
Cayman Islands
South Africa
Cape Verde

I pose the same question to y'all, where you been to? Post it here or make this journal in your journal.

So works gotten more of a problem for me, I have very little hours and that means I have hardly any money to even keep myself going, I'm just lucky i had money saved from the summer. I'm in the process of looking for another job, but anyone who's been in that situation knows that its a prospect easier said than done.

I could use a few commissions to help pay for my expenses. Here is the price list

(prices in US Dollars)

Single Character Sketches $5

Single Character Cell Shaded picture $15

Single Character Soft Shaded picture $35

Single Character Vector Based Coloring $40

*********** Extra Options **************

Extra Characters $5

Detailed Background $10 (Not available on Vector Images)

Terms and conditions can be found at
A hurricane is set to hit the gulf side of Texas, one of my closest friends :icongamelink7: lives in that area, and I hope hes gunna be okie, so lets all pray that the hurricane doesn't do a lot of damage to that area, and that he will be okie.
(prices in US Dollars)

Single Character Sketches $5

Single Character Cell Shaded picture $15

Single Character Soft Shaded picture $35

*********** Extra Options **************

Extra Characters $5

Detailed Background $10

Contact me by email or note if you are interested.

Terms and conditions can be found at
Leave a comment, and I will:

a) Tell you why I friended you
b) Associate you with something - fandom, a song, a colour, a photo, et cetera
c) Tell you something I like about you
d) Tell you a memory I have of you
e) Ask something I've always wanted to know about you
f) In return, you must post this in your journal.

I did it so now I'm putting up the journal. ^.^
Ive noticed I havent been doing as much drawing as i did in times past, a lot of times i'm just not sure what to draw,  and whatnot, and I spend so much time on that, I never get anything done, so to try and help me loosen up a bit, I'm gunna do somethin my friend Kaze tried and worked really well for him, each day for a month I will try to do at least one sketch of something, may be my character, may be someoen else's, who knows. Keep in mind these are just sketches, and they could be rough, have anatomical and 3d flaws and whatnot, theres a chance they may not fit any sort of continuum or storyline. They are just sketches, its a method to get me to loosen up artwise.

And no, they wont be colored, I may use a sketch as an inspiration for a new colored piece however.

To start things off I have posted sketch 1 - Aurora, in the scraps. Look for these pieces in the scraps section on my page