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Today was my first day in Disneyland! I had tons of foxy fun :3 I rode the Matterhorn, splash and space mountains and a few other rides. I also rode the monorail. I got a few more days here till I return home. I gotta check out disneys California adventure, and more of the rides I haven't gotten to in Disneyland. Just a reminder there is No update this Saturday to Marie's Magical Mishaps this Saturday since I'm still in Cali

Have a nummy day!
  • Eating: Nummies The character page has been updated. Niki is still an active character! Her bio will be put in when she appears in the comic.
  • Eating: Nummies My new tumblr page :3 Its got WIP and other xxxclusive sketches and stuff.

I am also on twitter as PudgeyRedFox ^^
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I was sitting in a chair and a brown bear was in the house, looking at me. I would try to get up and it would growl. Then I got up, stared into his eyes for a few seconds and he got up on his hind paws, looked at me gave me a big hug and then we started to dance while embracing. He was very warm, after that I woke up.
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Last weekend I was in New Jersey for AnimeNext. I had a great time. Unfortunately the convention had a few problems. For one thing, it was wayyy too small a building for the convention. The parking lot was a mess, it was very hard to find parking. Secondly they had a really stupid way of getting to the dealers room, you had to wait outside, which would have been alright if it wasn't humid and rainy that weekend. Thirdly some jerk in the artist alley was giving me a hard time for photographing the area. She gave some lame excuse about supporting artists and whatnot. Guess what, me photographing the area and showing it to friends and family gives you free publicity and promotion. I wound up coming back later and snapping a photo anyway with my iphone when she wasnt looking. I hung out with :icontoonyk9: for a bit. It was great meeting puppeh for the first time ^^. I also was fursuiting for a bit at the show, but due to rain and the fact it was very hot outside I didnt wear it that often. I did get a lot of huggle requests and people photographed me in fursuit, however I cant find any of those photos online.

In the Doubletree, which was the con hotel, there was some cleaning guy that worked there that looked just like Manuel from Fawlty towers. I wandered around the hotel since there was panels and stuff taking place there. I didnt get in since it was sold out, so I found another hotel to stay at.

The hotel was nice, it was this Hampton Inn a few exits away. I like the Hilton family of hotels, they are always clean and well run. The one annoying this was how to access the hotel from the highway, you couldn't make the left onto the road where the hotel was in, you had to make a U-Turn at the light, which I realized the second day that there was a No U Turn sign so after that I found a back way in behind this shopping center and went in that way.
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Today is my burfday :3 Wooooooo *gives everyone a party hat* time to have lots of cccaaaakkkeeee :3
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Its one of those stressful times of the year. I got finals n stuff coming, homework to finish before the end of the semester. I got pictures I owe people, art projects of my own I would like to finish. A good friend of mine is makin somethin for me, and I am hoping it'll be finished the next time I see her. Im all excited aobut that, and then Im excited about a mini vacation im taking in May.
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Which car do you think Aurora would drive?

- 1978 Cadillac Fleetwood
- 1979 Cadillac Fleetwood
- 1978 Chevy Caprice Classic
- 1979 Chevy Caprice Classic
-the Pontiac or Buick equivalents
- something else ( must be a full size sedan or station wagon)

It's for an upcoming pic
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Ask any one of my current 4 characters a question, ask em anything you want but BE RESPECTFUL! Make sure you address it to one of them so they know whos replying to what :3

BE RESPECTFUL, or you will be BLOCKED!
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Comissions are open again :3 I am saving up money to get a Marie fursuit made ^.^

*** Pricing ***

Sketch - $7
Cell Shading - $24
Soft Shading - $29
Extra Characters - $5

Send me a note if you are interested!!
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I had a blast this year at furfright. Its defenately better to stay overnight. Last year I went for one day and was too tired to enjoy anything. This year I got there Friday afternoon, and left Saturday afternoon.

Traffic was kinda bad in spots, an accident in Stamford blocked two lanes on the Connecticut Turnpike, after that there was some delays in New Haven in switching over to I-91.

I don't really know a whole lot of people that are going so I walked around, looked at the dealers area, saw some familiar faces, skyfire, joe, badgerben, It was a lot of fun seeing all the fursuits and stuff, makes me wish I had one. I didnt buy anything becasue I feel that the prices were too high, I'm not paying $20 for a rough sketch, especially from people that are on the same skill level as me. I got to meet a few guys from the site, unfortunately with so much going on its hard to really have a conversation. Friday night dinner was excellent, I went to a Japanese restaurant, and had sushi. A good friend of mine would have loved it. After dinner I had two Budweisers at the bar. Furry cons are a lot better when you had a few beers hehe. After that I sat in my room and watched the news, while playing around on my iPhone, the WiFi in the room was spotty, lucky I had an iPhone and was able to switch to 3G to keep online. There wasn't too much noise outside, with the exception of a few people walking around. I was worried I was gunna have the room next to the all night furry party, but I told the hotel staff to put me in the Quiet section.

The next morning I walked around the dealer area again, then hung around for a bit and then checked out. I joined the Priority Club rewards program (for Holiday inn family hotels, of which the Crowne Plaza is one of them) I defenately will be back there next year. It was a LOT of fun.… my photos I took with my iPhone. If I photographed your fursuit, lemme know.
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I updated the Marie character info page on Mystic Fox Art Works… try it out :3

You can choose which outfit you want to see Marie wearing, including nothin at all :o
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Yayyy! Samantha Stosur won the US open!! Im glad she beat Serena Williams cuz the Williams sisters are like the Jimmie Johnson of tennis, except with him Nascar secretly gives him a better car so he can win the championships and so the Toyota drivers dont have a chance.
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AS of 5:20pm today, the power is back on in my house!!! All work can resume now!!
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Due to the hurricane, foxeh has no power in the foxeh house :( Hopefully it comes back soon
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I was in the Botanical Gardens today and some hippie enviromentalist whacko guy was trying to get me to sign his petition on banning oil shale extraction in new york and I'm like yea whatever ill think about it and never came back, so i go to my mom who was with me, you wanna know why gas is $4 a gallon, guys like him.

Its like the people at work who insist on using those reusable bags, or get mad when stuff is in 'too many bags' I tell em flat out, if you aren't using that bag I'm throwing it out, and I have thrown em out right in front of em. Sometimes that's alone enough to get em to take the bag. Thats about as bad as the people that want to give me coins after i press the amount they gave me, Its too annoying to then have to figure out what they get back. Just take the coins to coinstar if you have too many =P

Also am I the only one that things the streaming journals are getting excessive, its like half the journals are about this one streaming and that one streaming. Unless you are offering free art with no ridiculous catches. I don't care. =P
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I have returned from my trip to Rhode Island. I went up there to see the RI Air Show at the Air National Guard base up there. It was fun, the friday me and my dad got in on this media day and were able to watch the show from the small airport in there, which had a great view of the flightline, as well as free wifi.

Saturday was great, itwas cold in teh morning and looked rainy, however by the time the afternoon came and the military jets came in, the weather improved and by the time the Blue Angels started their demo, it was blue skies. Then after the show, and after dinner, I drove up to Massachusetts to visit one of my best friends :iconkatthefoxtaur: and we had fun up at his place. Driving home was crazy, theres no streetlights on teh highways up there and it starts to rain like crazy, but I couldnt stop I needed to get back to my Hotel in RI. I get back onto I-95 and it starts to rain even heavier but luckily as I got near the RI border it cleared up and it was smooth sailing back to the hotel.

The hotel has a great breakfast, with bagels, croissants, and my favorite, danish pastries. It also has free tea and coffee 24/7. The drive home went fine, except for some traffic and this slowass McDonalds at the rest stop and we get stuck behind this stupid lady who has to order this crap that takes forever and they got some dude workin behind the counter whos goin so slow he might as well be working in reverse. But dont worry, I managed to get my burger and it was nummy.

Also I hear while I was up there, NY State legalized same-sex marrage. It is great they finally managed to do it. It doesnt really affect me at this time becasue I dont even have a mate, let alone someone im engaged to.
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Now that schools over and im not in any other language classes at school, Im going to be resuming my study of Afrikaans and the Dutch language. Im looking for any Nederlander furries to practice with. ^.^

Hierdie somer, 'k sal afrikaans en nederlands studeer. Ik sal soek vir iemand 'furry' van Suid-Afrika, Belgie, Nederlands Antillen, of Nederlands wat kan praat Afrikaans of Nederlandse om te praat met.
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My burfday was pretty good. I had to go to class, presented a project in the first two classes, then the third class was just random classwork in an anchient programming language called UNIX Shell Script which I cant stand, Id rather work with C becasue its similar to PHP which I know well and Javascript.

When I got home it was pretty good, I relaxed and stuff, later on in the evening my relatives came over and we all had cake. I mostly get money from all my relatives which works out great for me, I can buy stuff that I want :)

I wanna give a special shoutout to :iconwatheanum: Lester :icongamelink7: :iconblackfox85: and :iconsilverhammerbro: for drawing me great pix for my b-day :3

I hope this will be the year I finally get to score, I aint gunna tell you my age but its early to mid 20s. I say this every year but I am hoping that this is the year. There a few other changes Im hoping I will finally begin on this coming year, I aint gunna say what it is out loud but if youre in the know you know what im talkin about, and its going pretty well so far.

Soon the semester will be over and I will have more time for artwork :)
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Today is my burfday :3 :3

Partay at foxehs, there WILL be cake! :3
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