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Now I have been getting this same question about Part 30 of Marie's Magical Mishaps, and I thought I would clarify whats going on, at least enough of whats going on that it won't ruin page 31. No Jon-Jon is not dead, he moved away, the reasoning behind it will be revealed in the next page. It is a turning point in the comic where we are entering a new story arc, which will come together in the next few pages.

in the past couple of months I have gone through a lot of major life changes, and the reasoning behind retiring the Jon foxy character is because he represents the old era which I want to move on from. If you liked the character, well there are other fine characters in the story as well, and plus there are plenty of overweight male foxes out there that you can enjoy instead, if that is your thing.
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Commissions are back OPEN!!

>> Sketches $10

>> Flat Coloring $19

>> Cell Shading $27

Soft Shading is NOT Available
Extra Characters are $5

Payment via PayPal ONLY.
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I'm back from Anthrocon. I had a blast there! It was a bit of a drive getting there and back but it was sooooo worth it! Its like a furry woodstock, a weekend of peace, love, and fun, (music too but techno ain't my thing.) I met a buncha people, too many to list. I also saw some familiar faces from back home also enjoying the furry festivities out there. The food there was great too, I liked the bagels in the deli in the hotel with the really fruity cashier. Furnandos was nummy too, I liked the novelty doggie bowl special. One night we had dinner at Sushi Kim's, that was super nummy!

At the art show, one of my prints sold! I wonder who bought the Niki bear picture. It was also fun hanging out and drawing at the zoo! I am definately going back next year!
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It's almost time for Anthrocon!! For the first time I will be there! I have been wanting to go to Anthrocon for many many many years now, back when it was still in Philadelphia. I just never could afford it back then. I am rooming with two of my best friends :iconkatthefoxtaur: and :iconfji1: in the Westin hotel. I will be fursuiting as Marie the Magical Foxy! Also I have four prints in the Anthrocon Art Show and auction!! I look forward to meeting and hanging out with my friends and having a great time :D

Seeya there :3
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Something that is lately getting me really upset is people complaining about the looks of my characters and the changes to the sizes and shapes of them. They are my characters and I shall design them the way I want. If you don't like the changes well too bad. I like to update the designs to reflect my current interests, rather than let them get stale and become unenjoyable to draw just to please others. I have changed their sizes to become less fetishy, I want a series where people respect the female characters and enjoy them for their personality and their knowledge and power rather than just their body. Im SICK of designing characters or keeping around designs I don't care about just to please others, and I am NOT doing that anymore.

If this bothers you the -Watch button is up top there. Theres plenty of other female furry characters by other artists that seem to only exist to please someone's sexual fantasies, which to me seems like a very miserable existence. If you like female characters who are real, that you can relate to, stick around because I have a lot of new and exciting things planned in the next season of my comic.
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Refresh to see the new Foxy Icon :3
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Thankies everyone for the burfday wishes!! My burfday was uneventful, I went to dinner with family the day before since I was off from work (I worked today), and this weekend I have a small party with my close friends. I mostly got cash which I put in savings, and I bought two license plates for my collection, a Nova Scotia plate with a 2012 sticker to replace the 2004 one I had, and a 5 digit Delaware plate with a 1965 sticker. Now I have a whole row going down of 5 digit tags where each one starts with a different number so it goes:

23140 (mid 60s design)
38317 (has the Arial font)
77564 (has the numbers riveted on)

If people are interested, I can post some photos of my walls, its quite a colorful display. One wall has the latest design from each state, adjacent to that is Delaware stuff, then on the other wall over my closet doors is Canada which is up to date except for Northwest Territories (they changed the design in 2011 and I haven't found one of the new style yet that isn't insanely expensive)
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Today is Foxy's Burfday :3 Bring on the Haps!!
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These past month has been going very well. I am getting out there more, being less introverted. I have met some really great local furry friends, I met them at a local bowling furmeet. I cant leave out my existing local furry friends, they are also very wonderful and it's great to catch up and get back to regularly attending furmeets and hanging out and stuff. They are all really really great friends and if I could huggle you all I would :D It is with their love and support that I have been able to take on my transition full speed ahead. Speaking of that I have a new therapist that I have an upcoming appointment with and I am hoping for the best. I have all new girls clothing for spring and summer. I am out there as a girl now and it feels great :D I may not have everything down perfectly, but I'm taking it day by day and learning something new and improving on something little by little each day.

While the job search may not be turning out too great right now, I still stay positive that something will open up. Right now I'm focusing my energy more on my gender transition tho. I already have a job that pays me enough to do the things I wanna do, just not enough to get my own place n stuff hehe. I'm sure that will come around eventually.
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This weekend I came down wif a bit of a cold, so I been taking it easy at home. As for Marie's Magical Mishaps, I've reached the 20th page of the comic. That's quite a milestone since no other comic project of mine has been this long. As for comissions, I got a full list of pics to do and I will be working on them starting tomorrow.

I got some new t-shirts in the mail today, however I can't wear em because its not warm enough yet :( Foxy tired too, I think I shall take a foxy nap *snoozes*
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Commissions for February and March are open now. There are some pricing changes for this year:

Sketches remain the same at $10
Cell Shading remains at $25
Soft shading is now $45

Extra characters is $5 for sketches and cell shading, soft shading extra characters are $10.

If you are interested, note me with your details.

[b] Current Orders [/b]

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Last year in late december I graduated from college finally. It was a long seven years of major changes, depression, and transferring schools that made it take a while. Life after college has been kinda meh so far. The job search is now in almost its second month, and I graduated with a Computer Science degree, not something totally impossible to find a job like Liberal Arts. Im a web programmer and the past few applications I have gotten rejected for not having the required skills, I know the basics, HTML, CSS3, Javascript, as well as PHP and SQL. So far I have a good for what it is part time job, the same place I worked thru college. I get decent hours, the ability to take time off when I want as long as its enough in advanced. But yet at this point I was hoping I could finally get started on a career job and be making enough money to live comfortably in my own place. I was hoping to move out of state to seek new and different surroundings. My transition has stalled somewhat because I cant afford to replace my wardrobe or get costly hair removal treatments and other associated costs. The crappy weather we have been having has made it tough to go out anywhere because going out in freezing cold weather isn't fun unless you are an arctic fox or a polar bear and I am neither. Relationships are going nowhere. After a couple of rejections and bad relations you start not to bother anymore, who wants to come out there and the best you can be, and be shot down time and time again. I can spend the money doing things I want to do, things that aren't going to reject me.

Lately another thing that's been on my mind is, what happened, when did people start aspiring to live in cities? What happened to the dream of owning a big house in the suburbs with 1-2 cars? When did people settle for taking the bus around, settle to live in smaller spaces surrounded by lots more people? I understand the city is where the most jobs are in many cases, however Suburbs tend to have commuter rail and if they don't, they have a decent network of freeways to get you downtown. This fascination with taking bikes and little scooters everywhere, that's what people do in third world countries because they cant afford cars. Shouldn't we strive for better? I remember years ago if you owned a Hummer H2 or the Escalade ESV (the chevy suburban sized one not the chevy tahoe sized one), it was a symbol that you made it, that you were someone. Young people were excited to get their permit and take their road test, it is a symbol of freedom, that you didn't need mom and dad to drive you to the mall or your friends house, you could go yourself. What changed? Kids were happy to get a car even if it was a handmedown from a relative, they made it their own, they put in a fancy car stereo or a big exhaust and drove around where they needed to go. What changed? I understand theres been a recession but those are temporary. Just because the present may be tough, doesn't mean the future will be also. Is this really the future people look forward to, everyone in dense cities, suburbs very tightly packed in, if you have money, you're in a house but its attached on both sides to another house, and don't even think of a backyard or a driveway, and a garage is definitely out of the question. Some power mad mayor telling you what to eat, and what to drink, what materials you cant and cannot use, how much water and electricity you can use. When did I become so out of touch? When did I become this relic of the past?

if this is too long for you to read, don't be a lazy ass, read it or get out of here.
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Welp 2012 was quite a whirlwind year. Starting off it was very stressful with getting the fursuit built but eventually it was finished and it looks amazing. Artwork and Photography have been doing well. I got a new webcomic that is doing great. At the end of this year I graduated college and joined a very exclusive group of computer users that own macintoshes, I got an Apple iMac 2012.

As for 2013, I look forward to getting a proper job in the IT field, improving my art and photography, and attending more furry conventions. I am looking towards going to Anthrocon. But more importantly I am doing something I never did before and that is starting fresh and dropping the old grudges and conflicts Ive had in 2012 and starting fresh. I sent notes to some people apologizing and things. Lets look forward for a brighter new year.

- Marie :3
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Welp after a long while in college struggling thru depression, major changes and a school transfer, I finally have reached the end of a long windy journey. I am graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science.

I am hoping to find work full time as a web programmer. I am knowledgeable in PHP, MySQL, and as well as the basics like HTML and CSS3. I am learning Javascript and JQuery. ( You can see some of my experimenting with JQuery I have done on my site on the Fursuit and Fan Art pages.) I could also work as a Network administrator, I have taken the Cisco Networking courses which my college offered and sometime in the next month or so I am going to look towards getting the CCNA certification.

I am working thru the list of the commissions I owe people, :iconjoducus: 5 part skunk transformation series is almost done, the last part is a color pic. Then its the rest of the people on the list :iconkatthefoxtaur:, :iconchessyoshi: and :iconfji1: I am still open for new commissions, so anyone who is interested let me know. I have plenty of time now that college is over to work on artwork. Prices are at
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iMac Review

So after 4 years of a Dell desktop that got progressively slower and slower, I decided to finally make the switch and get a Mac. Already I have an iPhone and iPad and I enjoy and prefer the Apple user interface and ecosystem. I also don't like the way Windows is heading with Windows 8, which is honestly horrible to use. I had to use it at my internship. With money in hand I headed to the Apple store in Manhasset to pick up the iMac.

I got the 21.5 inch model with the 2.7ghz core i5. Luckily they had one left in stock when I got there. The first thing I noticed when i brought it home was just the wonderful amount of detail Apple puts into all their products. The box itself is a work of art with bright graphics, something you rarely ever see anymore with computers, most of them nowadays show up with a nondescript cardboard box.

Build Quality

One of the first things I noticed after unpacking it was just the amazing build quality. There are no creaks or flexing in the cases like the dell's I used to own, nor is there cheap plastic anywhere. This iMac is solid, made out of aluminum and glass. The wireless keyboard and magic mouse are also made out of high quality materials.


The display on the new iMac is awesome. Its super bright, much much brighter than my old 20" dell widescreen display. The iMac features a 1920x1080 display, with sharp, bright colors, perfect for coloring artwork or editing photos.


Setting up my computer was a breeze, it took me a few hours to get my programs installed, as well as move my files over. Mac OS handles shared folders from windows better than windows does. No wrestling with drivers to get my printer and tablet working, everything just works. The trickiest part was getting my external HD working because its in the ntfs file format which is what Windows uses. This external HD is from my previous computer. A quick install of ntfs-3g and the drive works.


Very little issues to report, but if I had to be picky I miss the numeric keypad, however I am planning on buying the usb keyboard with numeric keypad, and the lack of upgradeability initially was a downside for me but in the 4 years I owned my previous computer, I never upgraded the RAM or the Hard drive in it, so I am sure I can live with it with an iMac, especially because Mac OS X is less memory intensive than Windows.


If you have a decent budget for a computer, I strongly recommend getting a Mac. They're built a lot better, the OS is much nicer, and they last a lot longer than Windows computers. You get a well established network of places to go for support, each Apple store has a genius bar for questions and to schedule repairs if in fact something does go wrong. The extra money is well worth it when you get the nice, easy to use, experience that just works and doesn't give you trouble. I don't have the time to mess around with errors and things that don't work, when I want to do something on the computer, I just want everything to work. If you can't afford the iMac, the mac mini is also a capable computer that will work with all your existing accessories. If you got a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse from your old computer, then you are all set! Later on you can accessorize with Apple keyboards and mice. This current iMac takes the existing popular all in one desktop to new heights. The old one was a damn good machine, this new one is even better, with the brighter screen and the slimmer profile.
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Around 5pm the power came back, earlier in the day I saw the crews working on the wires in the backyard, apparently one of the poles fell over in someones backyard and that took my block out for 2 weeks. Now with power back I can get back to business, Commissions that is.

I am open for commissions again!
I am open for commissions again!
I am open for commissions again!

Pricing is here

Send me a NOTE with the details if you are interested

If you cant afford one now, spread the word PLEEZE :3

Current People
- :iconfji1:
- :iconchubbyjosephine:
- :iconjoducus: (paid)
- :iconkatthefoxtaur:
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For those of you wondering, I am safe and sound, my house is fine. I just have no power, like most Long Islanders. I am currently staying somewhere with power and internet and I will be here for some time until power is restored at my house. I will be checking in with my friends from the area in the path of the hurricane to see if they are alright.

I am glad I was able to finish page 10 while power was still on, I worked hard on it Monday morning and finished it with an hour to spare after power went down.
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I am back from Furfright! I had a wonderful time this year, it was my first furry convention wearing my fursuit. This year I roomed with :iconkatthefoxtaur: and we were in the Crowne Plaza. He took a buncha photos of me in fursuit on the Saturday. I had a great time seeing old friends and meeting new people for the first time. The best part about the convention was a fellow who came up to me in the dealers room, I didnt know who he was and he told me how much he loved my artwork.

I was also really happy that :icono-kemono: likes my work as Ive been an admirer of his artwork for years. I was happy to see some familiar faces, AuroraFox, Eyrshe, and Blarmajin the girl who made my fursuit, as well as a few others whom I dont know your usernames. I also met some new people, Rivkah, Sedit, and theres some others but I forget your names.

Dinner I had hibachi on Friday, and then Saturday I was at the hotel restaurant. I left early sunday because of the hurricane and I didn't want to get stuck in traffic. I look forward to next years FurFright! I am hoping to get a table in the dealers room.
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I remember being in a dark room in a building, and looking out at a forest area. There wasnt a window, the foresty area was right there. There was a red fox vixen, somehow i knew she was a red fox vixen (I didnt see the crotch if thats what you are wondering :P ) . I remember looking at the fox, and the fox was looking at me, then she turned and slowly walked towards the left and i went to look, and thats about all i remember. Pretty interesting huh?
  • Eating: Nummies I added Niki Bear's info to the Characters Page!!
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