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After a while I found the dragon fursona wasnt fitting me sooooo I'm back to being the cute and pudgy red foxy that everyone loves.

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I updated my website with a new look, new pages, and new features! Enjoy!
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Murry chrismas from Marie the Foxy

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This years Anthrocon was a lot of fun!! It went by faster than a New York minute tho :( It was great to see all my freinds and meet some new friends.

I did well at the art show! one of my pictures sold :D

I will be uploading some fursuit photos tomorrow :3
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Back from seeing Zootopia! It was a very well thought out movie, with a good story and a positive message (that we can be anything we set our heart out to be, regardless of any preconceived notions about what we are, and that people are more than what they look like) Nick Wilde started to irritate me after a while but you could tell he was kind at heart. It sucks there isnt any vixen characters in the entire movie. Would have liked to see a cute fox girl in line with Maid Marianne or Krystal but that didn't happen.

Now a big thing among furries is they wonder if their character would get along well in Zootopia. Would Marie do well there? probably not, shes too much of a country girl and used to living out in the forest somewhere with her small group of companions. A major metropolis, no matter if its all animals isnt a place for Marie the Foxy.
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I updated the Commissions page with updated sample pictures

I also updated the Fursuit page with new photos from New Years Furry Ball as well as a new page on the updated Fursuit construction. I am currently rebuilding the suit, and I have gotten everything except the head and tail rebuilt all new and improved!!
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here with my mate :iconfji1: for the next week, later we will be heading to New Years Furry Ball to ring in the new year with all the other Delaware and New Jersey furs :3 this also marks our 2 year anniversary :D and I love Landis sooooooo much ❤️💛💚💙💜💖🌻🎉🎉
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This year's Furfright/Furpocalypse was the greatest one yet!!! This time my mate landisf  landisf was there. Also joining me again was my long time convention buddy katthefoxtaur  katthefoxtaur and his mate Bacon.

Thursday we arrived around noon, Thursday is usually the slow and relaxing day. I owe a huge amount of thank you to Matthew Shaman for letting me stay with him in line which ended up saving me an hour+ worth of waiting in line for the slow ass pre-registration line. Anthrocon's and AnimeNext's one is way quicker and more efficient. Upon receiving my ticket, I then had dinner up in the room with Landis, Kat, and Bacon when we all reassembled. We also went swimming which ended up prematurely wearing out the purple in my hair due to the chlorine.

Friday was the first main day for the con, I headed straight for the Frisky Beast table to purchase a new toy to play around with, plus got one of the limited edition holiday egg toys, it came in one of these little halloween goodie bags, with some random stuff inside. Then after a good ol fashioned nap, me and Landis had a nice dinner at the Hotel restaurant, Sheffield's. I ran into Inu, Frizzle, teegan  teegan, Kami, and Melody, as well as gamesport88  gamesport88.

Saturday was the big day, I got up early and met up with zumzumfoxy  zumzumfoxy and tempesta  tempesta as they arrived at the con. Shortly thereafter, my high school friends showed up as well. Me and Zum were in the fursuit parade together. Unfortunately something went wrong during the parade. I got to the staging area and was beginning to overheat badly. I had to jump the line to get into the parade so I could at least get the airflow from walking. At the end of the route I had to bow out of the parade and rest on a bench and waited for Beeton, Landis, and Zum to help me get to the group photo area. After hobbling over there, I started to feel really faint as I was standing there. I almost passed out twice, Caine gripped my arm tightly to keep me conscious. After the parade I carefully got back to my room, got my suit off and got a bunch of water to rehydrate myself and took a nap. I woke up around 3 and helped Mike get to the Super 8 to check into his hotel room. After hanging out there a short while, we headed back to the con to rejoin up with Caine at the silicone toy making panel, of which Caine was watching intently to learn some tips and techniques for selling stuff at the con. He has a truly great creative mind and I really hope he finds success at selling at furry cons. Dinner was at the Hibachi place, Me, Landis, Caine, Mike, Beeton, hypr  hyprspirayeayecat  spirayeayecat, Tajiri, as well as Kat and Bacon had Hibachi dinner and it was super yummy. After that I wasnt fully over my heat exhaustion it seems as I started to see black spots while we were hanging out in the social area at the far end of the hotel. I briefly lost consciousness and fell off the chair i was sitting on and hit the back of my neck on a chair next to me which then woke me up, and I remember laying there and Landis and Will were screaming MARIE WAKE UP! MARIE!! and I woke up and they helped me get back to my room so I could rest. Caine and Frizzle came up to see how I was doing and made sure I was safe.

Sunday I got up kinda early cuz of the Daylight Savings thing and took one last lap around, said my goodbyes, which included double parking at the Super 8 behind Zum's car so he couldn't leave without saying goodbye hehe. After doing another lap around the con area me and Landis drove home.

I really look forward to next year's Furpocalypse. The next furry con on my schedule is New Years Furry Ball in Newark Del.
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Welp I made it back home from a lovely weekend! It was a wonderfully healing weekend. Friday me and :iconnonanut: hung out and relaxed and had a long chat to help me with my depression issues <3. The next day me, him, and legionpendragon went to the Pinball Wizard Arcade furmeet and I got to see a bunch of familiar faces, old friends, and new friends. Sunday him and :icontempesta: had work so I went to Maine and then to Portsmouth to see my other friends, and we had dinner at the super duper Chinese buffet, which was quite yummy. Then the next day before I left I got to see more foxy friends, just as I was heading back to NY. 

Thank you everyone for a showing me a wonderful time! I'm gunna miss ya'll, I will have to return again soon <3 <3 <3

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So that nice job I got back in March, well it was a temp job and they decided never to keep me on so I got laid off at the end of June. So that means Foxy is unemployed again and working hard to find a new job.

In the meantime commissions are open!

Sketches 10
Cell Shading 30
Markers 30
Soft Shading 50

Extra characters 5 each

Also Marie the Foxy has her own official Facebook page! Like me on Facebook!!
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I'm no longer unemployed, I got a new job that pays better than my old one. Also in a few days I will be seeing my mate :D
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Foxy is OPEN for Commissions!! Help an unemployed Foxy whos between jobs and commission revenue is my only source of income right now.

Prices here…

Sketch $10
Marker $30
Flat Color $30
Digital Soft Shading $50
Conbadge $25

Extra characters +$5

Send me a Note if you are interested.

1) Gamesport88 COMPLETE
2) Gamesport88 COMPLETE
3) flowershakur COMPLETE
4) RoyceFox COMPLETE
5) VikkiMouse COMPLETE
6) VikkiMouse COMPLETE
7) :iconardhamon: COMPLETE  Commission: Ardhamon by PudgeyRedFox
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Earlier this week, my boyfriend :iconfji1: came up to visit me. We had a lot of fun, we went to visit some of my local furry friends, had dinner at the Chinese All u can eat buffet. The second day he was there we had fun together, then went to the local Wiccan shop, after that we went to the Fire Island Lighthouse on the south shore. When we got back we rested a bit, had dinner at a fancy Japanese restaurant, then watched The Fault in Our Stars. OMG that was such a sad movie I was crying and holding him really close. Thursday morning was really sad when he had to go home :( I miss him and I can't wait till New Years so I can see him again. That will be our 1 year anniversary <3

Love u snugglehusky <3 
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This year it seems I've been stuck in a pretty bad art block. Artwork production has basically slowed to a crawl as of late as I run out of ideas pretty fast and often times lack any inspiration and energy to draw anything. It's really bumming me out since art is one of my favorite things to do. Pictures that used to take me 2 days or so now seem to take me much longer. 

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?
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Commissions are open once again!!


Sketch $10
Flat Coloring $20
Cell Shading $30
Soft Shading $40

Extra characters are $5 (10 for Soft Shading)

More info…

¡¡Send me a note if you are interested!!

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Happy Burfday to Mee :3
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The ONLY Rule: The owner MUST answer these questions IN CHARACTER.

1.) What is your name?

Marie the Fox

2.) Do you know why you were named that?

Cuz thats what my mama named me ;3

3.) Are you single or taken?

I gots a couple of boys and gurls interested in mee! :3

4.) Have any abilities or powers?

I am a magician :3 I gots all sorts of magical powers 

5.) Stop being a Mary-Sue!

It's Marie! not Mary, and Sue isn't my last name as you humans call them.

6.) What's your eye color?


7.) How about hair color?


8.) Have you any family members?

Not quite sure where they went :o Its a long story *ears lower*

9.) Oh? How about pets?


10.) That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.

When people are mean to foxy :(

11.) Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?

Magic and Fortune Telling

12.) Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before?

Its possible, I dun remember

13.) Ever...killed anyone before?

Nopes :o

14.) What kind of animal are you?

Purebred Red Fox

15.) Name your worst habits?

Eating too much and being too blunt

16.) Do you look up to anyone at all?

My magic teacher Isis the Sorceress Cat :3

17.) Are you gay, straight, or bisexual?

*blushes* probably bisexual.

18.) Do you go to school?

Yup, I was trained in the art of magic by Isis the Cat :D

19.) Ever wanna marry and have kids one day?

Someday yus :3

20.) Do you have fangirls/fanboys?

Yuppers :3

21.) What are you most afraid of?

Running out of cookies :o

22.) Okay... What do you usually wear?

My hat :3

23.) What's one food that tempts you?

Cookies and Cupcakes

24.) Am I annoying you?


25.) Well, it's still not over!

Awww. *pouts*

26.) What class are you? Low class, middle class, high class?

Foxy class.

27.) How many friends do you have?

Plenty of Foxy fwiends :3

28.) What are your thoughts on pie?

Oooooooooooooooo pie :3

29.) Favorite drink?

Cranberry Juice

30.) What's your favorite place?

MY happy place :)

31.) Are you interested in anyone~?

Yus *blushes* but I'm not telling!



33.) Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?


34.) What's your type?

Pudge :3

35.) Camping or indoors?

Campin :3

38.) Are you still wanting the quiz to end?

Yes please.
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So I was talking with family about my comic and the overall theme and genre, and I noticed that the basic plot of the comic evolved quite a bit since the comic was first started. Originally it was "The story of a fox magician who's tricks don't always work out as planned" Now its more like "The story of a clumsy fox magician who battles demons with her friends who are also magical girls." Now I find that to be a good thing that the comic has got more depth to it and an actual continuing story. I take care not to make the story too dark or depressing. The other challenge is making sure the story doesn't wind up becoming too similar to the places I draw inspiration from.

I can't increase the update schedule right now, its just enough work as it is to try to get a comic done every other week and have time for other artwork as well, I'm not sure how these other people handle multiple updates per week. However, I have a new format planned for upcoming pages, instead of the strict 3-4 panel layout, I will be using a variable layout like many comic books use, to make the stories flow faster which will look great with their upcoming battle with Horigkeit, the Bondadge Demon.

Also Marie's Magical Mishaps has a Facebook page now,… be sure to like the page for news and other fun stuff :)
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Welp foxy is back from Furfright! It was a extremely fun weekend. The Crowne Plaza Cromwell is a great hotel and the people working there are all very nice, I got a very nice room in the corner of the hotel that was a bit larger than a standard room. Once again team Foxy reunited with my best friend Kat sharing the room with me. I remember my friend Jokond giving me a big tackle hug on friday. Then I was able to see a few other old friends whom I haven't seen in a while, I was very happy to make up with them and be able to apologize to them about something I did face to face. For dinner Friday me, Kat, and Tajiri went to Japanese Hibachi place, the food was soooooo good, I couldn't finish it it was too much food hehe. I also saw my great freind Blarmajin, she really liked my hair :)

Saturday, was spent wandering around and running into a few new friends. Chaya, who's fursuit comes from Blarmajin, the same girl who made mine. Kat knew her more than I did since they live near eachother. Then I saw Dave from the Foxybowl, as well as my friends Amy and Flipasaurous, whom I saw by surprise earlier in the year at AnimeNext. I was also in the Fursuit Parade Saturday, it wasn't easy, it was the longest I have been in fursuit. After the parade, I saw a few other friends I haven't seen in a while, Tom from Brooklyn, and my friend Lapris Dragsku. Then dinner I ate at Sheffield's restaurant, I had a very yummy burger. Tajiri was performing in his costume at the Masquerade which I watched but only his segment, and that guy that looked like Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins

Sunday I was hanging out with BadgerBen and went to visit Joe Meyers table in the dealers area. I went fur suiting again, I wanted to get photos from the photo shoot thing but there was a line and it was SLOW as molasses so Kat and I went around the hotel and took some photos of me in suit in various places. As the afternoon went on the convention began to empty out. I got to meet Kitsune Cavalier, who really liked how I look :) Sunday night though, some inconsiderate fools decided to make a lot of noise up until 3am, I couldn't figure out where it was coming from to complain.

All in all it was the best Furfright I have attended. :)
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⌘⌘⌘⌘⌘Commissions OPEN⌘⌘⌘⌘⌘⌘

>> Sketches $10

>> Flat Coloring $19

>> Cell Shading $27

Soft Shading is NOT Available
Extra Characters are $5

Payment via PayPal ONLY.

Send me a note if you are interested.
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