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Movie/TV Character Headshots or Screenshot
Paintings or sketches of any movie or tv character of your choice.
Short Stories
I will write a short story about anything you want. As long as you give me the info on how you want it then I can do it. Please note that I do my own stories as well and will get your commission to you as soon a possible.
OC Designs
I'll make your OC with games from Rinmaru,Doll Divine,or Azaleas Dolls.

Newest Deviations

FairyGodmother?! Opal Godmother Form by PuddinL FairyGodmother?! Opal Godmother Form :iconpuddinl:PuddinL 3 0 Fairy Godmother?! Opal Everyday by PuddinL Fairy Godmother?! Opal Everyday :iconpuddinl:PuddinL 2 0
Fairy Godmother?!
The young woman sat up on the bed with her in a faux loc mess. She rubbed her eyes and licked her lips trying to remember what happened last night. Then she heard a loud cough coming from the other side of the bed where her lover layed. With a sigh she goes, “Oh yeah.”
“Come on Opal! He’s cute!”
“A lot of guys are cute, doesn’t mean I want them.”
She turns back to her lemon and gin and her hyperactive friend shakes her shoulder, “Opaaaaal! You haven’t dated since high school!”
“For good reason Little Miss Tipsy. I’ve got enough problems of my own I don’t need to worry about someone else's.”
“My names not Tipsy Miss! My names-”
She put her finger on her blue lips, “I know your name, Samantha. I was just making a joke and you’re obviously too buzzed to get it. Look I’ll invite him over if you promise not to ease up on the shots.”
“You got it matey!”
:iconpuddinl:PuddinL 4 5
Firebreather: The Scarlet Saga Xmas Special
So, I haven't posted for this fanfic in a while and that's because I really hadn't had as much time to do so with school and other things I've been up to. So, I'm gonna write with this little aid here and hope we have fun. So, the link is on the bottom for the blank sheet so go check out that person because they've got a good bunch of these. Oh and try and figure out which one's might be canon. I hope you enjoy and have a Merry Christmas.
1. Scarlet Belloc-Rosenblatt 
2. Duncan Belloc-Rosenblatt
3. Belloc
4. Garnet Vasquez
5. Kenny Rogers
6. Isabella Vasquez
7. Jenna Shwartzendruber
8. Finn Rogers
9. Dominic Fredberg
10. Connor Adams
1. Say, Connor, have you been nice or naughty this year?
"Well if you ask me I've been pretty dang nice this year! I mean I don't try to be naughty, but if I am by accident wouldn't the jolly old guy up North understand that? If he existed of course."
"Well if you ask me you're gonna get all the presents in
:iconpuddinl:PuddinL 3 0
Winter Avatar by PuddinL Winter Avatar :iconpuddinl:PuddinL 9 0 FBSS Mi-Suk by PuddinL FBSS Mi-Suk :iconpuddinl:PuddinL 6 0 FBSS Piper by PuddinL FBSS Piper :iconpuddinl:PuddinL 2 0 UP: Original Look by PuddinL UP: Original Look :iconpuddinl:PuddinL 0 0
Firebreather: The Scarlet Saga Ch.10
“Tell me again why you wanted to go to this museum?” Duncan had a very suspicious tone as they drove down the busy downtown road.
“Because it seemed interesting,” Scarlet put on her best fake smile and looked out the window again.
‘She’s lying,’ Duncan thought, ‘but I don’t know why.’
They continued on their way and before long they made it to the international acclaimed location. Outside where replica The Thinker statues, a large plastic sign, and banners listing off the awards it’d received. Duncan parked and the two walked in hearing the loud speaker lady announce, “Welcome to the Human History Museum of California! We are one of many Human History Museum’s, but you have found the original! Please grab your ticket at the booths and enjoy your stay!”
As they were in line for the tickets Duncan asked, “So, are Garnet and Finn interested in this stuff?”
“Garnet’s interested in ev
:iconpuddinl:PuddinL 2 1
Firebreather: The Scarlet Saga Ch.9
Scarlet pulled out her key from her pocket and twisted the lock with a sigh. She was still thinking about the note from Ms.Kato I'm her pocket.
‘Counseling, yeah right,’ just as she was about to open the door a scent wafted into her nose. It was Kaiju, but not Duncan. She slowly opened the door to find that there was no one in the kitchen nor the living room. Scarlet laid her backpack on the couch and followed the scent down the hall. When she got to her room the scent was the strongest, but no one seemed to be around.
“Whoever you are I know you're still in here so, you might as well come out,” Scarlet peered around again until she noticed her closet.
Something seemed off, but she couldn't tell what. Then she realized something and quickly dove under her bed for the box. She pulled it open to find everything where it was left. With a big sigh she slid it back under and turned her attention again to the closet. Scarlet slowly moved closer until she was able to t
:iconpuddinl:PuddinL 2 1
Firebreather: The Scarlet Saga Chapter 8
“Ok spill,” Jenna had called out Scarlet to stay after gym.
“Come on Scarlet. Your brother is hiding something from me and you know I have to know.”
“Jenna I don't know what you're talking about.”
“Sorry,” the young Kaiju cut her off, “I really don't know what you mean. Anyways I've got biology and Mr.Colombo doesn't exactly like late students.”
Scarlet ran off into the locker room with the other girls as Jenna stood frustrated, ‘Damn.’
Scarlet walked into her home to find a surprise, “Duncan?”
Duncan was at the kitchen counter looking through a photo album, “Hi.”
“Aren't you supposed to be at work?”
“I took a day off.”
“The first one was your fault.”
“Fine,” Scarlet sat her backpack down, “whatever, look we better be having chicken flavored coal tonight. I saved your bu
:iconpuddinl:PuddinL 4 1
Psalm 136:1 by PuddinL Psalm 136:1 :iconpuddinl:PuddinL 3 3 Jared Leto's Mister J by PuddinL Jared Leto's Mister J :iconpuddinl:PuddinL 4 0
Firebreather: The Scarlet Saga Ch.7
It was definitely a Kaiju and it looked mad! Like a vulture it circled her with it’s gigantic bat like wings. With glaring eyes it stared down at her and opened it’s mouth. Scarlet jumped quickly out of the way as the acid flew through the air.
‘I can't keep jumping forever. Something's gotta give.’
Then a new attack came as the creature dove for her. Scarlet saw her chance and when the Kaiju was about to hit her she moved quickly to the side, took her elbow, and slammed it into the creature’s back. Dust flew into the air after this hit, but the Kaiju wasn’t deterred for long. Using its half wing half arm the scaled beast hit Scarlet's face with enough force to throw her to the ground.
“Did you just bitch slap me?!”
She didn't really have time for an answer because the Kaiju shot more acid and Scarlet had to quickly move. The winged creature started to fly again and Scarlet knew she'd been in a bad position if that happened again
:iconpuddinl:PuddinL 4 5
Firebreather: The Scarlet Saga Ch.6
“You did what?!”
“Duncan your blood pressure!” Scarlet had just finished telling her brother all about the night before.
Duncan was pacing around the kitchen in a fury,”You don't know what you've done do you?”
“I think I kinda do.”
“Duncan please! He would have trained me as his heir anyways and besides I-”
“You what Scarlet?!” His voice went from anger to worry,”Scarlet he's not exactly your normal dad. He’ll push you till you're hurt, put you in situations you'd never want to be in, he’ll…he’ll change your life.”
“Duncan he already changed my life when he became my father. Besides it's not like I've been living a completely human life.” Duncan sighed before taking the time to sit on one of the kitchen stools.”I get it,” she started,”you're worried and probably for good reasons. He's a part of me though just like you are and I
:iconpuddinl:PuddinL 5 2
Check The Folders 2.0 by PuddinL Check The Folders 2.0 :iconpuddinl:PuddinL 0 0


..:: Love Yourself ::..
Toshinori Yagi (All Might) X Reader
    You and Toshinori had been together for quite some time now, the insanity of recent events unfolding around you, but never separating the two of you despite the wrath it brought. Recently, the country had learned of his state and identity as All Might, causing a great shock to many people all around. Even so, the support from close friends and you kept his worry from boiling over, all ending well despite the circumstances that had unfolded before him. He was so incredibly grateful for you always sticking by his side through it all, and that thought did nothing but fill him with endless joy.
    Even with your constant reassurance though, Toshinori still had a sliver of doubt about himself with you, constantly wondering about how you fell in love with him, and thinking about how he was so lucky to have that happen. Currently standing in your house, he looked himself up and down in your hall mirror, shirtless
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 175 14
..:: As You Are ::..
Toshinori Yagi (All Might) X Reader
    Toshinori Yagi; or better know as All Might among the public, is a man of peace and pure intentions. Tall and fierce, he fought daily for the safety of others in this world, wishing only that humanity could live life smiling through his countless selfless actions. Even now as a teacher, if he could keep people happy and safe, that was all that truly mattered in this world to him. It was as if there was never an inkling of selfish desire in his heart. That is…Until you made many more frequent appearances in his life.
    Your name was _______, and quirk, a mystery. You had one, but used it so quickly and sparingly that no one could grasp what it was yet. Even so, the one thing you did often in contrast to the use of your quirk, was hang out around All Might. During work as a teaching assistant and coordinator, and outside of the regular job in random heroic acts as well, you both constantly foun
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 195 19
Toshinori Yagi (All Might) x Reader - Missed me
The cold air was nipping your ears as the weather was getting colder with the change of season. Pulling the very large sweatshirt up past your jaw to cover you ears you sighed in content at the smell of the sweater.
It smelled like him. Oh how you missed his voice and his kisses on your cheek. The sudden feeling of loneliness was high as the male you wanted more than anything was off somewhere not knowing if he will be safe or not for a good few weeks.
"Miss Yagi?" A small voice brought you out of your thoughts as you found the person wanting your attention.
It was one of all mighty students at the academy. "Midoriya right?" He nodded. "What is it sweetie?" You turned to get his full attention as the male smiled handing you a piece of paper.
"You best read this." You took the paper with your gloved hands and smiled at Midoriya. As you started to opened it up you got to see handwriting that looked very similar to your husbands writing.
Getting a little happier you read the letter as you
:iconpepperskullss:Pepperskullss 170 6
Duel Links GX!! by Tenkana Duel Links GX!! :icontenkana:Tenkana 145 53 Heroine Mash Up 4 by Taiya001 Heroine Mash Up 4 :icontaiya001:Taiya001 5 3 I'm Sorry by BravoKrofski I'm Sorry :iconbravokrofski:BravoKrofski 86 84 Wedding-Dress - Tiana by autumnrose83 Wedding-Dress - Tiana :iconautumnrose83:autumnrose83 46 9 Waivera - Ladynoir by autumnrose83 Waivera - Ladynoir :iconautumnrose83:autumnrose83 31 2 Wedding-Dress - Cinderella by autumnrose83 Wedding-Dress - Cinderella :iconautumnrose83:autumnrose83 56 11
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Fullmetal Pit-squeak by sir-hattington Fullmetal Pit-squeak :iconsir-hattington:sir-hattington 14 37 Tribute to Stan Lee by sir-hattington Tribute to Stan Lee :iconsir-hattington:sir-hattington 19 9 OWA 42 - Belly Survival by Kigai-Holt OWA 42 - Belly Survival :iconkigai-holt:Kigai-Holt 70 7 Ordinary Werewolf Adventures - Awkward Ends by Kigai-Holt
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Ordinary Werewolf Adventures - Awkward Ends :iconkigai-holt:Kigai-Holt 46 5
Ordinary Werewolf Adventures - Go Go Werewolf by Kigai-Holt Ordinary Werewolf Adventures - Go Go Werewolf :iconkigai-holt:Kigai-Holt 232 28 Ordinary Werewolf Adventures - Werewolf Shaming by Kigai-Holt Ordinary Werewolf Adventures - Werewolf Shaming :iconkigai-holt:Kigai-Holt 65 12


This is gorgeous! Reminds me of a sci-fi story I'm writing. As far as vision goes I could easily see where you were going. You wanted b...

by Hekkoto

i could see where you were going with this one. It combined the concept of different theories that I easily noticed. The coloring and s...

This artwork is very nice in many ways. The shading and shadows are very well done. The background not only gives the art flare but con...

by Nojida

First of all I could see where you were going with this. Which is good because I believe art should be understandable (though that mean...


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If you go to my page you'll be able to see the pricing of writing plus others. My short stories are usually 130, but I've decided to lower them to 20PTs so come and get'em. Also here are some example and fanwork:

ROTG: Merry Christmas From The Nose NipperThis is for :iconCatWoman-cali-onyx: as a secret santa gift which was hosted by :icononlyindreams145:
“Mommy,daddy! Look it’s snowing!” You pointed out your living room window and almost fell out of your seat. A wide smile was across your face and your  h/c  pigtails bounced. It was Christmas morning and you had just finished opening your gifts. Your parents looked out the window in awe as you ran around saying,”It’s a white Christmas! I got my wish! Can I go outside?”
“Sure  y/n  as long as you’re before we have to go to grandma’s house.” Says your mommy as your smile couldn’t go any further. You ran into your room to grab your  f/c  winter coat and boots. You were giddy to core as you were about to run outside but,you were caught up by your hood.
You turned around to find your daddy who said,”Don’t forget your hat and mittens.” He put them on for you before releasing
Love,Fruit,Tragedy An American Made MythMyths answer the questions that people had long ago. When science wasn't nearly what it is today. Fruits are a natural part of life. There are many of them bananas,apples,figs,plums and the list goes on. Where did they come from though? Why are they here? Fruits have always been here you might say but ask yourself that after this.
Long ago in Ancient Greece there was a couple. The husband named Anatollios who was a handsome man on the outside but envious and spiteful on the inside. Damara was his wife and her beauty matched her heart. The only reason why she was wed to him was because it had been arranged at birth. Damara tried to except it and get along with Anatollios. He only gave his attention when he wanted to.
"You are my wife by arrangement and arrangement only." He would say and this would sadden her heart.
Anatollios never wanted children for the longest of there marriage. For three years Damara longed for a child. Finally she decided to ask the Goddess of love and childbirth,
3 deviations
Yep now there's a Deviant page dedicated! Go check it out and follow for me please?

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