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Movie/TV Character Headshots or Screenshot
Paintings or sketches of any movie or tv character of your choice.
Short Stories
I will write a short story about anything you want. As long as you give me the info on how you want it then I can do it. Please note that I do my own stories as well and will get your commission to you as soon a possible.
Any landscape or scernt you would like. I will also do screenshots of scenary or landscapes if you'd like. 
OC Designs
I'll make your OC with games from Rinmaru,Doll Divine,or Azaleas Dolls.

Newest Deviations

Firebreather: The Scarlet Saga Ch.10
“Tell me again why you wanted to go to this museum?” Duncan had a very suspicious tone as they drove down the busy downtown road.
“Because it seemed interesting,” Scarlet put on her best fake smile and looked out the window again.
‘She’s lying,’ Duncan thought, ‘but I don’t know why.’
They continued on their way and before long they made it to the international acclaimed location. Outside where replica The Thinker statues, a large plastic sign, and banners listing off the awards it’d received. Duncan parked and the two walked in hearing the loud speaker lady announce, “Welcome to the Human History Museum of California! We are one of many Human History Museum’s, but you have found the original! Please grab your ticket at the booths and enjoy your stay!”
As they were in line for the tickets Duncan asked, “So, are Garnet and Finn interested in this stuff?”
“Garnet’s interested in ev
:iconpuddinl:PuddinL 1 1
Firebreather: The Scarlet Saga Ch.9
Scarlet pulled out her key from her pocket and twisted the lock with a sigh. She was still thinking about the note from Ms.Kato I'm her pocket.
‘Counseling, yeah right,’ just as she was about to open the door a scent wafted into her nose. It was Kaiju, but not Duncan. She slowly opened the door to find that there was no one in the kitchen nor the living room. Scarlet laid her backpack on the couch and followed the scent down the hall. When she got to her room the scent was the strongest, but no one seemed to be around.
“Whoever you are I know you're still in here so, you might as well come out,” Scarlet peered around again until she noticed her closet.
Something seemed off, but she couldn't tell what. Then she realized something and quickly dove under her bed for the box. She pulled it open to find everything where it was left. With a big sigh she slid it back under and turned her attention again to the closet. Scarlet slowly moved closer until she was able to t
:iconpuddinl:PuddinL 1 1
Firebreather: The Scarlet Saga Chapter 8
“Ok spill,” Jenna had called out Scarlet to stay after gym.
“Come on Scarlet. Your brother is hiding something from me and you know I have to know.”
“Jenna I don't know what you're talking about.”
“Sorry,” the young Kaiju cut her off, “I really don't know what you mean. Anyways I've got biology and Mr.Colombo doesn't exactly like late students.”
Scarlet ran off into the locker room with the other girls as Jenna stood frustrated, ‘Damn.’
Scarlet walked into her home to find a surprise, “Duncan?”
Duncan was at the kitchen counter looking through a photo album, “Hi.”
“Aren't you supposed to be at work?”
“I took a day off.”
“The first one was your fault.”
“Fine,” Scarlet sat her backpack down, “whatever, look we better be having chicken flavored coal tonight. I saved your bu
:iconpuddinl:PuddinL 3 1
Psalm 136:1 by PuddinL Psalm 136:1 :iconpuddinl:PuddinL 1 3 Jared Leto's Mister J by PuddinL Jared Leto's Mister J :iconpuddinl:PuddinL 4 0
Firebreather: The Scarlet Saga Ch.7
It was definitely a Kaiju and it looked mad! Like a vulture it circled her with it’s gigantic bat like wings. With glaring eyes it stared down at her and opened it’s mouth. Scarlet jumped quickly out of the way as the acid flew through the air.
‘I can't keep jumping forever. Something's gotta give.’
Then a new attack came as the creature dove for her. Scarlet saw her chance and when the Kaiju was about to hit her she moved quickly to the side, took her elbow, and slammed it into the creature’s back. Dust flew into the air after this hit, but the Kaiju wasn’t deterred for long. Using its half wing half arm the scaled beast hit Scarlet's face with enough force to throw her to the ground.
“Did you just bitch slap me?!”
She didn't really have time for an answer because the Kaiju shot more acid and Scarlet had to quickly move. The winged creature started to fly again and Scarlet knew she'd been in a bad position if that happened again
:iconpuddinl:PuddinL 3 5
Firebreather: The Scarlet Saga Ch.6
“You did what?!”
“Duncan your blood pressure!” Scarlet had just finished telling her brother all about the night before.
Duncan was pacing around the kitchen in a fury,”You don't know what you've done do you?”
“I think I kinda do.”
“Duncan please! He would have trained me as his heir anyways and besides I-”
“You what Scarlet?!” His voice went from anger to worry,”Scarlet he's not exactly your normal dad. He’ll push you till you're hurt, put you in situations you'd never want to be in, he’ll…he’ll change your life.”
“Duncan he already changed my life when he became my father. Besides it's not like I've been living a completely human life.” Duncan sighed before taking the time to sit on one of the kitchen stools.”I get it,” she started,”you're worried and probably for good reasons. He's a part of me though just like you are and I
:iconpuddinl:PuddinL 4 2
Check The Folders 2.0 by PuddinL Check The Folders 2.0 :iconpuddinl:PuddinL 0 0
Firebreather: The Scarlet Saga Ch.5
Belloc ran through the California thicket as if it were a race track. He went faster and faster until he fell on all fours. Scarlet caught his shoulders to keep from falling. The dirt rose up from the ground at the grip of his hands. Scarlet looked around her and saw that the trees seemed to be getting smaller. She looked below her and saw that the ground was rising. Belloc was transforming into his kaiju form at a rapid pace. Before she knew it Scarlet was looking at the tops of the trees. The night sky seemed magical, but then a thought came to Scarlet’s mind,'Why did Duncan warn me about him?'
It wasn't long until the pair made it to a desert like area of the thicket. At a glance it looked like a random patch of sand. That is until Belloc added his intense flames to it. The sand began to melt and turn into liquid glass as it slid off into what looked like an entrance. Belloc began to run through the cavern while giving his small speech,”We are an ancient race Scar
:iconpuddinl:PuddinL 5 2
School Days- Michiko Pg.35 by PuddinL School Days- Michiko Pg.35 :iconpuddinl:PuddinL 0 0 School Days- Michiko Pg.34 by PuddinL School Days- Michiko Pg.34 :iconpuddinl:PuddinL 0 0 School Days- Michiko Pg.33 by PuddinL School Days- Michiko Pg.33 :iconpuddinl:PuddinL 0 0 School Days- Michiko Pg.32 by PuddinL School Days- Michiko Pg.32 :iconpuddinl:PuddinL 1 0 School Days- Michiko Pg.31 by PuddinL School Days- Michiko Pg.31 :iconpuddinl:PuddinL 1 0 School Days- Michiko Pg.30 by PuddinL School Days- Michiko Pg.30 :iconpuddinl:PuddinL 1 3 Urban Chic Self 4 by PuddinL Urban Chic Self 4 :iconpuddinl:PuddinL 2 1


Non Fantastic 4 Movies by THEONEAJMATRAUMA Non Fantastic 4 Movies :icontheoneajmatrauma:THEONEAJMATRAUMA 9 3 Sweet Dreams Bakery: 1. Cover by OneLovelySin Sweet Dreams Bakery: 1. Cover :icononelovelysin:OneLovelySin 32 10 Esdeath - Akame ga Kill! (2v) by Sciamano240 Esdeath - Akame ga Kill! (2v) :iconsciamano240:Sciamano240 5,162 111 X-Girl - Adrien Agreste by autumnrose83 X-Girl - Adrien Agreste :iconautumnrose83:autumnrose83 15 4 Classmate Crushes by autumnrose83 Classmate Crushes :iconautumnrose83:autumnrose83 14 2 Miraculous Chat Noir at day by autumnrose83 Miraculous Chat Noir at day :iconautumnrose83:autumnrose83 16 7
Mature content
Anti-Tale :iconthedarkaster:TheDarkAster 1 3
Superactived Robotboy Drawing by MaleVolentSamSon Superactived Robotboy Drawing :iconmalevolentsamson:MaleVolentSamSon 15 1 Coraline Jones by duchesse1997 Coraline Jones :iconduchesse1997:duchesse1997 24 8 SOFT BOI by krisukoo SOFT BOI :iconkrisukoo:krisukoo 49 0 Art of the Nail (DMD Model Challenge 35) by goat1200 Art of the Nail (DMD Model Challenge 35) :icongoat1200:goat1200 24 22
Making Monsters
I am but a Poet
Alright a Witch as well
But I do not know
The ways
To raise
The Dead
From the depths of Hell
A morbid fascination
And a scientific mind
Several drops of madness
In such a genius
You will find
As Noelle
Mary Berndkind
She's employed in a small hospital morgue
An occupation beneath
Her talents
But there she can find
The things on her mind
And grasp them in
Her talons
To make a dead man rise
You fix or replace what is broken
Then give him a great jolt
And he's up like a bolt
It sounds easy
But the detail's unspoken
The longer the death
The more needs to be fixed
And fixing each thing
Takes its time
A near impossible task
Of herself
Noelle asked
But the achievement
To her
Was sublime
Of course
The first few
Came back
Shall we say
Somewhat wrong
But that didn't stop
Her obsession
In fact made her
All the more certain
And strong
One Wednesday she brought back
A woman
Whose name
Was Wendy Ann Fee
Wendy said “Thanks”
:iconsimonwberesford:SimonWBeresford 2 3
Envy x Reader: Are You Mine?
              You'd went and done it again. The scent of blood filled the alley as it ran towards a storm drain. Rain beat down against the pavement and you couldn't help but feel greatfull.  It drenched your hair and your blood stained jacket. The face of the woman you had murdered remained frozen in a horrified expression. If she just could've done her job, this would'nt have been necessary. You felt no remorse for your actions as you tucked away your switch blade. But you figured you should leave before someone just happened to stumble upon the gruesome scene.
                The walk to your home was quiet and cold. Each step you took echoed through the empty streets. The rain turned into a downpour, water soaked you to the bone. Once you reached the door to your home, you quickly unlocked it and stumbled inside. You felt something brush past you leg and enter the house along with you which made you jum
:iconthedragonblackheart:TheDragonBlackheart 289 34
Viking-Woman-Fyora the Faerie Queen by autumnrose83 Viking-Woman-Fyora the Faerie Queen :iconautumnrose83:autumnrose83 10 2 Pink Diamond by Kama-Ta Pink Diamond :iconkama-ta:Kama-Ta 154 12


This is gorgeous! Reminds me of a sci-fi story I'm writing. As far as vision goes I could easily see where you were going. You wanted b...

by Hekkoto

i could see where you were going with this one. It combined the concept of different theories that I easily noticed. The coloring and s...

This artwork is very nice in many ways. The shading and shadows are very well done. The background not only gives the art flare but con...

by Nojida

First of all I could see where you were going with this. Which is good because I believe art should be understandable (though that mean...


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Jared Leto's Mister J
Did this about a month ago after seeing Suicide Squad (finally). Honestly I liked this Joker a lot and the movie wasn't all that bad. Nothing beats Wonder Woman though at this point.

Suicide Squad Joker x Harley The Waltz of Death Suicide Squad Joker x Harley The Waltz of Death Suicide Squad Joker x Harley The Waltz of Death 
Now of course everyone who creates their own little word kinda has a connection with it and the characters that makes them feel special, but if you're like me and like to write for both you and an audience then what makes your character stand out? At the end of the though probably every single character trope or personality has probably been used by this. It's the timeless characters that tend to me thee most remember-able.

So, I'll start first. The main character of my novel is a fourteen year old girl living in a 14th century world with her uncle. Yeah, she's courageous and wants to be different from every other female around her by breaking the gender barriers of the time, etc. She's almost your basic shonen character: full of determination, ready for action, has a few bumps in the road here and there that develops the character. One of her goals is seeing her mother and father again who just so happen to be the legendary creatures of the night: a vampire and a lycan who due to that have split from the marriage. 

Your turn!
Yep now there's a Deviant page dedicated! Go check it out and follow for me please?

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