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Love for all kinds of valkyries!
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Random from EBSD, Miss Prince and VDBiF stuff

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Wonderful gifts, art trades and commissions of Eggs, Butter, Sugar and Disaster and Miss Prince characters!

Thank you all so much :heart:

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Do you have commissions open? If it's to help with certain costs or for an emergency, I will feature you here! Please see for details.

NOTE: I am merely featuring deviants who need money/exposure for whatever reason. I am not recommending them, just trying to spread the word. I may not know the deviants featured or have even seen their gallery. You commission at your own risk.

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We :heart: Valkyries is a group for anyone who likes valkyries of any sort, be they traditional or modern interpretations.

:iconburning-x-hearts: :iconthe-lycans: :iconburninglycans:
These groups belong to :iconzakuro-kona:'s story Burning Hearts, :icondargon899:'s story The Lycans and the crossover between the two, Burning Lycans X3


A fangroup for :iconstrixvanallen:'s awesome webcomic, Bram and Vlad!

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Everything is closed and will be for some time.

It never gets any shorter :dummy:


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send Stollenheim bites file

kiriban for :iconiglybo:

:icongirl-n-herhorse: one full colour fullbody



Bluebell and or Lily for Nayuleska

So after rewatching this Nostalgia Chick 'top ten' video, I am curious as to who you would vote "hottest" animated guy? 

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Journal History


Alicia L. Wright
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
I'm a comic fantasy YA author. I like cartoons and books and games and stuff!

About 90% of my gallery is original work so please check it out! I mostly work with fairy tales, folklore and mythology, but I will poke fun at anything I like, so there's other stuff in there too...

My debut novel, Eggs, Butter, Sugar and Disaster came out on the 22nd October 2011.
My second book, Miss Prince, was published on 14th May 2014.
The Map is the Treasure and Vampires Don't Belong in Fairyland were published in Feb/April 2016.
Magic and Other Things in Bottles was published 8th April 2018.

Vampires Don't Belong in Fairytales, my webcomic, runs alongside the books.

I'm working on a few other books in the Vampires Don't Belong in Fairytales series too.
So following on from my status post and because I am feeling quite emotional about my original work progress right now... (there's a marketing course for authors thing I want to do, but MONEY and ugh and I just want to succeed so badly ;-; I COMMUTE 3 HOURS A DAY :T )

"So one thing I learned about Shakespeare was that we only still have his works and things because one of his friends, an actor he worked with, got them published after his death and was vocal about good he thought they were.

And that got me thinking...

...Please don't wait until I'm dead to tell people if you like my work, okay guys?  Please?"

There are several ways you can tell people I exist and that you like my work, and in fact, this is the foundation of an author's success, so if you really do want that VDBiF cartoon (you guys DO want a VDBiF cartoon right??) then there are lots of things you can do to help me. And hey, Dreamworks is releasing the last How to Train Your Dragon movie soon, they need a new set of books to make a highly successful series of movies out of, right? RIGHT?


Here are the things you can do to help:

Thing one: Reviews

Review my work. It doesn't have to be on Amazon or Goodreads, although those are the most important for me qualifying for book ads. DeviantART has a review category, and there are loads of places you can post reviews besides - even on TV Tropes! 

Why yes, I do have TV Tropes pages and I am very excited they exist -……

I'm not asking for glowing reviews - be honest! If you genuinely thought the book was great, brilliant! But if you thought I missed the mark somehow, go ahead and tell your fellow readers (and me!) what you thought was lacking. My first ever review was a 'meh' review but it was constructive and I learned so much as a result and became a better writer. If you can't put your finger on it, that's okay too, it happens. I review a lot because it helps me with my own writing, so I always try to be constructive myself.

There are samples of my writing here on DA you could review too if you don't have the books (I know a few people do that) if you're not really a 'full book' reviewing kind of person.

UK Amazon profile and all 5 books here:…

Thing two:

Follow me on my social media profiles:


I have a Tumblr as well but I don't remember my log in right now so it won't let me see my page cos I need to update some permissions or something... ahahaha... ha.... I'llsortitlater.

Thing three:

Interact with me on my social media profiles!
Ask me stuff. Start conversations about my work. GoodReads even has special sections for this. Click the like button. Share my posts. I'll repeat that last one: SHARE MY POSTS. Please share my posts ;-;

Thing four: Just plain let people know you like my work.

Recommend my books to people, let people know you think my webcomics are funny, and - I feel weird saying this, and I'm not asking for free stuff but - if the modd ever takes you that you want to write fanfiction, do fanart or create fancharacters or whatever, great. You're allowed. In fact I made a guide!
(and then I wrote proper guides... )

I'm not under the mistaken impression that everyone is dying to make fanwork for me, but I have had a few people in the past ask if it's okay, as they thought it might be creepy or they didn't want to do it without my permission. It's free advertising essentially, am I gonna say no to free advertising? No I am not. I've got into quite a few fandoms thanks to someone's fanfiction or fanart I stumbled across.
I won't be able to read any fanfiction for various reasons (unless I know you in real life and we are bound by some sort of blood oath, idk) so on the downside, if you write fanfiction I can't read it, but on the upside, if you write fanfiction, I can't read it.

I've always held the opinion that if I get popular, fandom is gonna do what fandoms do, sooo.

Thank you for any and all fanwork so far, you guys are amazing and I love you. :hug: And thank you in advance for any future work! I can't draw things back, because of lack of time, but never let assuming I wouldn't give you permission put you off.

The things I would kick off about if I came across are anything highly questionable (underaged characters and whatnot) or adoptables. Nope nope nope to that. And don't be selling anything with my characters on it. If the time comes when I am so popular people will actually buy stuff from random people who aren't me with my characters on it... y'all gonna have to license that, okay? I don't agree with making money off other people's characters. Unique commissions are different, but merchandise? Another nope nope nope to that.

So yes. Those are the things you can do to help!

I write books! Please support me and give them a try! You can find free samples at the links below:
My Amazon UK page:…

Sara led Lucinda down an odd corridor full of doors. That is, even more full of doors than corridors usually are. It was more door than wall, and it seemed to go on and on. Sara stopped abruptly.

“I thought I'd start you off with something simple,” she announced. “So today you're going to fight a dragon. Just remember not to get married,” she added sternly, opening the door.
~ from Miss Prince

You can read a sample here -

On Amazon -… -…


Walking through the wood once more, Joshua hummed quietly to himself. His mind was on nothing but a sit down and a bit of supper. The wind was getting up and it howled through the trees causing quite a racket. He fancied that the rattling of the branches sounded like faint hoof beats. The sound persisted and became clearer
. . . he really was hearing hoof beats! He looked around to see where the noise was coming from. Over the rustling of the leaves, it was hard to tell. They seemed to be coming from everywhere. The light was fading fast; it was dusk, one of the times the Good Folk were said to pass through. The worries of this morning flooded back. Combined with the wind and the hoof beats he couldn't quite locate, the certainty formed itself into a knot in his stomach. He was going to have a run in with the fairies. A horse came galloping down the road, stopping and rearing up before him. He flung his arms over his head. The horse didn't strike him, but after the thud of it landing there was a click, and he removed an arm to see what it was. There was a gun pointed at his head.

“Hands in the air, rich boy,” the highwayman demanded. Joshua sagged with relief.

“Oh thank goodness!” he said, putting his hands up. “I'm just being robbed.”
~ from The Map is the Treasure

Read a sample on Amazon -…
Or here on DA - The Map is the Treasure - Chapter 1


Fairies didn't mess about when it came to naming things. They were the sort of people who called a spade a spade, although admittedly some of them called it a shovel. But when they named something, they named it well. The country was full of places called 'The Cave of Doom' or 'The Fountain of Death'. The Dark Forest was just such an aptly named place. Largely coniferous, the towering pine trees blocked out most of the sunlight. The persistent drizzle was adding to the murk. All kinds of nasty beasties lived in here, and like the majority of the populace, they were magical. Fairyland had a mana spring beneath it, which caused the evolution of all kinds of unusual flora and fauna, most of it dangerous. Fairies could handle such things easily as long as they kept their wits about them. The most dangerous thing a fairy could encounter was another fairy . . .

~ from Vampires Don't Belong in Fairyland
Read a sample on Amazon -…
or here on DA - Vampires Don't Belong in Fairyland Ch. 1 excerpt


"Ambrosia. The Drink of the Gods. Thick, syrupy and vanilla flavoured, for some reason. It also contains enough calories to kill a mortal on the spot, so it's just as well that mortals are no longer mortals by the time they finish drinking it. Like Seralina, for example. She hadn't really meant to become a god. She hadn't taken the warning 'This will make of ye a god' seriously. It was her general policy not to trust any claim beyond 'It tastes all right, really'. She certainly didn't trust anything that sounded made-up or used words like 'dynamic'. Going round trusting words like 'dynamic' could get you into trouble. As it turned out, so could ignoring warning labels."

~ from Eggs, Butter, Sugar and Disaster

You can download a sample chapter of EBSD here:

On Amazon:…
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  • Drinking: I'm out of tea, send help.


So my website is finally up, it's a bit sparse right now.
So the stand up students' performance is at 9pm on Sunday at the Tea Pot, which is a pop up stall on Parliament Street.
I don't know if any of you guys are anywhere near, but the booking form is here (it's £5)

'Comedy virgins' lol, it just sounds like virgins who are hilarious.
Comedy routine for Yorkshire Fringe festival, written. Train ticket, bought. Packing... not remotely done...
And when I figure out where the performance is I'll let you know not that I think any of you are anywhere near York, but who knows?
Just want to say thank you to everyone for all your support. I love you guys :heart:


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