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The Great and Spooped

Magic horse got spooped and she blush, what happened, who do dis owo

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FearAt least we don't see here wrekking the camera-man in pure embarassment......
Mewliciousness's avatar
Love it ^^
"The great and adoreble Trixie got a trick for yoy all. "
*spells out a spell that she doesn't know what will happen and spooped herself*
PucksterV's avatar
Thank you <3

Trixie got spooked by her own spell xD
Mewliciousness's avatar
She learned her lession. that's d
fur sure xD
LasV8gas-Dashie's avatar
thats adorable I like it
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The Cute and Adorable Trixie!
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Wooo! Thank you!
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OMG you're killing me with cuteness!!! :3
Not only is Trixie great and powerful, she is now upgraded to weapons grade cute. XD
PucksterV's avatar
Ah no, why do I keep killing people D:

Thank you <3
ChoralSeashelle's avatar
Cutie baby girl love of my soul horsie ^_^ 

ER, yesss I love this! <3
PucksterV's avatar
I hope that ER doesn't stand for emergency room since I keep killing people with cute D:

Thank you! <3
Mercurial64's avatar
and how can we critique that? :D 
PucksterV's avatar
Level of cuteness? ;p
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