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- TEEN WOLF cast -

By puckboum
I'm a big big big fan!


Find each group of character separately here : [link]

Edit : Thanks for all the favs and comments! ;w; I'm thinking of maybe doing a print of it? I don't know how yet, considering the format, but I'll keep you updated. c:
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I can't believe this was on wolf watch! It was featured on Teen Wolf's wolf watch, it's hung up in the teen wolf offices and Tyler Posey has a copy of it in his house! EPICCC! I realllly want this on a poster! Framed too!
puckboum's avatar
Hi! It's been years but I can't believe it either!
It is available as a print and other things on my society6 shop, here :…
DigitalCubist's avatar
Ahhh! Thankyou so much, I didn't know if you were active on here still or not. I'm totally going to buy this! It's amazing, and although it's been years I bet it's still there in Tyler's house, and in the Teen Wolf offices somewhere. It's an incredible piece. Thanks for making it, and thanks for responding! I remember seeing it years ago when Posey showed it, and I was like "Wow, I really want that." Soo, now's the time!
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This is amazing. I love this sooo much! You should keep up on this as the show progresses and I would  totally buy a print of this (when I am not poor)! Great job! Foxtrot - Wow!  
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Congrats on getting on wolf Watch!

I would seriously buy a print if i had the money I swear!

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Just saw this on Wolf watch. Congrats! 
B-Kitty's avatar
Hey. Your art was features here:…

Congrats! :)
puckboum's avatar
I saw ahah! I can't believe it, I'm so happy! ;w;
Thanks~ c:
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This is great! <3 You should do one one of what you think Greenberg looks like. ;) 
puckboum's avatar
I don't really have any headcanon for Greenberg, so it'd be hard, but if we ever learn more about him, I'll think about drawing him in this style! c:
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I really like this, I love the groups! you did a great job, but you probably know that. [bad attempt at a wink]
puckboum's avatar
Thanks a lot! I'm happy you like it, I can't say if I did a great job or not, but I can say that I loved doing it! : D
RiderRoni's avatar
Is that Danny on the far right?
This is amazing, by the way :love: I love the style!
puckboum's avatar
Yes it's him!
Thanks! c:
RiderRoni's avatar
ehheeee~ this is so great :love:
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I can name all of them but the guy at the end, its coach, harris, and who?
puckboum's avatar
ahah no one recognized him! :'D (but then I forget him and drew him in 10 minutes or so, so...) It's Danny!
i would love to get this on a shirt omg
puckboum's avatar
I'd love to do shirts and print of this but I really have no idea how to do it... If I ever do, I'll make sure you know about it. c:
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This is so good! Love it and had fun trying to figure out who the characters are :D
puckboum's avatar
Thanks! I'm happy you like it and add fun guessing the characters! : D
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