ninjya kouhai, dechun.
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Current Residence: Himitsu no Basho
Favourite genre of music: many types
Operating System: windows
Favourite cartoon character: ?

Favourite Visual Artist
lemme think a bit
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Rurutia, Momoi Haruko/Halko & too many more...
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NiGHTS Journey of Dreams ; FFXIII
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.3 mm mech. enpitsu, baby! ♥
Other Interests
manga/anime, music; cute/ elegant/ sexy things


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Oh my gahd. So yeah... Everyone is gone now. All my lovely Japanese friends are back home. But we're e-mailing and Eri-chwan and I will be visiting one day (soon hopefully). More reason to try harder to get a job and save money properly. But luckily enough, Eri-chwan visited today and it was fun. She, my sister and I played Mario Party 8 but in the end we had to take turns playing as my sister's character because she was attempting to make okonomiyaki (which I made for dinner and breakfast, addicted much!?). But it was all fun. Of course, Eri-chwan reminded me one of the most important topics of our trip to San Francisco with Koiji... death!
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So wow

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Today was frickin awesome! We all went to San Francisco and I sat next to... Koiji-chan and Eri-chwan across from us. We had all kinds of funny conversations about Sa-chan being a long-armed bakemono and Yu-chan being a toilet fairy and then ninja and magician stuff. And then I was also called an ero-e and did the 'ohohoho' laugh. And I think Koiji-chan was going to hook me up with her (younger) brother O.O. It was very fun, then Eri-chwan joined in and we talked about future plans (job, marriage and kids) and also about pets. When we got to San Fran, we split but still had a fun group and I was reunited with my wife dearest! Yatta. It was fu
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And this has truly been one so far. I've only got to connect with Miwa and Kazusa, but it's been a lot of fun. Miwa is nice and open and has already welcomed me into her home and Japan and says she wants to cook Japanese food with me. She told me about festivals and her beliefs, religion, music and what she wants to do. I hope I can meet her again. It's also been nice to talk with Kazusa through CanCam and music and movies. Yay for Johnny Depp! Mariel is nice too. Memento journal much, nee?
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Tina-swan ^o^
I added a few pics. We gotta keep working on the One Piece picture together!
Yay! I'll try and get the other too you or scan it and resend it. And we definitely do! ♥
thanks very much for the comment and fav :)
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I enjoy your gallery ♥.
Thank you for the fav:hug: