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I am so happy to have so many visitors here, I'm a bit ashamed of how bad I am at updating and replying to comments. This is not because of any other reason than that there simply isn't enough time in the day to "hang out here".  As many of you yourselves might be familiar with the same problem of being in so many places online it's really hard to get time for them all. Which basically means most of my time goes to "easier to update"/" nonsense" places. That said I want to point out I appreciate every comment and visit here SO MUCH. (Really thank you <3), and I will keep updating best as I can.

For those of you that might be interested where I am located outside of DA, here are some links.

sketches & art : sstrawberri.tumblr.com
rantings: twitter.com/amaistrawberri
instant/daily photography: instantstrawberri.tumblr.com
photography: www.flickr.com/photos/didiary/

Thank you :)
Even more links to places are on my homepage:


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Been a regular watcher of your sketchblog for awhile now, always look forward to seeing what you put up!
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wow thank you so much! that makes me super happy to hear. :D
Sorry there hasn't been much updates lately, I've been working my ass off but not on anything I'm allowed to show. Hopefully I'll get some time for my own drawings this weekend. :)
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NDAs, the death of a thousand stifled comments.

Make sure to let us know when you're allowed to spill the beans, eh? :P
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It's nice to find tracks that lead to new places!
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:D glad you think so!
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