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aivi and surasshu - THE BLACK BOX

aivi & surasshu - THE BLACK BOX - OUT NOW!

Superb music and I made a short comic & art to go with the album. (it's even pay what you want!)
^ - ^) d

Trailer on Youtube:
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This comic really doubles the amount of life of aivi and surasshu's music! I try to imagine that the storyline is an hour long, in which the music is a soundtrack. It really has everything! Action, discovery, detailed environments, magic...
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I clicked on this album on Bandcamp because the album cover looked interesting. ^^

Best decision I ever made because it lead me to a whole world of incredible music.

So thank you!
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I've always associated this cover layout with Tintin, the bar at the top with the character or series name, the title underneath and some sort of icon in the upper left. Though the more I think about it, I think it's more a European thing.
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yeah. while this is mostly designed after a Tintin cover, most belgian/french comics released (in sweden anyway) had this type of design :)
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That's right, Belgian/French covers :D
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It's great! The music and comics, really worth it! Can't wait for more albums/comics!

Keep up the great work!
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aww thank you! working on the continuation right now :D
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Woot, great news! \o/
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Yay, new musics :)
I hope some of the monies go to you?
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HI IAN!!! Long time no speak! <3 How are you doing??

Yeah they do! :)
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I'm ok :)
I'm going to be an acupuncturist!!!!
I'm on instagram now as ianoji :) Are you there yet?

In other news, I bought the album :) Loved the work!
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wow thats great!! (I would love to try some acupuncture someday!)

Yeah I'm on instagram! I'll add you and Awesome! so glad you like the album :D
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Diana this is awesome!!
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Thank you so much :D Glad you like it! how are you doing lately? AND OMG !!! YOUR DA PAGEVIEWS!!! * O*)/
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Yea they're pretty high LOL

I've been very well!! Living a relaxing life in Australia.
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Yeah "pretty high" ;D not that you don't deserve them, your cosplay photography is wonderful. ^-^

Glad to hear it :) relaxing life is the best life <3
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It makes me so happy to see some of the oldschool people still active creatively speaking. :D
When I saw new uploads by you I jumped outta my chair!
pu's avatar
:D !! <3!!

I've been unusually active these last years actually, but not so much on DAa, mostly over at tumblr ( [link] )
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Oh nice : D
I'll check it out

Don't have a Tumblr account myself but I've bookmarked it :)
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thanks ^v^)d
don't be afraid to message me again, it was really nice to hear from you
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Thank you ^^)/
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Most excellent! Thanks for the link to bandcamp as well. :)
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