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Pin-Up Calendar [June] - Elika

By pu
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Progress shots: [link]

Part of a Heroine Pin-Up calendar collaboration I made together with [link]

>>>> [link] <<<<

I’m guessing this is the most unknown character of the ones I chose. I love Elika so much and Prince of Persia (2008) was a game that got me back into gaming from a long hiatus. The game was a lot of fun, and the environments gorgeous.
I especially felt like their relationship was really well written. I like how important a character she is, the npc with the strongest presence in any game I played. I loved how they very slowly warmed up to each other too.
It all felt genuinely well written (writer was Rhianna Pratchett).
Most of all I loved jumping around in these lovely built worlds collecting light seeds…I never wanted it to stop. I can’t believe this game is so disliked…makes me a little sad.

Ah! enough of me talking about the game. This was the artwork for the calendar that took the longest time, making an art nouveau background turned out to be super super hard for me! I kept painting and putting detail in just to delete it because it looked cluttered and not “right”. I was originally thinking of having planets and stars symbolizing the summer solstice behind her. But after days of looking for information and decent reference pictures and not finding any. I had to give up that idea and come up with something different. I think I pulled it off in the end though, a simplified art nouveau look with an oriental flavour. Those are Persian Buttercups in the background.

This was mostly made in Photoshop, aside from her line-art that was made in pencil.

I hope you will like it!
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Zachary-A-Valerian's avatar
Nice! Seven year old piece, but still very nice!
Dusceja's avatar
This looks absolutely amazing <3 ;-;
It's kinda sad such a good game is hated so much...
PrototypeKnuckles's avatar
you just made one of my fav characters of all time even hotter.
pu's avatar
thank you! :D
PucchiQ's avatar
Mucha and Art Nouveau are my favorite thing ever so of course I'll be super bias and say you're image blows all the others out of the water as far as the calendar is concerned. Other then that, this is still pretty amazing and beautiful. Nice work! :)
pu's avatar
I also am a huge fan of Mucha <3
Thank you so much, you're making me blush.
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C05M0NAUT's avatar
this is gonna go far....
pu's avatar
thank you <3
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