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Pin-Up Calendar [December] - Sniper wolf

By pu
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OMG! this was supposed to be posted in December but for some reason it/I didn't upload it here. Sorry for so late :(

WIP screenshots are here:…

"The December artwork is of Sniper Wolf, one of my all time favourite game characters.

Playing Metal Gear Solid in Japanese (at the time it hadn’t come out in English yet) and understanding very little of what was said, a certain scene was still the first gaming moment I had that made me cry. She’s been special to me ever since.

I bet a lot of you thought there’d be a “Sexy Santa” for December,  but I really wanted a picture that really embraced “winter”.
This was done completely in Photoshop. Painted in grey-scale and with a little colour added later.

So this was the last of the Pin-Up pictures, it’s hard to believe I did all these over a year ago now…I really hope you all have enjoyed them.
A huge thank you to everyone who has bought the calendar, and also to everyone for their comments/reblogs/likes.
I appreciate it all so much <3

I’m also super thankful to Agnes for asking me to join her with this fun project. love u!

Have a wonderful winter and I truly hope 2014 will be an awesome year for each and every one of you.




This Image is part of a Heroine Pin-Up calendar collaboration I made together with KICHISU
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Taking, and seeing this again, there's something about it, I find, that embraces nature, and aspects of the natural world. A bit alluring, but to only attract a mate, and one mate only, which is Snake, obviously. I do see aspects of power, as well as mutual respect.
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What MarzyMarrs said.  I have to add I love how the colours very smoothly, and fluidly, change between each other.
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Amazing, as always! I really like how it's digital, but looks almost like it was painted with real paint and also the wintery feeling it gives off. :)

One day I hope to get better at drawing humans, that's something I find very hard. I tend to get proportions wrong (usually arms too short) and hand and feet.... Welp! ^_^;