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Space Cadets 002

By Ptrope
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Still having a bit of fun - this one is for :iconrrward:, who introduced me to Marinne; I couldn't resist making her an Andorian cadet, looking enigmatic by a shuttle that dwarfs her in the bay. No story here ... nothing to see ... move along ... ;).
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And this book series doesn't exist, why??!?
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I'll get to work on that ... ;)
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She looks like the cat who swallowed the "tribble"?
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Hairball? =P (Razz) 
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yeah, the underage girl look is just ...

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She's not 'underage' - she's a teenager. We've seen teen Starfleet cadets several times in TNG, from Wesley Crusher to Red Squad and more. We've just never seen any from TOS ... until now ;)
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It just weirds me out - RRWard has a lot of "Sexy", "provocative" and shall I say, "uhm, not right" in my opinion - images of scantly clad Girls, who appear below adult-consenting age... 
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You're ragging on him for images I've made. Brilliant! What do you do for an encore?
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I am not Raging. I informed him and I expressed my opinion.
I am not a troll. I just find images depicting underage persons in a suggestive-sexy manner to be Disturbing!
I know where I won't tread - when do you offer kids candy?
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Opinions are great - I'm full of 'em. But, come on, is this in any way the appropriate place to express it? This picture, where you started this particular detour, does not depict an 'underage' person in any suggestive manner, any more than a picture of one's daughter standing in front of her first car might - any consideration of 'age of consent' or anything else is purely the responsibility of the viewer, and is something for one to consider personally; why is that where one went first? And it's equally inappropriate to troll another artist from this tangential connection - I wouldn't go to someone's DA page and start a rant in their comments page about another artist whose work might happen to be in their Favorites gallery. So, please, let's end this now - this is not the place for it. If you like my image, thanks - if you don't, thanks for looking; any other conversation here is irrelevant, so please take it elsewhere.
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So, your encore is to go straight to the Nuclear Option and accuse me of being a child molester?

And I said "ragging", not "raging". Slightly different things.
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This, however, is not by RRWard - I dedicated it to him because I used a character inspired by him. Sorry if it weirds you out; I'm a big fan of his stuff and we've traded ideas back and forth several times, but in the end, I think this image is extremely moderate; she's wearing the same uniform normally worn by nearly all the female officers in TOS, only in a different color - I'll admit, though, I think my Kepler shuttle is pretty darn sexy ;)

Skybus WIP by Ptrope
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Very nice work – Wish you a great start into the new week! Love +fav 

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"Stars", yeah...
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From the cover alone, it looks like it would have been a fun read. You definitely need a team of authors for your cover ideas.
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