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Sneaking aboard - WIP



As the ship floats serenely in its berth, the refurbishing crews done for the night, a lone ensign whose curiosity overrules her common sense sneaks aboard to look at the progress. On the bridge, she can't resist touching the clean, unused surfaces - smelling the combinations of aromatics and ozone from the new plastics, metals, fabrics and electronics that now fill every cubic inch of decade-old space; she marvels at the sleek, new, uninterrupted planes of the controls - familiar and yet futuristic. She can barely wait for the new mission to begin, still weeks away, and wonders what sort of character this reborn angel will have; they may all be conglomerations of inanimate, mass-produced technology on cold carbon framework, but each one has a distinct personality that is as much the ship itself as it is her crew.


Still working on the "Cage 2.0" modifications and upgrades, and I couldn't resist the human touch. ;) The hard part is definitely going to be the console graphics - I want something that evokes the layouts of the buttons and displays, but with a high-tech language that is more like the displays in something like Iron Man. So many unique displays ... :O

EDIT 2014/02/15: Slight modification to the area of the main screen: I pushed the screen a bit farther out and added an inner screen that functions as the HUD. I also decided, this time, to do no postwork at all to the image; previously, I enhanced the lightness and contrast a bit, but I decided to keep it as-is this time. It didn't show very well before that her uniform is two distinct materials, velour on the right side but 'pleather' on the left - I had thought that might be a nice and subtle mod that modernized it without radically changing it, as with the modifications to the bridge itself; like most of my modified Trek stuff, it's not about trying to 'reboot' TOS, but only to refine it, to try to imagine what the people who did it originally might have been able to accomplish with a bit more money, a bit more technology, maybe even a bit of a glimpse of the decades ahead, but still the same spirit.
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.......and with all that is going with approach like this to design should be far enough away from canon/image copyright and still be recognizable as a Star Trek fanfic/fanfilm.
Collected your other images from this 2.0 creation of yours.

Two thumbs up, ya da man!

EDIT: Oh! should have added this before, I like your approach to the control surfaces as well because I never cared for the LCARS graphics [too Playskool{tm} -ish] or the Okudagrams or them changing class names like Glenn to Oberth or Avenger to Miranda, not a fan of theirs, but a fan of yours and others here.
I like the TMP bridge/sets, the WoK variant, the STV beige and the STVI maroon/dark red bridges.