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Day 4 by Ptrope Day 4 by Ptrope
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JordanBritt Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2018
Well, you know the old Chinese saying - "May you live in interesting times". And so here we are.
tora-no-shi1369 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Four more years to go. If he serves 8, the only good thing is he can't serve again.
psiandco Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2017  Student Writer
I am pro Trump. The media lies so much I am now channel surfing youtube and researching to learn the truth. Seems that Trump is not a liar, not a racist, not a misogynist, not a bad man. if you  do not agree, try doing your own research. Don't look for rumor and innuendo, look for the truth. Tripple check everything you find and record your citations. Especially try to utilize non-internet sources.
Ptrope Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It would be ironic if I were to simply hide your incredibly incorrect and ignorant comment, but I'll respond to it, instead. ;)

I don't know of what you are "pro-", but I'm pretty sure it's not "pro-Trump" if you are only now doing your research; he is simply the amalgam of your beliefs. I have been following Trump for years - not difficult, because he loves, craves, demands attention. He is, first and foremost, a narcissist - it drives everything he does. He wants everyone to pay attention to him, to admire him, to indulge him. He needs everyone to acknowledge his superiority, whether it's how much more money he has, how much more power he has, how many more votes he has, or how many more people in attendance at this inauguration - and the facts don't matter. He does not believe anything with which he does not agree, or that he does not understand.

He is a liar
. This is not innuendo. This is not rumor. This is fact based on the evidence of his own words, his own actions. During his campaign, he was recorded saying very specific things - things that were to his advantage to say at the moment he said them, to the audience to which he said them - and later he did not retract these things, he outright denied having said them. He was recorded! The evidence is there for the entire world to see and hear - and he denies them with a straight face, time after time after time.

He is a racist. He has said, many times, racist things to his followers, to the press. He has been sued for racist business practices, and lost. And if, all evidence to the contrary, he is not actually, 'in his heart,' a racist, then he is something far worse: he appeals to racists with words and actions they understand, not because he agrees with them, but because he needs their support and their admiration - he exploits racists for his own goals. He incites racism at the risk of others' success, at the risk of others' safety, because he cares only about himself. He enables racists by his celebrity, gives them 'permission' to act out their racism in the belief that they can do so without consequences to themselves, because they see that he suffers no consequences.

He is a misogynist. He treats women like cattle, like things, like his property. He believes he has the right to treat them this way because of his success, because of his celebrity. Whether they are contestants in his Miss America pageants, or other men's wives, or employees in his hotels, or friends of his own daughter - or even his own daughter; he practically pimps Ivanka to the press. I don't know anything about Melania, and I don't have anything bad to say about her, or her career, but it's clear that he chose her as a trophy, not a partner - as with all his former wives, someone who looked great and made him look successful and virile and who lasted as long as that was the case, until he replaced her with another who looked very much like the previous one did when he 'bought' her. He knows nothing and cares nothing about women as human beings - but in truth, it's obvious that he is the same about men. His 'equal opportunism,' however, doesn't mean he's not a misogynist by definition.

He is a bad man. If being a liar is not enough, if being a racist is not enough, if being a misogynist is not enough, he is a cheat. He cheats at everything. He cheats at business, breaking contracts because he knows he can get away with it - he knows that, however much money he actually has as opposed to how much he tells people he has, it is still more than the people he cheats have, and he knows they will take less then he promised because they can't afford the legal team he can present, that it will cost them more than the amount he will give them, which is much less than what he promised. He cheats on his wives. He cheated his supporters, by promising things he would not, could not, deliver in order to get their votes, and then to their faces, in his 'victory lap' rallies, told them he never had any intention of following through, that he said it just to get their votes, and now that he had won, he no longer needed them - until next time. And they cheered.

As for my image here, it is very much based on truth. On day 4 of this travesty of his 'presidency,' he issued orders gagging several government agencies simply because they publish facts with which he disagrees. He may not even disagree with them 'in his heart' - his positions change with the audience, of course, and several scientific facts are 'inconvenient' to him and his cronies' exploiting the economy for their own wealth and power. He is censoring science, he is censoring the media, in order to replace facts with his own lies, to build his own power. Several government departments have gone rogue in order to keep communication open to the public, on vital matters of science, of the environment, of the economy, not because there is a political difference between them and the president, but because Americans need the truth in order to stop him from becoming the next dictator.

I don't know where you're getting your 'facts,' but they are, most definitely, 'alternative.'
Simidae Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Well said Ptrope. Virtual applause.
psiandco Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2017  Student Writer
do not be surprised that I disagree.  I am 45. I have been around. I am not a Trump fan, but I am glad that he is president. The facts are that the media has been lying and is lying. the six corporations that run all of the lamestream media (*one of which is the C.I.A.) are trying to paint a picture - to include, lying by omission. they push ideas into your head and you think your are smart. wow. I will tell you now, What you believe, is wrong. That is all.  Not necessarily about our president, but your ready made pre-programed reality that you gleefully regurgitate with the zeal of the joker's smile.

the claims that trump has lied? pfft. about what? he may have. humans error. Hillary lied much more than 39,000 times. The fact that the media won't even acknowledge that #pizzagate (*Those peoples own words, their Instagram pictures, comments, and their own e-mails) except to sputter that "Democrats and democrat fundraisers aren't pedophiles" when no one was pointing fingers at anyone not dirrectly connected to those e-mails...
Bill Clinton made 26 visits to Pedo-island. 13.5 billion raised for Haiti and less than 1% is spent, on resort hotels over 100 miles away from areas that actually needed the disaster relief? the rest went where? do you know? because your mainstream news isn't even acknowledging that.
doesn't any of that make you go hmm? there is a bigger picture than your hate. time to look for what that truth is, ne?

The fact that during Regan and Bush Sr admins, there were male prostitutes get white knight tours -very late at night- in the white house and the only concern was that a government card was used to pay for them. wait, those were Republican. dig deeper, people rush Limbaugh complains about for pushing unconstitutional agendas, are utterly connected to either party, SOMETIMES THEY ARE FAMILY.

Bush Vs. Kerry? they are both skull and bones! does that make you think at all? Michael moor's Fahrenheit 911, shows Bush Jr giving a speech at some oil billionaire club... and scoot to the side a bit, there's Al Gore the President of that gathering!
Do you think political parties are real? do you think political parties even matter? Dude, that is all a show to keep you entertained and distracted from the shit that is really going on!
World trade tower #7, the 26th floor was NEW YORK's gubernatorial terrorism response center, yet rudi gulliani spent all day wandering the STREETS!?!
that doesn't ring any warning bells in your head? no, the only evil person is trump. he is the only bad person in this whole freaking universe...

oh, I am sure you have trustworthy sources...
whoopi Goldberg? the view? Brain dead SJW's engaging in meaningless two word doublespeak? Get a clue. if you watch one thing it should be "the Bubble" skit by SNL. they are making jokes about how the zombies only tolerate speech that they AGREE WITH, (which was a poorly recalled quote from a report you were programed with). take a look at the scandalous "locker room talk" tape. one, it is ten years old. two, it was made by BILLY BUSH. yet, it is used by the Clintons? The C.I.A. supports Trump. The former director was a Saudi agent planted at the head of the agency by the Obama administration...
let us look at Obama's campaign promises that he did not fulfill: Stimulus - yes he did, but not for John q. public. all that was for the "TOO-BIG-TO-FAIL" bullshit (reminds me of bush saying, "Trickle down economics"). Gauntanimo? still open, Iraq, still there, Afghanistan, still there and now producing more heroin now than ever. then we add lybia, we add Syria, we add the Uranium one deal the Clinton's made with Puttin! Hillary saying that she would start a war with Iran, and intending to start a war with Russia...

all the things you say make him a mysoginysta, or what ever... wake up. you were programed to think ALL OF THAT!
The question I must put forward to you is, "do you think, or do you think you think? think about it. Think long and hard about it."

There is a bigger picture, and all the facts you are calling "ALTERNATIVE" happen to be the truth TPTB put down on paper and in an illegal private server...

block me if you don't wanna be... WOKE. that will be fine. I won't care.  I just wonder why you don't see the realities all around you:
40 year olds living at home with their parents, Millions of jobs GONE, Businesses CLOSED, and every freaking thing you need to live - is either expensive, or for rent. how do you make money? did you know that close to 70% of American citizens are receiving some form of FEDERAL aid?
***who made it that way?*** when did it all start? what purpose does the end of the middle class and the end of private property serve? why does the u.n. have signs laying claim to the grand canyon?  Why do little boys need to be injected with a vaccine made to prevent CERVICAL CANCER?

I swear. you may claim you are smart, but you don't know:
that 9/11 was operation northwoods to the letter,
you don't know about operation mocking bird,
You probably think that the Dept of ENERGY wasn't behind the tusgkee airmen being INJECTED with syphilis.
You probably think it is all just crazy talk, that we never went to the moon.
it is all just crazy talk, that JFK was assassinated by Bush Sr.  
and you will never connect the dots between Prescott bush attempting a coup to turn America into a nazi empire,
and how the patriot act, ndaa, and 9/11 is the history of nazi Germany happening all over again...

home land security, or der fufherlund security?
You think political parties are real? Obama kept the patriot act going, kept homeland security going, added more powers to the NDAA to shut down free speech.
but that is okay. you can wrap yourself in your comfortable lies and smug ego being patted on the head (good boy) for believing every lie told to you.
William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”
I say that Orwell's 1984 should never have been an instruction manual, and you say, "well, that depends on what your definition of is, is"?
or are you ging to join the rank and file brainwashed SJWs and say,
...Shut up, cuz, if you don't say anything I agree with... well, you must be an evil "word+word" that means nothing.

Simidae Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Governments lie & most things are run by the same few people, I'm with you there. When you say crap like we never went to the moon is when I start laughing. Next you'll say the Earth is flat & Christianity is 100% true. My question for people like this is if it's all controlled how would Trump become president if he's not part of it?
Ptrope Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the laughs Wink/Razz 
psiandco Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2017  Student Writer
sure, if you get a chance...
come back to reality.

where is the proof to your claims? cite all those sources and check them!
I want to hear from you: have you been programmed by false opinions?
or is there a shred of truth to your claims?

I challenge you.
phraught Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just ran across this.  So - do you still feel the same?
Ptrope Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dude, it's my art, my statement, so the burden of proof for your tin-foil-hat claims is all yours. But don't bother - I'm really not interested in any lunatic conspiracy theories. I have no intention of changing your mind, and I have no interest in taking any 'test' regarding my own perspectives of the nonsense being thrust upon this country by its Liar-In-Chief and his #UnholyTrinity. As soon as you said, "Lamestream media" and associated yourself with someone as unacquainted with facts as Sarah Palin (SOOO 2008 ... ), your credibility with me was nil. Thanks for your previous interest in my art, but I think it's time to take me off your watch list - I really don't plan to waste time in pointless, negative, fact-resistant conversations ... with anyone. Good luck.
Johnny-Radar Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2017
Well said Ptrope, on ALL accounts.
Simidae Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Here here!

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