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cyberpunk vagabond

a la demande de beaucoup de personne , j'ai modifier le titre car effectivement il sagie la plus de cyberpunk que de steampunk !

je ne suit pas vraiment convaincu du résulta , surtout pour le temps que j'ai passer dessus donc si vous avez des critique ou des observation afin d'en améliorer le rendu vous me rendriez un très grand service

merci encore

I do not really follow the conviction resulted, especially for the time I spend on it so if you have any criticism or observation in order to improve the rendering you would do me a great service

thank you again
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damn bad ass!!!! good work!
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thank you very mutch  ;) 
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The character looks pretty cyberpunk. The background very steampunk.

Is it possible to buy royalty-free license for some of your pictures? I'm mostly hoping for website backgrounds and character concepts.
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good morning
yes of course, I grant the license to operate on some of my illustration, after all the expense you how do use them, how much a copy etc.
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WOW! Stunning work. Mega cool design.
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thank you very mutch  ;) 
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Nice. Very Nice.
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Great work! Reminds me Thief 3 game=)
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somewhat true, but less cyberpunk
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Has loads of character. Reminds me of a Cyberpunk Dishonored, to be honest. 
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Very good, nice details.
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Fine details... Too good...!!1
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I want to ask your permission to use this artwork as coverart for a book I am compiling. The contents of this book wil be the collected adventures of the D&D parties I DM. You will be credited on the creditspage with a link to your DeviantART. The cover page will look like this:… The book WILL be printed, but only be used for personal used, nothing commercial.
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if it is a personal project, there is no problem in course!

parcontre if you wanted a tiréer a profit in the comercialisant, you have to pay a license for this picture!

good day

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If this were a comic I'd buy it. Its that awesome.
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Magnifique travail !
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