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Neon Nights - vincent lefevre

By ptitvinc
specially made for the contest organizer with deviantart on the theme: Neon Nights
5k format!
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I luv the atmosphere. Beautiful work Clap

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thank you so much !

this portrays a story that i dont understand ,and i like it!

🖤 I Absolutely Love This Art Work !

🖤 Your Art Work Has Been Featured On My YouTube Channel !!

🖤 Check It Out :

followthekaiser's avatar

I really like this image. It has so much depth to it. It feels like this is a world that we could live in. Well done.

Would have loved to see you as one of the winners.

ptitvinc's avatar

thank you for the compliment , me too i am sad that the judges no take me

lynx318's avatar
Gotta fave a decent pic with a cat theme.
Starwarrior3906's avatar
its amazing!!
I can't believe they didn't choose you!!
ptitvinc's avatar

thank you , my too haha

Deevie4302's avatar
I agree with comment by Nikt2....I really like your entry the most, wish it had been chosen as a winner.  Keep up the good work.
ptitvinc's avatar

thank you very much , it is realy nice !

Nikt2's avatar
imho the best work of contest ! 
ptitvinc's avatar

thank you , pity than the judges were not same advice haha

Nikt2's avatar
Judges see thats we cant ) I tried it more that 10 contests )))) 
ptitvinc's avatar

I will not be full either, I won the previous competition lol

Nikt2's avatar
I know it. I was there & remembered you entry )
dpcdpc11's avatar
Great entry in the contest! Really love the atmospheric perspective :)
ptitvinc's avatar

thank you !! pity than i didn't win lol thank you again !!

dpcdpc11's avatar
My pleasure! Better luck next time, Vincent ;)
Btw your skill level is insane! Was looking on your website and I love those book covers, especially the one with the clown :)
Out of curiosity, is it hard to earn a living at your skill level?
ptitvinc's avatar

to be frank, yes it is still a bit difficult, but for my part i started to be professional then little so .. but yes there is so much competition unfortunately

dpcdpc11's avatar
Thanks for sharing this, Vincent :)
I kept trying to get into concept art but the complexity and the competition and my age kept me from trying hard enough so I eventually gave up but I keep thinking about it from time to time.
Anyway can't wait to check out some of your next masterpieces ;)
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