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HTTYD3 Duo Contest- do not touch my daughter

digital painting realized for The How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World - Discover Your Duo Contest…

I hope that I am faithful to the original version of the film and that the illustration will please you, that there is stronger than the family link father and daughter;)
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He is a male and the middle child but I love the art

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love this! but that baby is called pouncer and is male
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I'm stunned that this didn't win. Either the other entries were even more incredible or they snubbed you :evileye: Stunning work either way!
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I was a little above also, at least 2 of the first 3 was really deserved, after that remains a contest or judgment is only subjective;) in any case thank you for the compliment
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If you allow me to give a bit of feedback..(sorry if it appears inappropriate) In my opinion, the reason of this piece not winning is the fact that it lacks storytelling,Even tough the piece being very well painted and beautiful, I can't understand what is going on in the piece without reading the title, I think the piece must tell the story for itself without any text. The first impression I had, by seeing this piece, is that Toothless is going to attack the little white dragon, or that Toothless is very angry with the little dragon. You don't give any clues that someone is trying to do something with the baby there. Just show this piece to someone that never watched the movie and maybe they will think that the black dragon is about to kill the white dragon.

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I think you are quite right, because I had this same remark several times! without the title the illustration is very confused indeed!

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If they run a contest like that they might have a specific vision and plan to use resulting artworks for advertising. But I agree, it's all super subjective. At least another great artwork came out of it :thumbsup:
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So cute. I think their all female idk why but eh not a big deal if others think otherwise. Though could be two females and one male but anyways nicely done! Wish I had this much talent...or patience
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 to tell the truth, I do not know the truth, but rather let my heart speak for this creation, I believe that even the eggs are not like that at the origin
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Why toothless look mad at his child
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no , he sea you ! haha and he protect her daugther ;)
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I still think the white one is male. It has two side flaps, like Toothless, so it makes more sense.
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I think this is a male too
And other one
But i think white nose one is female
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Yeah, that's what I think as well.
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I saw this beautiful artwork two days ago and it really fell into my memory caus i'm still thinking about it ahah xD so i came to say this very VERY impressive, unique idea and the texture on eggs is my favorite xD
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This is a very nice compliment, it means for me that my illustration is really successful! thank you again for your comment
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Your are welcome Good Sir.
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I remember several people in the theater I was in gasping when Toothless's babies showed up. Perhaps my favorite moment from the movie.
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