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Cyberpunk Bazar

between 2 or 3 big project here is a small illustration made for a long-time client, do not hesitate to go and check his website especially;)
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This is so freakin awesome 😍

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My team and I are creating Divine Futura, a Censorship Free Neon Noir Blade Runneresque Cyberpunk Immersive Sim (Action RPG) for PC.
We’re early in production but looking for a talented artist like yourself to do a promotional image for us, like a poster.
We’re a very small dev team working on this game in our free time for our love of Cyberpunk and a passion for censorship free gaming. We do however have a small Patreon and would love to get a quote for how much you’d charge for a piece like this. You can get ahold of us by emailing (Be sure to leave a link to your Deviant Profile) and you can get a glimpse of our game and what we’re about at
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I answered you in a note and thank you again for the compliment and the interest you have in my art!

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Blade Runner...?

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may be a bit indeed;)

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Excellent work.

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thank you very much !

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It's my favourit art EVER
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hhoo my plaisur !!


has a blade runner feeling to it.

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I love cyberpunk stuff so this is really cool.
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Looking good! I like it!

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hoo thank you ;)

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NP! You deserve it!

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Very cool! Nice work! :la:

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thank you very much !

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