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It's creeping up on me fast. 
I'm pretty panicked about it. 

2016 was my first year and I pretty much learned that even in the middle of the desert there will be awkward morning-afters. This guy waltzed into my tribe's camp one morning while I was trying to inhale coffee and it took me a couple minutes for me to actually recognize his face... I can not for the life of me remember if I made any pillow talk that would have encouraged him to hunt me down the next day, but the universe hates me so, hey

The moral of my life and pretty much all my stories is that I am a terrible person.

Shenanigans aside, I'm mostly worried about clothing. I found last year that I needed more clothing that what I had brought and this year they've extended the event. I had been more concerned about food and water then and of course we barely made a dent on our collected supplies... 

So I'm trying to make more clothing choices and armor I won't bake in.


It's been explained to me that it's not in my best interests to rush everything out in two months when DFRAG is not a short story… and not when I want people to get into it...  I'm giving her words some serious thought.

She explained that dragging things out would actually entice people more and help build up a readership. She thinks very highly of my skills and I have no idea why. She's a childhood friend so she should know more than anyone else that this project is going to sit about collecting cobwebs once my own attention has moved on from it...

I'm also considering making a group for it. Again, because she encouraged it. 

I'm not sure about the particulars of this sort of stuff. 

Teaser snippet ::

Nenshamon sneered. “It’s not just you exiles that’ve ended up here. In fact, we’ve always gotten trash from the so-called Real World.”

Vergil couldn’t help but laugh. “Wow, okay. Usually the ones who’re openly hating just attack.”

“I won’t attack you if you tell me what a human is doing at a rally for Free Access.”

“I am in genuine support of this, actually.” He looked back towards the front of the gathering when she moved to hover at his side. “Or at least the idea of getting out of Server Continent. I'm not the only human here.”

She didn’t bother hiding her disbelief. “You exiles won’t shut up about how dangerous it could be.”

Vergil forced a smile. “Not all of us think that.” He then nodded towards the stage. "There's a bunch of humans up front. More than the group I traveled here with, even."

Nenshamon was about to say more, or was about to taunt him, when the noise of the crowd around them perked up and cheering began. Both turned their focus onto the makeshift stage of overturned semi-trucks. 


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