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I reserve the rights to change my Terms Of Service anytime depending on occurred situations that forced me to do so.


You can contact me through notes on either here or

(Discord is acceptable IF you PM me that you want to contact me that way, Unless you already have my discord).


♥ Payment MUST be sent before I start your order.

♥ 50% up front BEFORE I can start your commission, and the other 50% BEFORE I can send you the finished product

(If you're fine with sending me the full amount, that's cool as well, it's just up too you).

♥ Do NOT send me the money as a "gift to friends and family" I will assume it's a gift to support me and as a result you won't receive anything in return.

♥ The payment is NON-REFUNDABLE! If you wish to cancel the commission at any time for whatever reason, whatever money you sent me as of that moment will not be returned.

(example: If you'd like to cancel the commission after receiving the sketch, the 50% upfront cost covered my time sketching and making alterations for you. I will not ask for the other 50%, but I will also not finish the cancelled commission).

Commission process:

♥ You can message me anytime if you have any questions.

♥ After you have sent me a note with references and information about your character(s), I will accept or decline. If I accept your order, I will ask you for payment. I will start your order after receiving the payment.

♥ Please provide as much details about your commission as possible to avoid misunderstandings.

♥ I work with both visual references AND detailed descriptions.

♥ I will NOT do extremely detailed pieces for the same reason as to why I can only do 2 characters max.

♥ IF you do NOT want a full video process and want sketches, line art, and colouring then there can ONLY be 2 sketch revisions. After that there will be an extra $5 charge for every other revision you make me do

(Example: if you want 5 revisions, that's 2 free revisions plus $15).

♥ You can always ask for sketch confirmation before I start the line art.

♥ You can contact me at any time to change details about your commission before I have started or during the sketch confirmation. If I have already finished lining the artwork then it's too late to change it.

♥ If you want a specific pose or have an idea for your order, please tell me about it during ordering or before ordering!

♥ I do not accept deadlines. If you want to get the picture faster or on a desired deadline, there WILL be an extra charge of $10.00.

WARNING: if you try and scam me, or be disrespectful towards me in any way, shape, or form and have already sent me the money, i will immediately refund the money and block you

(UNLESS PayPal refuses to let me refund due to them needing information on what the money's for, in which case I'll refund it when I can, but you will still get a block).

If I'm already finished with the line work, I'll be taking 50% of that money and sending you the line work and the other 50% of your money with a block.

If I have already finished the drawing, and you haven't said anything until I have finished it, you're out of luck and will have to commission me again if you want it to be correct.

I do NOT play games when it comes to transactions.


© 2019 - 2020 PsyychoticDani
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