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The End of the World Cometh

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Close your eyes... Feel the cold wind on your face... Harken the Call of the Days to Come... Embrace the futility of your existence... The Pink One is here...

Several months ago, I gave Pinkie Pie the power of Magic. Have a…. Some people liked it. Most however, cried doom, pain, suffering and death would come upon us all. Threats were made that I should not expand this, for the sake of our lives...

But I know better. I dismissed those as ravings of madmen. For I, in my infinite wisdom, have decided to give Pinkie her magical powers YET AGAIN...!

The Legend Lives! Pinkie is back, and nobody will be safe... Or will they?

The guilty shall be Pinkie Punche'd to Oblivion!!!!!!!!!!!!!… :iconfalconpunchplz:

:iconpinkiepiemagicplz: AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!
Pinkie Pie Charging Her Laz0r without backgrounds…

Featured on EQD 8/4/13…. Thank you!

Now in Russian…!!

On dA Hot Page 8/4/13. You guys are awesome!

So, yeah. Here we are. The return of Magic Pinkie Pie. Took me long enough, since September 2012...huzzah?

Truth is, I was finding myself in a place of not being sure as to if I want to keep on (/attempting to/) drawing stuff, let alone Le Poniez. Thought maybe I should quit and leave this all behind me. The attempts at vectoring, the little ponies, dA. Cause I'm not an artist, not in the slightest. Don't even consider this a hobby. But, then, how come I actually do this? Well :iconihavenoideamedicplz: seems like the best answer.

Previous Comic has 1059 Comments... Let's beat kick this one up a notch!

THIS IS A HUGE 23 MB FILE!!!! It will lag your internet browser, it will crash your picture manager, and it will make you rage! I know I have.

Some thanks are in order.

:iconsashanein: Helped with editing dialog stuff (I'm proud to know my English, but there is always something more that a guy ,whose mother tongue is English, knows than you.) He also gave some ideas for tweaks and fixes. Every time I thought the comic was ready, he'd go all "No sir, I don't like it" on me, so I'd try to make it better! He also dealt with my incessant whining that I couldn't do it and I should consider quitting. He'd mentally slap me and I'd push on! If you are into Fimfiction stuff, check his stories out…. He recently took up on the subject, give him your support.

:iconpirill-poveniy: He helped me but he doesn't actually know it. I was chatting on one of his livestreams, and was considering the "quit the drawing cause I'm no artist" routine. He just stopped drawing for a minute, linked me this…, coaxed me a bit, smiled graciously like a baws and continued drawing. Then I was like "Well, why not?".

Enjoy!!! As always, leave a comment if you like! Pinkie Punch FTW!!

Soundtrack…. Well, not really. But "Feed Me" goes with freaking Anything!!!!

:iconmadewithinkscape1plz::iconmadewithinkscape2plz::iconmadewithinkscape3plz::iconmadewithinkscape4plz: SVG file Open if you are brave enough. Or have a freakin' powerful computer.

*Easter Eggs*
1) Pinkie can be seen inside the 2nd teleportation bubble
2) Safety Hazard Sign on the back of the Helmet:

MLP FIM © Hasbro, Lauren Faust etc etc.
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this could be a problem!!!
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kennydanny Digital Artist
it didnt boulder me

im going rock bottom with the puns

Maud would not like what pinkie did.
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spyroukHobbyist Photographer
AJ is thinking "What the in the name of Celestia just happened? What the Buck?"
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*walks by hums a calm tune til stops due hearing something* what that pitch whistling sound?? *looks up and see's a boulder falling from the sky* oh son of a bit- *boulder lands on top on bladra*.........*boulder begins to tremble til it explodes into pieces and standing there was bladra pissed off*..ok who is the wise guy that send that boulder flying to me cause you just ticked the wrong guy *powers up and took off into the air flying like in dragon ball z towards were the boulder came from* when i get my hands on the one that threw that boulder ill make them sorry!!!
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AndyofIndianaHobbyist Traditional Artist
I would think that an apocalypse that Pinkie Pie would cause would be of ridiculously sweet and saccharine things killing everyone. 
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Keep your mind open to all the possibilities!
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SuperElmoreSNESHobbyist General Artist
Kirby vs Pinkie Pie.
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Lets hope that "the great and powerful" Trixie doesn't get her hands on that device.
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I wouldn't wish that much power on anyone.
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i wonder where that thing is going to fall
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Nobody knows..... OooOoooOOoooooOOooh!
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Glory to (Magi-)technological progress!
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wouldn't that be technomage since it's basically a fusion of magic and science?
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Hooray for magi-tech helmets! :D
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bennoah100Hobbyist Traditional Artist
basically what  arch  (my stallion alicorn oc) does by nature! still, mane six's close friend.
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KingFlurryHobbyist Digital Artist

Piiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!!!! *devastates everything around*
How was my Pinkame hame ha?^U^

Vegeta:OVER 9000....x 9000....x 9000......x 9000...x infinite.
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Best fan-made MLP comic ever made, 10/10! In fact, this should really happen in the show xD 
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