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The End of The World

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© 2012 - 2020 Psyxofthoros
Visualize your fears. Imagine that they spring to life and threaten to attack you. Scary, eh?

Visualize the things that make you cower in horror and panic and a feeling of dread and doom. Now you are at Flutterrage Tier of fear.

Visualize, if you can, Pinkie Pie using Magic... Many scholars, philosophers, prophets, Jedi Knights, super computers, scientists, Chosen ones, Elven Farseers, God Emperors of Mankind and internet users have failed to express in human words the magnitude of something like this...


These will help :


UPDATE: PART 2… View at your own risk...

:iconpinkiepiemagicplz: AVAILABLE from the other comic

Featured on Equestria Daily 11/9/…. Thank you!
Featured again as a repost 8/4/2013…. Lol thanks again!

Now in Russian…!!

On dA Hot Page 8/4/13. You guys are awesome!

So, yeah! Tada! Haven't posted anything for some time and I had this idea in my mind the last days and desperately wanted to put it on "paper".

But it would not be the same with just one frame. It needed to be in Comic format!

So there you have it! My first MLP:FIM Comic!!!

As always, comments highly encouraged!

SVG file:

Sing along!…

MLP:FIM © Lauren Faust, Hasbro, etc.

Unic-O-Tronic 1000 © & Patent by Me! Har har har! :iconharharplz:
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Offender222Student Digital Artist
C R E P P Y 
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eath pony can use unicorn or alicorn magic is very bad new and more if the use far more then easy and with no careful and use it for fun is a very big dange!
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Something like this should happen in the show!
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The end is near...
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RealDiegoAmateurHobbyist Filmographer
Except for the necronomicon thing. That seems like a great setup
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"4th wall breaking"

Oh no...
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Pinkie no! stay away from dark magic!!!
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All in all pinkie is a dragonborn. :meow:
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This is why ponies like Pinke shouldn't be allowed to touch anything magic-related...
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Oh fuck!  Someone call Ash!!!
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Well everyponies funeral will be tonight
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"You don't need a horn to be magical but it helps."
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I'll take whatever help I can
TXFCALIBREStudent General Artist
Plot twist: Pinkie steals blueprint from Twilight's safe Dat Ass OBAMAOh yess Deal With It - Elsa (Icon) 
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But now there's scientific proof! Legit!
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But wait, call now, and you get the Pegasys Wings 2000 kit for free, with your order of the Unic-o-Tronic 1000.
That's a 120Bit value, absolutely free! Just pay separate shipping and hoofeling.
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Because nothing can beat our business deals!
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Well there goes that Universe
Psyxofthoros's avatar
Infinite Pinkie reset cycles will commence.
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xXUltimateNozic90XxHobbyist Digital Artist
Twilight: Oh sh*t.
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PrincessJewel95Student General Artist
4th wall breaking? You already have those powers!
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But now it's official. Magic helmets n' stuff.
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thepowerpuffmakerStudent Artisan Crafter
that face though Anna  Frozen icon  FOREST NYMPH: HUEHEHE 
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