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Screw Loose

By Psyxofthoros
:iconscrewlooseplz: Bark! Bark, bark bark! Bark! Bark!

:iconpsyxofthoros: What?

:iconscrewlooseplz: Woof! Woof, woof, bark, bark! Woof!

:iconpsyxofthoros: What????

:iconscrewlooseplz: Grrrrrrrr! Snarl! Grrrrrrrr!

:iconpsyxofthoros: Want a cookie?

:iconscrewlooseplz: Yes please!

:iconpsyxofthoros: ??????

Screw Loose for the Season 2 Cast Poster collab by :iconmlp-vectorclub: [link]

SVG file [link]. Use freely and remember me when you reach the top.
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© 2012 - 2021 Psyxofthoros
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2wingo's avatar
A lot of fans think that she's Diamond Tiara's mother.
Psyxofthoros's avatar
A lot of fans should lay off the apple cider. Jk ;P I don't know/care about theories etc.
2wingo's avatar
It's no less plausible than the theory that Time Turner is actually Doctor Who.
BrutalityInc's avatar
"Sanity is for the weak!"
Psyxofthoros's avatar
For the Glory of Chaos!
HeavenIsForReal's avatar
Screw Loose is awesome. :meow:
HeavenIsForReal's avatar
:D HI! I mean... *bark?*
850i's avatar
Uh... hey there.
Dowlphin's avatar
Must be depressing to finally receive your cutie mark and realize that you're destined to be a nutter, and thus, screwed for life.
Psyxofthoros's avatar
Correction. "Loosely Screwed".
Enderman699's avatar
Oh fuck. she is annoying like a dog.
*Hits screw with a hammer*
Centaur71's avatar
Uber schnappen das shpringenweke in die glockenspeil
Psyxofthoros's avatar
:iconscrewlooseplz: "I have no idea what you just said."
Me neither. Care to translate pls?
Dowlphin's avatar
"over snap the spring work in the bell play."

It's difficult to translate for a German, since it's totally not German, haha.
Mad-rus's avatar
:iconancientaliensplz::iconsaysplz: Actually I don't know why I'm here but therefore aliens
Psyxofthoros's avatar
That's a perfectly fine explanation!
KawaiiFluffyCake's avatar
ScrewLoose? What are you doing out of the hospital.....:iconimwatchingyoumemeplz: :iconsaysplz: I'm Watching you...Like a person...
Psyxofthoros's avatar
:iconscrewlooseplz: *sniffs around* *digs up buried bone* *runs around happily*
KawaiiFluffyCake's avatar
O.o"......*Pets Screw Loose*
PokeMarioFan14's avatar
Hey! Get back in the hospital!
Psyxofthoros's avatar
:iconscrewlooseplz: Bark! Bark! *catch me if you can*
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