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Pixel Pattern Set

=== UPDATE ===
Thanks very much to all who faved for this pattern set, while it was a corrupt file. If you hadn't do that, there would be no new pattern set file right now.
So now you can download and use it (I hope!).
Have fun, and I hope you like it! =)

Some patterns I made for myself to use them in signatures or avatars. Perhaps you can use them, too. ;)
German edition - because I used german names for each pattern. xD
Ein Füllmuster-Set, das ich selbst oft für Signaturen und Avatare benutz. Vielleicht kann sie ja jemand gebrauchen. Ich würde mich freuen.
Es handelt sich um eine deutsche Version, weil ich zu faul war, die Patterns ins Englische zu übersetzen :P
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You're welcome :)
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they are not transparent background
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No, they aren't. This way you can use the black or the white parts or both by changing the blend mode.
When you choose "darken" (I think that's the one that's above "multiply" - I use the German version of Photoshop) the white pixels get transparent and you only see the black ones.
When you choose "lighten" (is it?) it's vice versa.
If you use one of the more advanced blending modes below both black and white influence the colors of the layers below. Just try a little ;)
thanks so much! this definitely help my work!
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You're welcome. Nice to hear that :)
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very useful!
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Great to hear and thanks for using them :)
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Thank you so much for making these (:
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I'm glad they can help you. Have fun uning them =)
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downloaded. thank you! i'll use it for my artwork later
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Thank you, you're welcome. Hope it is able to help you :)
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Thanks thanks thanks thanks <3
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Oh, many thanks for your many ..thankses? ;D
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Very nice! :D Thanks!
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you're very welcome =)
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