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2019 Animation Showreel

Smokey Ghost Guy


Bird Animation Test (rough inbetween)

Bouncy Acrobat Boy

Owlf: Animation Storyboard

Owlf - Flying Model Sheet

Owlf - Quadruped Model Sheet

Owlf - Owl Sketch Studies

Fisheye-Lense Walk Cycle WIP

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2019 Animation Showreel

Bird Animation Test (rough inbetween)

Animated Avatar Concepts

Swanky Lad

My Portfolio Site: PSYSkip

Animation Exercise: 2.2 - Flappyface

Kiki's Cheer Squad

Kiki Strikes a Pose

Animation Exercise: 2.1

Animation Exercise: 1.11

Korra Animation

Perfect isn't easy

Retrofuturisic VTOL Spacecraft


[CM] Smoochin

Tammy checks out Deviantart


Spai digs out


Goblin Creeper

Artist // Professional // Film & Animation
My Bio
Hello there person! Welcome to my page. Full of bits and stuff as well as other bits and stuff.

Animation is my main thing, but I also partake in web design and some good ol' sketching/painting of the digital kind when the urge takes me.

Currently residing in Australia, where I will soak up the sun before moving back to Europe.

Favourite Gaming Platform
6̶ ̶y̶e̶a̶r̶ ̶o̶l̶d̶ ̶D̶e̶l̶l̶ ̶L̶a̶p̶t̶o̶p RIP
Tools of the Trade
Krita, PAP, Manga Studio, Blender
Other Interests
Terminal Velocity
Well, that about wraps it up for any old work I can be bothered uploading. Any stuff I post from now on will be sparkling with a fresh coat of artistic grease on it, which is much more exciting for me than dredging up old files off my hard drive. Bel...

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Bagam-The-AnimatorProfessional Filmographer
I love your sack animations. Firm grasp of animation principles.
PSYSkipProfessional Filmographer
Thanks! Been a while since I did one of those exercises, but hopefully I'll get back to it sometime. Love your stuff btw
Bagam-The-AnimatorProfessional Filmographer
lol..... in the next days i will be having access checks for a animation school....there will be some flour sack animation .
so as i was on your site and was looking through your flour sack animations to get some understanding of the physics... i randomly saw that u are based in german- berlin, guess what,  me 2 XD
PSYSkipProfessional Filmographer
Haha really? I knew you were in Germany, but had no idea that you were in Berlin :P

Yeah I've been here since the end of last year, but I only changed that description recently. Gonna be working at an English speaking camp in Freusberg for a few weeks, which is a good gig when your German is too awful to get a normal job (hehe)

What animation school is it, btw?
sounds nice, for a eond i thought u were german ...but i remember u from being from somewhere else , where you from ? 
its the film university babelsberg in potsdam . 
PSYSkipProfessional Filmographer
I'm from Australia, as much as I'd prefer to be born within the EU instead :/

Sounds cool though. I miss the excitement of uni a bit, and I think now that I would have been better off if I'd waited before doing a degree or the like.

Hope you got in, by the way. And if you did then best of luck with the studies Thumbs Up