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HTTYD, LotR, Secretariat, Tangled, Wreck it Ralph, etc.
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Rick Riordan, Cinda Williams Chima, Tamora Pierce, Lauren Oliver, Leigh Bardugo, Amy Tan, Kiersten White, John Green, etc.
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Pokemon, Ace Attorney, Harvest Moon, Tales of Symponia
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Nintendo DS
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pencil, sketchbook, Wacom Intous3 tablet, Photoshop CS3, Paint Tool SAI
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Walt Disney World history, novel writing, the business of publishing, etc.
Happy New Year everyone! Just got back from vacation in Florida and had a great time to absolutely nothing. xD So we ended up spending 11 days there, the longest vacation my dad, brother, and I have taken together, I can't even remember when. o.o; Anyway, I played Pokemon and read some stuff while we hung out with extended family for a week. Then we and bummed around Disney World for a few days and rung in the new year at Magic Kingdom, dodging crowds and sitting through the Carousel of Progress 4 or 5 times (it was one of the few attractions that never had a wait time, and it was just a good place to r
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lol now that I'm home for the holidays and can actually hook up my 3DS to the internet aldjkafsdf stupid dorm wifi I can register friend codes!, trade yah? If you'd like to add me my code is 3480-3936-5220. Comment with yours (or send me a note) and I'll add you. <3 C: Trainer name: Ruby Current Team: Popple the skrelp (lv. 23) Rage the sylveon (lv. 58) Sunbeam the noibat (lv. 22) Loony the drifblim (lv. 58) Xander the tyrantrum (lv. 63) Tegan the charizard (lv. 63)
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...I think I'm just going to do a short and sweet thought-vomit on this journal, since it's been a while. xP Hi everyone! I'm alive! Again! :'o Survived my first semester in graduate school. As time absorbing as it was, it was also some of the most fun I've had in my entire life. Er, I think that's how grad school is supposed to work anyway? xD Made some AH-MAZING new friends, read some great books, learned a butt-ton about the publishing industry and how an independent bookstore operates, ate a lot of pizza at Peace of Pizza (I don't know why this is actually a highlight, but whatever xD), explored the area outside (and inside) of Philly a
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Happy birthday a year later, Psy! :Bc Same page, new comment! Hope you are doing well!
Happy birthday, Psy! I hope you're doing well.
Thanks, La! Life is busy, but great. I hope you're doing well, too! <333 (And staying warm--holy cow the east cost has gotten some pretty crazy snowstorms this year and the winter isn't even over O_O)
Happy Birthday to you little bebu!
I hope you have an amazing day ;U; //HUGS

Thanks so much, Tsuki! I hope you're doing well! Love ya! <3333333 
Happy birthday! (OwO)//
I hope it's wonderful~ o3o
*glomps* Thanks so much!!!! \^o^/