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Fully OTS compliant, created using a recent Indiestep build (highly recommended).

Fully resolution independant theme with a draggable box, which holds:
5 virtual desktops
Lsx command box / clock / search engine / calculator / multipurpose tool (heh)
Desaturated systray with room for 13 icons.

Windows colour scheme and font included in zip.

Wallpaper by Coestar and Gearman (also included)
© 2002 - 2021 psynapse
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cant get it on, even after adding the 'dirTheme $LiteStepDir$themes\SerialX\' line
wonder why. I'm using Win 98se 1024x768 32 bit color. anyone know how to resolve this issue?
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gah... ok i found an issue after playing with it for 10 minutes lol... for some reason my popup menu won't stay open.... gah... i like the command line but i never like being forced to used it cause the popup menu wont stay open long enough for me to edit the step.rc lol
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i like it... its TRES simple... and i love simplicity, thats the whole reason i use LS to begin with... however i must tell you it took some tweaking to work... mainly i had to add the line > dirTheme $LiteStepDir$themes\SerialX\ > to the top of the step.rc... but that my just be me... i'm using XP and i used the installer from [link] and i installed the latest indie build over it... but anyways... love the theme gj
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Very nice work there psynapse. Great work converting one of my favorite wallpapers to a really nice Litestep theme :-) (Smile)
Ooh, nifty, it looked feh in the preview, but fullsize is x_X
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Hrm, i'm sorry to hear that rikumaru. I should mention now that it's only been tested on Windows 2000 so far. Looking into the Win98 problem though :) (Smile)
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Super cool theme, though I can't seem to get the Rabid_BG.png and Stray_BG.png to show up in the box.... I do have the latest indiebuild (9/12/2002) but I'm running Win98... perhaps it's because of Win98? Oh well, great theme, the popup is rockin!!!!
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