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so apparently i have a temporary deviantart subscription, interesting. maybe i'll actually decide to buy a subscription someday, since i do hit the site (if only briefly) every day. so it's finals next week, and i've already iced (aced?) 1 of the 5 i have this semester.. the rest are gonna kick my ass though. this has been one of my hardest semesters yet, and it's only going to get worse from here. i'm going to do a dual program at pitt to get an honors BS at the end of next year, and then an MS the year after. Thus i'm sticking around school even though all i've been doing lately is complaining about my contempt for it.. work is still the same, we hit a rough spot where it looked like our lab might get dismantled, but that's luckily not going to happen. My one boss Bill is leaving us for good in a few weeks though, which is sad. He became something of a mentor / teacher to me at work, but i'm sure we'll keep in touch, he's sticking around pittsburgh after all. apart from that.. every day is exactly the same (new NIN song, not that i have it since it's not released ;] but i will say it's fucking awesome), and i'm still shuffling my life in between temporary housing. for whatever reason i really want an apartment i can call my own now. It's like the little dialogue in Garden State about what "home" really is, and i feel like since i lost their definition so long ago, i at least want my own place, even if i don't have my own new family to make a "home". but i'm rambling, and i should go do other things, so i'm off.. have a good one..
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April 21, 2005


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