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so apparently i have a temporary deviantart subscription, interesting. maybe i'll actually decide to buy a subscription someday, since i do hit the site (if only briefly) every day. so it's finals next week, and i've already iced (aced?) 1 of the 5 i have this semester.. the rest are gonna kick my ass though. this has been one of my hardest semesters yet, and it's only going to get worse from here. i'm going to do a dual program at pitt to get an honors BS at the end of next year, and then an MS the year after. Thus i'm sticking around school even though all i've been doing lately is complaining about my contempt for it.. work is still the same, we hit a rough spot where it looked like our lab might get dismantled, but that's luckily not going to happen. My one boss Bill is leaving us for good in a few weeks though, which is sad. He became something of a mentor / teacher to me at work, but i'm sure we'll keep in touch, he's sticking around pittsburgh after all. apart from that.. every day is exactly the same (new NIN song, not that i have it since it's not released ;] but i will say it's fucking awesome), and i'm still shuffling my life in between temporary housing. for whatever reason i really want an apartment i can call my own now. It's like the little dialogue in Garden State about what "home" really is, and i feel like since i lost their definition so long ago, i at least want my own place, even if i don't have my own new family to make a "home". but i'm rambling, and i should go do other things, so i'm off.. have a good one..
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so yesterday we had a devmeet (that i forgot about, thank god i was a planned kidnapee), and it was really cool. met like, everyone, except i guess whoever came later.. though i bet they probably went to some establishment that i would haven't been able to get into, so whatever..s'all good.. but no, it was definitely really fun, i'm glad i got to meet all these new burgh deviants, if anybody hasn't seen it yet, you should check out the piece ionyka made, 'tis quite cool, and even has a (bad) picture of me in it :P just wanted to drop a quick note, since it's been over a month..again. and the meet was worth me spending these 2 minutes typing. if you want more info on the meet, umm, ionyka, hempingway, natasha-marie, and solios actually spent time ('cause they're not lazy mofos like me) and posted one thing or another.. so check out their pages :) i got a program to start coding unfortunately, so i'm out.. peace everyone
wow.. what a night last night.. natasha (pittgirlie / natasha-marie) turned 21, and had a birthday party.. it was madddd fun, and i got to meet ke1th finally, he's a fuckin cool ass dude. anyhow, like i said, what a night.. it was awesome.. haha, come to think of it, 3 deviants almost makes it a deviantmeet, so close, lol..
on to the rest of my life though.. school is coming up soon.. moving back into the dorms on the 22nd.. school, as i've mentioned many times before, is gonna kick my ass, but whatever.. i still don't know what the hell i'm doing as far as hosting.. i might try out this other place that is cheaper, and gives me basically all the shit i have from my current host.. i get less bandwidth i think, but i wasn't using like any of what i was paying for currently anyhow, so i don't think it will hurt... i'd still rather get free hosting from here @ cmu, but that's still something i haven't gotten to actually ask and figure out how to make work..
summer's been pretty good though, mostly good times, lotsa work times, read 2 books, tried a lot of different primanti's sandwiches, hit a few movies, ya know, the normal i guess.. but i'm going to go be bored again on sunday, which is fine.. since i need to recover anyways :p leave me notes or hit me up on aim people :)
what i wouldn't give to just sleep a week or two away. life has been draining the shit out of me. i finished off my first year of Pitt with tears in my eyes, and comfort in my soul. go figure, i finally found a new home, and it's school? well, that was about 3 months ago, and i've been working the entire time since school let out for the summer. i've done a lot of cool stuff, but now the summer is coming to a close, and i have a lot of shit to deal with. a) warped tour, b) deciding on hosting for, c) school starting, d) dealing with actually being poor for a while, and figuring out ways to keep my parents from being poor too. i guess i've found some things new over this summer (see last journal entry), but none that really knocked me off my feet (yet).Psylum / enter my asylum //
first year of college is almost over. weird huh? uploaded 2 more pics. i won't say i'll start taking's still just a random oddity that i like to do. next year @ pitt is gonna hurt. this summer is gonna be another one where i'm a working stiff...even if i will be at a really nice place working, where i can hang as much as i work. pittsburgh is just so indiscriminate to me right now. i need a blast of different. i don't even mean in location, i'm just bored with life. i need something new. that's all...
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yes, pittsburgh is one cold fuckin town right now. oh well. i got my olympus c50, gonna see if i can't pull out some sweet pics and get them on here or something. school is boring and tireless. much to do tonight. bleh. i need to redesign my site. i have refound everclear, they are good, very good. i have 2 of their 6 cds, but 1 isn't out (well, heh), and the other 2 i'm just gonna try and go get used or something. i've gone through a lot based on a little lately. interesting, huh? i want to get an apartment, and find scholarships, most likely only gonna achieve one of those 2 goals. oh well. no more to say, only more to think.

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wow. a few days and a few conversation's later, i'm really feeling different. i still can't quite put my finger on it, but i guess that will just come with time.. umm, gonna be doing a lot of work on my site. school starts in 3 days. looks like i'm gonna get beat again. $354.05 in books alone. sucks to be me.. oh well, i'll work it out.. maybe i'll get to chill out with pittgirlie, now that she's a pitt girlie again..heh heh.. anyways, i'm gonna go spend 2 free blocks and screw around the rest of the night... comment on my featured deviation, i've been wanting feedback on it for a long time...
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what do you see in that period? i see it all. well, since it's black on my screen, the darkness represents all; all is nothing, i am nothing, there is nothing. too bad. i want to go back to school. at least then i'll be busy and mindless. but i have to wait a week for that. i want to achieve the many sidetracked pipe dreams that lie cramped in the few spaces left in my mind. i want to not have to be tied down to anyone, for any reason, at any time. i'm much better alone; too bad i fear my solace will be my end.

more of this, in a slightly more depressing manner at my site, but why would you look at that, it takes 3 clicks to get to where i post my news, and that my friends, is 2 clicks too many.
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wow, i've done so much lately. quit crew, saw a concert, went partying, played pool, hackey sack far too long, uhh, yeah, i'm skipping my java lecture right now, wheeee. i'm trying to go home briefly tomorrow instead of work, then i'm heading out to the hoobasatank concert in the strip at metropol, hopefully with more than 1 friend. w00t. i get 4 hours a day back and start wasting 5, no, i actually have done a lot of work, like 10+ hours of reading, with a few to go. Pens first preseason game on saturday, i have to find some1 to join me to that..gonna start working on like half an hour.. uhh, i need to get some kinda picture a little time so i can put up my website's site, even though my personal subdomain is only half functional (but i can fix that fast too!). been doing a decent bit of coding, i think i'm on a programming spree, good shit good shit. uhh, i guess i'm off, so much more to always, 'cause Pitt fuckin rox!
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hahahha, i stayed out too late, it's almost 5, and i have to catch a bus to crew at 7, for a practice at 8, and go home and get stuff, and come back to oakland, hopefully with my mom and get my right ear's cartilage pierced, and then i'll probably sleep. screw school. then uhh, oh yeah, there's a crew party. i'm starting to like partying, and other things. but females, well my understanding/interpretation of them went 358 (not all the way around) the past few days. what the fuck man? i don't know, probably won't ever know, anyways. my domain is up, it's thepsylum dot net. i wanted theasylum, but somebody stole it..oh well, umm, so visit it in a few days, i'll have the main site design done, and links to the subsites, yay. i feel more special, more hardcore web designer, i have a domain. anyways, [random phrase] catch u on the flip side [/random phrase]Psylum / enter my asylum //
wow, i'm actually using this thing. uhh, devmeet last night was cool. uhh, my life is way too screwed up, sweet. i joing pitt's crew team. my girlfriend and i broke up. i got my head shaved again. i'm working on getting my good old website up to par with the domain i just bought (more to come soon), and uhh, i wish i had a digital camera with a remote (like my dads), a tripod, and a more interesting room. i feel like convulsing and contoring my body to kinda depict what i'm going through, if i could twist myself that far. eitherway, i'll keep ya posted, if you're here to read....Psylum / enter my asylum // (coming soon)