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Applejack 1984 + 2010



Was so excited to see Applejack back in the My Little Pony world with the new G4 line, but was unsure of what to think of the new style of Ponies.
It's still weird, but honestly? Freakin' love the new animated series so yeah, that means I like the style more too! :XD:

Had this type of pic in mind for some time but only got around to draw it last night after watching the first ep of the new MLP. Used several pics and screenshots for reference from both the new and the very first Pony adventure from -84 (which is still a favourite cartoon of mine. Ponies transformed into dragons by the Bad Guy? Awesome)

i thought the new G4 style would be harder to draw, but actually it was the old one! Meant to draw -84 and -10 baby dragon Spike as well but, eh... he's so difficult!!! :( and my dumb Wacom was giving me enough problems with just the ponies xP

Anyways... Much love for Applejack. It's so good to have a G1 pony in the G4 main cast. :heart:

i sooo wanna watch Rescue at Midnight Castle now!

Yays it's my 7th Year Anniversary on dA today!

ETA: Wow, it's faved by the MLP FiM creator herself, Lauren Faust!!! Amazing!! :heart:

ETA May 21 2011: THANKS ALOT for making this my most viewed & faved pic on dA!!!! :boogie: :blowkiss: YOU ARE AWESOME :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

ETA again; with the amounts of views & favs I take it this is being passed around on tumblr? could anyone give me the link to it please, am curious! :)
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Gen 4? yes

Gen 1? no