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Eh, hiyas.  Yeah, it's been ages since the last journal, and things went on as you can guess via the obvious lapse in activity prior to the last three pics.  But, eh, I don't want to get into that stuff right now.  One thing I will say that happened is the old computer got fried and I had to a lot of recovery, plus find replacement software for graphics and such.  Hence, you might notice some differences in newer things I post compared to the older.

Anyway, minor opinion q to the artists out there using dA.

Say you had an image to post that has a non-tiny amount of 'variants' (aka 3+).  Would there be a better method to use than just to fill the gallery with the versions one after another?  I'd consider putting one in the gallery and the rest in stash or even scraps but that might, well, make those versions more 'ignored'.  Obviously I'd link everything to each other in any case.

I suppose releasing variants in small pairs instead of all in a lump could also work, but that doesn't solve the 'placement' question.

*shrugs*  Listening.

Just wanted to leave a line, thanking everyone for all the messages and well-wishes for the ol' birthday today.  There's too many to do one-by-one so please accept a mass thank you to all of you. ^^

It was a decent sort of day, I suppose, combined with the usual feeling of age just counting down a clock. <:  A bit frigid outside temperature-wise, and a bit...let's say more introverted than usual in terms of how I felt/thought during the day.  But I suppose that's expected when you spend some time alone working on a pic (why?) for New Years.  Anyway, a nice dinner out with the folks capped things off pleasantly, with the usual over indulgence of wine to mellow things...

Anyway, thanks once again. ^^
A brisk holiday here, but a nice and quiet one for once.

Hopefully you all enjoy your day. ^^

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.
Bonne chance.
Ok, replacing a four-month old journal with...something pretty much the same.

While I have two or three things from before 'hellish Halloween hiatus' which I'm going to try and finish off, once again I could use just a generic nudge to get myself going a little otherwise (as I'm still having heavy 'blanking' issues).

So, for a (quick?) pic, taking little suggestions for something/scene to draw up involving one of my OCs (yet again).  One caveat though: no Kelyn or Adara please this time.

Dunno if it'll be just a sketch or I'll go further with whatever, but...go ahead.
Alright, based on the mixed feedback regarding commissions from the last journal (mixed to me, based on what I expected), I'm mulling it over regarding if I'll be opening for one.

In the meantime, cause once again I'm floundering, open for a suggestion pic regarding any of my OCs for something to do next (it's been awhile since I've touched any of them, mostly fanart lately after all).  Again, older or newer, obscure or well-used, any of them should be fine.  Go ahead.
Let's see...

I might be opening for a form of commission soon.  MIGHT.  I'm not sure anyone is going to like what 'cost' might be, and I still don't think ANYONE would even ask for something made, but I digress.  But yeah, maybe commissions soon.  Or quitting.  Definitely one of the two though.

Here it is yet again:
Any of the OCs you want to see show up soon?  Whether recent-designed or long-standing, obscure or used-often, listening again.

Hm, how to think up a summer/beach themed pic (among the usual 'types') that doesn't involve buried in sand or anything having to do with 'tentacles' (in water)...again, listening for 'ideas'...

And I guess that concludes our experiment in drawing anything from Resident Evil, ne? :(
You know...I think I have to either start up one or get involved with some project somewhere...instead of ending up doing this so often. <:

Or start doing commissions or such...

Once again, looking for a push:

1 - More Jetta. ^^

2 - Pick one from each of the following categories:
    A - Type:  Fanart (established character), OC (mine), or Tribute (other artist OC).
        You're allowed to suggest ONE name from whatever type you pick.
    B - Theme:  Normal, Relaxed, Cute, Dominance, Action/Dynamic, LIGHT bondage, LIGHT tickling, or Peril
    C - Stop Point:  Sketch only, Shaded sketch, Linear ('inks), Simple Color, or Full Color
        Odd to let this be part of it, but maybe you'd rather see a shaded pic for once for example, or just want something 'quick'

3 - Fall back on (fanart) from one of my lists, which I won't list here.

4 - Do some writing instead for awhile.

Go ahead.
3/30 Update:, all of them (barring the extras) are practically the same amount of interest it seems.  This is not making things easier to edge toward... <:

Ok...yeah...another of these.  Aren't you excited? :(

Pick one of the following negative emotions/connotations for something next-ish.  I've got an image concept in mind for each that has something to do with the 'title', but with a twist to make each ^^  Two have semi-timers just cause they've been on my 'lists' for too long.

1 - Repetition (if you pick this one, also pick 'B', 'G' or 'R'.  Short range timer.)
2 - Futility (I should remove this one at this point due to...something recent I saw in my watch list, which gives the title more meaning.  Moderate range timer.)
3 - Obscurity
4 - Inevitability
5 - Dissolution
6 - Extra option: Something else with Kara, the gal from the most recent pic, whether a follow up or something totally different.  Feel free to suggest something, no 'limits' this time.
7 - "I don't like any of these options, do something else."

Go ahead.
Pointless, minor, whatever you want to call it.

As I struggle to a)come up with something for 300k/2k watch etc and b)try to do some character art that people would recognize, here's a quick bit of stupidity to play with via quick shaded sketchie:

74SketchWait2 by PsylisiaDragoon
This is 'Kara' (tentative/placeholder name), a young woman in a nice dress (with way too short a skirt) and heels.  Maybe a reporter, dunno what's in her handbag though.  Simple room, couch, glass(?) low table.  Maybe it's a waiting room for her.  Maybe it's just a quiet side room at a party.  Maybe it's really fantasy...

What do you think/want to see next from this scene?  Could be anything really...creative, mundane.  Doesn't have to be 'fetishy', could be normal, relaxing, something could be behind the couch.  She could do something, something could happen to her, nothing could happen, see how the tongue is working but the brain isn't yet?

I'm listening, probably will try drawing (coloring if it clicks right) an idea given.

One caveat that'll drive people off: NO IN-PROGRESS TICKLING.  The closest you can suggest is 'imminent'.

Go ahead...
Oh, that snuck up on me.  Maybe I might have offered something for the person who hit 300k views or such.
Then again dA was screwing up all day in terms of viewing/uploads so... *shrugs*

Threehunk by PsylisiaDragoon

Of course, maybe I hit it myself...300k views, 2k watchers, seems like I'm backed up and behind on my mediocre 'landmarks', isn't it?  Oh well, maybe I'll push myself to do something for the occasion(s).
Thanks much to all who continue to check out this gallery from time to time.

Hm, have something minor ready to post, but not sure I should bother with a background for what's more-or-less just a char design shot...
Have a hell of a two week span coming up, so it's doubtful...but, eh, should I bother with a Valentine's pic?  Or have we had enough 'holiday OCs' stuff for awhile now (don't really have any 'established/fanart' characters in mind for Valentine's, barring waiting for the typical themed DLC outfits from common games like SFv and OW, if not OCs) and time to take a break from the stream of holiday pics?

Going to be a long two weeks either way, RL-wise...

Last journal results were kinda indeterminate, btw.
Okay, time for another one of THESE journals. <:

Working on a few things after the holiday image failures, the interim between them, eh, I could use some nudging once again.  Here's another pointless list to read:

A - One of the OCs that from the holiday journal suggestions feels like doing a bit of cosplay, probably from an ancient game or two.
B - A 3rd string Disney character.
C - A well known comic/animation/movie(?) character, but taken from a non-so-common source/version in an interesting but obscure outfit from said source.
D - Show off/play with a newer (or revamped) OC.
E - It's the middle of let's have Marina come out for a summer pic to compensate.
F - Strange 'peril' idea dealing with 'fish'.
G - Mainstream gaming-type characters.  A bit of a 'default' option...
H - Go do some writing.  As a warning this will probably stop ALL artwork for awhile.
I - None of these, wait for better ideas or a project to do/latch onto.
J - None, bail out.

As usual, looking for nudges.  Feel free to pick any (and if you have a top 2-3, in order if you have one).  If there's no clear faves, the defaults are probably C and G.  Or J.  *shrugs*

Not sick anymore, as an aside.
...alright, it's probably not really the flu, but its knocked me for a loop.  You probably can guess why there's been no updates lately. :(

2017 already starting in the hole, I guess.
I just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone for all their lovely and appreciated birthday messages and words lately.  It's been a bit of meh year overall and I'm ready for the next one by now, so this cheered me up a lot to see.

I can't thank everyone one by one, but please know that I treasure all of them and you.  It really means a lot. ^^


Gah, I'll try to have a sketch or ink preview of the 4th (last?) holiday pic up later tonight, though I'm a bit drunk at the moment.  A shot of Strega probably didn't help. :P

Thanks once again. ^^
Just wanted to leave a quick journal hoping to find everyone happy and healthy for their holidays.

A bit of a tiring and somewhat emotionally draining Xmas on this end, mostly due a visit from family that resulted in a LOT of noise, plus a badly timed 'retrieval' of something we were watching. <:

But otherwise, good food, usual holiday warmth (too bad we got rain instead of snow) and appreciation of another year.

Anwyay, again, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Ah, and those waiting for 'Holiday Kelyn Mini-Pic #3', it's pushed to tomorrow.  It's done and all, just too tired and late to put it up right now.  It's a bit more 'interesting' than the previous pics, btw. ;)
Been a somewhat tiring couple of weeks lately, but hopefully the holidays should cheer things up.

Have a couple of things done or planned to pop on here (waiting on a...'verification' for one of them), but, for

If there's a little opening for it...which OC would you like to see get a present for the holidays in a mini-pic?  Kelyn?  Marina?  Serafina?  Adara?  Jetta (ok, not an oc, but I'll count her)?  Some other one of my chars?  Listening...
Two days late now, but hope everyone (applicable) had an enjoyable Thanksgiving.

Me.  Nope.  Not. At.  All.  Presently in hell.

Sister's family moved last week to from the west to east coast, and they're visiting again with all the joy of having spats at each other, a 'mischievous' (to put it nicely) 14 month old, and two of which is a high-strung pit bull apparently having to 'stay' with us for 4 months after they leave while they house hunt...

Plus the house is so packed that I'm sleeping on the floor so my folks can have the bed...


As you can guess, there's no privacy and little free time, so all drawing, writing, secret santa etc stuff is on hold till at least Monday.

Hiyas.  I hope everyone has had or is having a safe and pleasant (or scary and naughty...your pick ;) ) Halloween this year.  Trick or treater turn-out this year was 'decent', better than last year by far.

Art-wise, I suppose it was decently busy, though mostly costume pics, but I might as well point some fun out in review:
(Minor Edit: for some reason, my gallery images aren't showing up in journal writer to thumbnail here)
A bit of a mysterious background for a very convoluted scene featuring a flexible redhead in a quite desperate (and ticklish situation).  Maybe I should spoil that technically this isn't the only (completed) work I have for this character/setting. ;)
Probably the most popular of the 'costumes' for the OCs this year, Necra showed off the design of her cute mummy cat costume for all to see (particularly some specific bits).  And make sure you get a double helping; :iconscamwich: whipped up an alternate version with his considerable talents too.

BTW, ah, do you guys count the Cat Necra pic as a 'tickling' pic?  That little cat in the foreground is a bit subtle and not the focus, but it's there. *shrugs* Dunno if I should pass into some groups...


One last point that I feel compelled to mention.  One of the earliest and best known 'horror hosts' of yesteryear, John Zacherle, passed away this past Thursday at age 98 (!).  He's probably well before your time...he's waaaay before mine own too, but my mother loved his shows and I came to appreciate his humor and style from what I could view (a lot of times, she thinks I probably would've liked living in the 50s/60s due to my sense of humor and appreciation of the movies of the era).  It feels like a loss, even to me, and to happen right before Halloween...yeah, timing. <:

Anyway, again, Happy Halloween...and to quote the late Zach, "Good Night, Whatever You Are!"
Ok, trying to get some Halloween material a-rolling for the rest of the month.  Hopefully something to catch the eye. ^^

Once again, a little possible interactivity is available:

More Gothy, Fuzzy 2016 Costumes by PsylisiaDragoon

Recently put this one up, a little costume design pic for a pair of my gals showing off their looks for this year.  Cute, huh?
Well, while let's say that I do have a 'default' idea in mind for a 'part 2' for this set just in case:

Any ideas who YOU think is going to be enjoying Halloween a bit more than usual?  And perhaps, HOW you think they might get that bit of 'treats' (or is it tricks?)? :)  I'm listening...


Also, I just noticed that I hit 2000 watchers fairly recently.  Thanks very much to all of you who are still enjoying my little corner here.  I'll have to try to whip something up for the occasion if I can (though it might have to wait till after the holiday of course). ;)
EDIT:  Guys/gals, please add an OC if you're trying this.  At least one of them must be memorable enough to at least know/learn their name, even if you have to gallery hunt :(

Eh, the previous one of these was meant to be the last one, but...we'll do one more in honor of the upcoming season...

So, while I'm working on getting together my Halloween material (and a few other things), here's another suggestion/opinion opening:

Let's hear ideas for (MY) OCs and a costume you'd like to see them in this year.  Pick an OC of mine and figure out a costume for me to sketch out on the character.  Could be something generic, something themed, cosplays, whatever, doesn't have to be fetish-y either.

This is just for a design sketch for now...but maybe the result will show up in a more 'interesting' scene later in the season.  Go ahead. :)