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Shinaipa dex: 167

Destrogel (Destroyer+Angel)
Vitality Drain*


*Vitality Drain: At the end of each turn all pokemon but the user lose a 12,5% of it’s maximum HP and the user recover a 12,5% of it’s HP

Destrogel was the pokémon that brough Dynamax to Shinaipa region. It came from a meteorite, like Eternatus, however it remained underground consuming it's own reserves of energy until it had to search for more. For that Destrogel extended it's mycellium body under the whole region and started slowly sapping livings beings life force. It was thought that this wouldn't cause any problem but as time passed it started to get more and more hungry of life force which would suppose in the death of the entire region if left unchecked.

For this reason Stratemera (Or Relentalos) was created to stop it.

Once it has absorbed enough energy it goes to it's fullest power to Eternamax form in which it's power increases inmensely. Despite of that it was defeated, leaving it's main "roots" destroyed so it couldn't cause more problem again. However the Dynamax energy still flows accross all the region radiated from the rest of it's mycellium

Notable moves: Wraith Wave*, Dazzling Gleam, Moonblast, Earthquake, Earth Power, Mystical Fire, Shadow Ball, Recover, Giga Drain, Energy Ball

*Wraith Wave: Ghost type, Special, 110 BP, 90% Accuracy, 10 PP.  Hits all opponents, 10% of chance of reducing both defense stats.
Based on the honey mushroom, the "destroyer angel" shroom as well as angels

Hope you like it!
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