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Shinaipa dex: 166

Relentalos (Relentless+Talos)
Machine Heart*

*Machine Heart: Makes user immune to secondary effects and it’s stats can’t be lowered. Also makes the user resistant to Ghost and Fairy type moves

This pokémon was created solely for the purpose of stopping Destrogel from consuming Shinaipa's habitants life force. It was made with artificial materials in a similar way that Genesect was reconstructed, however due what happened to Stratemera when activated this B plan was cancelled.

This mechanical weapon possess a strong determination and sheer power to blow away whatever that dares to stop it's way. It's capable of releasing a metallical blast of energy that uses it's highest offensive

However due Stratemera rampage this project was left finished but unused.

(In Pokémon Mechanic this one was made first but in Pokémon Organic Stratemera was made first and went crazy and this was made as a plan B).

Notable moves: Mecha Blast*, Iron Head, Flash Cannon, Shift Gear, Aura Sphere, Close Combat, Dark Pulse, Smart Strike, Megahorn, Zen Headbutt, Wild Charge

*Mecha Blast: Steel type, Special, 100 BP, 100% Accuracy, 10 PP. Uses user highest attack

Based on the descriptions of Talos as a bull and as a mechanical giant.

Hope you like it!
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