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I have been using discord lately so if you want to add me I'm Psyknight72 #6524
Somebody knows how to deal with anxiety ? Since past year I started getting anxious and unable to write nothing or almost nothing whenever I had an exam. It didn't matter if I knew what to write about because it felt impossible.

It has been a year but, while now I'm studying something that I like more, it's like if nothing had changed, I still get blocked. I don't know how to deal with it and I don't want to repeat the situation of the last time...
Hey guys, do you know about the youtuber zefrank1 ? It's a guy that does documentaries of "True facts about..." among some other things, though I mainly know him for those videos and I totally recommend you watch them, they are literally the best documentaries that you will ever see. Just to put an example, here you have this one: 
And don't worry at all if you aren't too interesed in these kind of things, you will enjoy it a lot regardless of that hehe
Sometimes I wonder why some people think that nobody deserves to suffer (let's just say in cases like depression). What if a person feels miserable and knows what they need to do to be happy but they are not willing to do it, not willing to "pay the price" in order to be happy ? Could these people truly think that that person really deserves happiness instead suffering even when they are consciounsly responsibles of their suffering and not doing nothing against it ?


One of these days I will put something.
This is mostly important for all those of you that watch me because my pokémon art.

I won't make more fakemon
. I don't mean with this that I won't make any fakemon design again in my life because I don't know what will happen in the future but this means that I won't work in a fakemon pokedex anymore. Not for a fanmade Pokémon game or for fun.

Yep, I don't really enjoy making fakemon anymore. It's for many reasons. Apart from the design part I really like to think in mechanics, stats and that kind of stuff...but with the pass of time I have noticed many things that I don't like about how pokémon are made and that kinda affected the whole idea for what would mean x pokémon game-wise. And I really care about how a creature that I would create for a game would affect the game. Here I'm going to explain the reasons:

Just skip this part if you don't want to read me ranting about pokémon things.

When I think about making a pokémon game I would like to think in a game where, to say it in some way "there aren't bad pokémon" and you could select those that you like without being disappointed and also where you could apply strategies and stuff...Well, it's a nice idea but sadly that's not possible for a pokémon game.

Pokémon games are based mainly in many quick battles so apply strategies would be tedious, reason why the "strategy" that they really teach you is basically to know the type table and use super effective attacks...That's really all what they teach you, which is practically nothing compared with all the strategy stuff that pokémon has to offer and yeah, I know that battle tower or similars use more elaborated strategies, but these are basically filling strategies in many cases just to work as pebbles to eventually make you lose due the RNG. And then people freak out when somebody says that they defeated Ultra-Necrozma with a Zorua and an Ekans...Apply strategy in these games basically makes the games too easy with all the resources that you have.

And I consider the pokémon competitive pretty important given that it's a game about battles and gamefreak even organize championships! So you would like to know what are the best strategies to win, right ? Well, too bad then, if you have no idea you will have to look in internet and learn a lot of competitive stuff.

Though I understand why this happens: Gamefreak mostly don't give a shit about competitive. Which is pretty funny because the game is about battling creatures but they still make the creatures like if it were a collecting game. Of course I know the "Gotta catch 'em all" but you know ? In the games it really doesn't matter that much because the only way to progress in these games is making your way to be the champion and even if you want to complete the pokedex you have to pass the league! The real important part about catching pokémon is to add more creatures to your team.

There is also the fact that all pokémon can be obtainable, but that also means that all pokémon are in a group formed for those units that needs the story of a RPG game: The characters that you use through it, the easy to defeat enemies, the bad guys, the bosses...The incredibly gimmick stuff. So the competitive part is an absolute mess because that (and even more messed considering that there are now more than 800 creatures), but there's more.

The design of a pokémon decides a lot of things like it's stats and movepool but there's a big part of the entire concept: The typing. I kinda dislike that when you create a pokémon you're forced to pick the concept of it due the types so if your idea doesn't exactly fit with some type you have to create a new one or to pick the closest one, however types are extremely role determinant given their relation with other types: for example ice type is the worst defensive type but is awesome offensively. And then Gamefreak makes a cool (no pun intended) defensive pokémon like Avalugg but that it's utility is ruined by it's type. I just said Avalugg to put an example, but there are many similar cases due the entire concept of the pokémon.

And this leads us to the next point: Pretty bad ideas. I could put lot of examples, but then it would get really long so I will say general cases with one or two example rather than all the examples: Ridiculous set ups that doesn't work well due the nature of the game (Regigigas Low Start), Pokémon with types that doesn't match their roles (Every defensive ice type pokemon), Pokémon that learn moves with questionable utility or logic (Wooper Ice Punch, Nihilego Head Smash...Seriously, I'm the only that imagines it charging toward other pokémon and getting shattered into pieces?) and other Pokémon that doesn't learn moves that can be useful or that are logic (WOOPER CAN LEARN ICE PUNCH WITHOUT ARMS BUT BLACK KYUREM CAN'T LEARN IT HAVING AN ARM COVERED WITH ICE) and some other cases ("Hey, let's make the eviolite so Porygon 2 can be used better and give a little better oportunity for those unevolved pokémon. What's the worst that could happen"...Chansey is an absolute annoyance with eviolite, I rest my case).

Apart from all those things I have a problem making pokémon. I liked to create pokémon as my main thing to create creatures, but the fact that it has to be child friendly can be kinda killing for creativity. What I mean is that I want to create creatures as cute or as terrifying as I want...And pokémon aren't that creepy, though it's true that some Pokedex entries are pretty dark, but that doesn't affect that much in the games and less in their designs. The best example that I can mention of a creepy pokémon is Black Fog the Haunter from "The electric tale of Pikachu". A great example that has fascined me about how creepy I would like to do some things is the Rotten Vale from Monster Hunter World. I don't even have the game, but I'm loving that place and it's creatures...And well if I wanted to make a creepy pokémon I wouldn't get nowhere close to what it's that place.

There's also the theme of weapons and more violent stuff of the same kind that could allow me to create cool creatures but due the friendly nature of pokémon I couldn't make. Again I have to put an example of Monster Hunter World because I have been QUITE interesed on that game!: Bazelgeuse. That thing kinda looks like a pinecorn wyvern at first sight (a bit like other MH monster called Seregios)...But then you see how it attacks, roar and you hear it's theme...That thing it's not a a pinecorn, that thing it's a motherfucking bombardier airplane! It's roar is kinda similar to an air ride siren (but the siren is godzilla) and it attacks dropping explosive scales...but in the air it does that exactly like a bombardier, heck, it even has an attack where it dive bombs you like a kamikaze airplane! And this is it's theme [link] .

And finally I would like to talk about the lore. I don't have problems with the existence of Mega evolutions and Z crystals because aren't bad additions, in fact are pretty interesing strategy elements...The problem about those it's their lore behind. Are you saying that mega stones come from normal evolutionary stones irradiated by the power of Xerneas and Yveltal ? How exactly the pokémon of death and life can make any effect in those stones!? Oh wait, that these mega stones also come from green meteorites...Yeah, that sounds more logic. Meteorites that carry energy to modify pokémon like the aura related Lucario, or maybe to bring hidden capacities like in the case of Ampharos and Pinsir...or already powerful pokémon like Salamence and Metagross...or common and not that special ones like Pidgeot and Beedrill, or artificial beings or, yes, one extint pokémon that wouldn't even be alive if people wouldn't resurrect it. And let's don't forget that two of these "special" pokémon have TWO mega evolutions because Gamefreak needed to content the fans with a dragon type Charizard and with other Mewtwo evolution because why not. AND ALL THIS WITHOUT ANY FUCKING REASON.

Z-crystals have a similar thing, here I'm going to put my big doubts about their lore. "Spoilers" ahead:
  • If they come from U-Necrozma from what I have read...why there are Pokémon specific Z-crystals ?
  • Why Zygarde, the Z pokémon, has nothing to do with these things and ironically have a weaker Z-move version of it's characteristic move Core Enforcer (it should have 180 of power as Devastating Drake, but it only has 140)?
  • Marshadow, while it does it characteristic Z-move it draws the "Z-symbol"...Why ? What it's relation with Necrozma or with the Z-crystals ?

To finish this I will just say these two details: I can't really make a creature with a god status if that means that it can be captured in a ball an commanded by a 10/11 years old child and with the same thing, even knowing that it's normal because pokémon is aimed to young people (though I don't mean with that that older people can't enjoy it, of course), an evil organization been ruined just by a kid makes that evil organization look like dorks more than actual evil people...

End of the rant

Well, that was quite text. You could think that maybe all this is unnecessary as I could simply do other things as my "main thing" and leave pokémon apart and if I don't enjoy all these details try to change them because after all those are MY pokémon...But it isn't as simple:

If I want to make a fanmade thing of x subject I really want to make it look like if it were from that x, and with pokémon I have found so many things that I would like to change that it will be better if I directly do something different rather than trying to change those things.

And about why I didn't leave Pokémon apart since I started to find these personal problems is because I started doing fakemon seriously since 2011 and even before I started to draw my own fanmade pokémon! I have been pretty attached to Pokémon so it has been difficult to leave that aside...And honestly I had already reasons to stop doing pokémon: Apart from doing them for fun I don't see any future in doing them. If I would make a fanmade and it would get famous...then Gamefreak would banhammer it and ruin all the work. Not to mention that I would the fanmade for free...So all that work would be useless to gain money and I want make creatures and stuff for videogames as a job so it's better if I do something of my own that spend time making something that won't benefit me at all and probably will be banhammered.

Making a pokémon fanmade game isn't actually useless.… . But after see all the problems that I have mentioned and being unable to see Gamefreak solving all these things that I consider personally problems I simply don't wish to make more pokémon. I don't see fun or a purpose anymore and I feel that I need to cut it from the root stop making pokémon and dedicate to something of my own that I can really enjoy.

And what will happen with all the fakemon that I have done ?

Some of these design/ideas will be modified to fit in my future projects. About the rest I'm thinking in to donate these design/ideas to people that will use them. And yes, I said donate. I don't want to sell them for points so whoever with enough points can buy them, I want to give them to people who surely will make good use of these.

I will be making the designs of those that I have thought a design, but with others I simply couldn't think in how the hell execute them so they'll be just ideas and concepts...

I only have one person in mind for one of my fakemons but with the rest I have absolutely no idea to who give them, I will have to think in that. Though if somebody is interesed and think that could make a good use about my ideas/concepts ask for them in a note. If you don't have ideas for starters I can tell you that I have two ideas for a Grass and a Water starters since long and I that the idea for the Grass one is, in my opinion, really interesing.

And that's all.

I understand that if you watched me for my fakemon stuff you will want to unwatch me after read this and I will respect that, but it doesn't mean that I won't make more pokémon related stuff but I will focus more on things of my own (but as it goes slowly I probably will draw stuff and fanarts of other things too).



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