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Patreon Preview 2021-10


So glad to finally be able to put this out before the deadline, even if it is pretty much the eleventh hour.  But yeah: ladies, gentlemen, and others, it's about that time again, time to advertise my Patreon rewards!  If you pledge only $4 before the end of the month (end-of-day on Sunday, October 31st 2021), you'll get 33 versions of 3 pictures!  This includes alternate nude and/or cast-off variants, and work-in-progress pics for each work.  All pictures in this pack are over 2x larger than my public posts!  Once again, this particular pack contains explicit nudity and/or sexual imagery.

This pack will come a bit later since one of the pictures isn't done yet; in fact, it's so unfinished that I had to fill space with another alternate version of the same pic (guess which).  But don't you worry, I expect to finish it and send out the rewards by this weekend, and then I should be back on track for next month.

If you're reading this in the future and you've missed these rewards, you can always buy the same pack at my Gumroad store for $6.  To get it there, once it is available, please visit

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