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Crystal Gals Remastered

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This image is now available on my Patreon page.  Anyone who pledges US$1 and up will get access to SD-sized nude versions of these pictures now.  A package with even more nude/cast-off versions in HD will be sent to patrons who pledge $4 before Monday, November 1st 2021, and will also be available for all on Gumroad for $6.  Please visit and respectively.

Joining Chel for this month's rewards are two more iconic dark-skinned cuties from my childhood: Nadia from Gainax's The Secret of Blue Water and Kida from Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire.  I guess what inspired the original pic was the controversy about whether or not Atlantis plagiarized Blue Water.  I don't want to make a definitive stance one way or the other; I can see the numerous similarities, but also how they differ in the stories they tell.  Either way, I just wanted to depict the two heroines getting over these issues as friends.

This is a remake of another drawing I posted almost exactly seven years ago, in 2014 (…). Back then, I still drew my lineart on paper and cleaned up the lines through Inkscape, which explains the thick, chunky lines.  In fact, this was among the last things I drew before getting the Android tablet I still use today.  I also think the anatomy of the girls was vastly improved, since I just started using the 3D posing models in Clip Studio Paint as a reference.  I'm surprised I never tried them before, since they're a bit more realistic than what I've used in MMD or XNALara, and once you turn off the joint-limiter option, they're even better-suited to contortion poses.  Maybe you'll get to see the results of this soon...!

Edit 28 Oct 2021: Added Nadia's hairclip.

Character from The Secret of Blue Water TM & (c)1990 Gainax / H. Anno
Character from Atlantis: The Lost Empire TM & (c)2001 Disney
Art (c)2014 2021 SpyHunter29
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Holy crap! Well done in having them together in their similarities!