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I've wanted an opportunity to draw Chel for ages, and to that end I was planning on posting this yesterday, in honor of Indigenous Peoples Day (or in dishonor of Columbus Day).  But, despite all the cramming I put in last night, I decided to stop and wrap it up later.  It was another one of those pics where certain details didn't look right until I redrew them over and over.

Chel was a fun character to draw, if only for her figure.  A Los Angeles Times article written around the time of The Road to El Dorado's release (…) commented that, however problematic she may be in certain aspects of race and sex, she was groundbreaking for being a curvy animated beauty, in contrast to the Disney heroines up to that point.  And after re-watching the movie, I have to agree.  Chel certainly was expressive, both in design and personality.

Also, that article mentions that her outfit used to be even skimpier earlier during earlier stages of production, before they decided to aim for a PG rating.  If only they would share some of that concept art...

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