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Next month is the awesome Ponyville Ciderfest convention; in Milwaukee!  I'm humbled and honored to be in attendance as a featured guest.  The convention staff has been outstanding to work with, and I'm greatly looking forward to meeting everyone.

In addition to "Project: Galactic", I'm also adding two new pieces; to the charity auction:

- Project: Harmonize (Custom Swarovski Crystal Brass Element Key w/Collectors Box)!
- Project: Pantheon (Custom Multi-Pony Jewelry Box w/Cast & Crew signed items inside)!

Everything's shaping up for an amazing event, and with delicious cider; of course!

Thanks again to everyone, for such kind and awesomely generous support. 

See y'all soon!

With recent completion of Projects: "Clocked-Up", "Crystal Humility", and "Galactic", I'm announcing my final upcoming MLP:FIM charity auction item.  "Project: SpiralSteed".

Set to debut at BABScon 2015, Project: SpiralSteed is easily the most-complex, highly-detailed, and specialized project; I've ever developed for the MLP:FIM community.  I don't want to give too much away right now, but here a few short previews:

- Features over 200 Swarovski crystals, and: The greatest and most powerful pony
- Custom collector's box, containing the piece, and: A few other character cameos
- Only one will be made, but: That's not to say, there's only one item included

It's been an outstanding ride, and I'd like to offer a heartfelt thanks; for everyone's continuing support.

Kind Regards,
Quick update!

New details are up for Project: Visions - Trotcon promotional banner set.

Coming soon, Project: Crystal Humilty.  A "Great and Powerful Trixie" crossover w/ PixelKitties

The grand gala reveal of them all, Project: Galactic is getting ever closer (July 2014).

Stay tuned everyone, it's going to be an exciting trip.
Just a quick update, then off to sleep; just for a few short hours.  ~_~

New details are up for "Project: Magimac" (Peter New's Custom Magic 8 Apple), here in the gallery.  Apologies for the blurry photos.  Shot them quickly while at the airport, only then realizing I hadn't taken any for the studio session earlier.

Announcing first, crossover project with the awesome PixelKitties; Project: Humility (May 2014).

Secondly, a custom banner set for the special guests at Trotcon 2014; Project: Visions (June 2014).

Lastly, the grand-reveal of Project: Galactic feat. Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls x MLP (July 2014).

Stay tuned for some great new stuff, and thank you again for such kind support!
Back from BABScon in sunny San Francisco, and gosh what a ride!  Great people, great panels, and good times.

Updates are now available for Project: Neige Noir, and Project: Morning Light; here in the gallery.  Also, a new project is being included in the mix: Project "Visions" will be exclusively donated to Trotcon 2014!  Stay tuned for details!

On another note, my final charity auction design (Project: Galactic) is near completion; and will be featured shortly.  However, due to some unexpected issues with EFNW, the item and myself are unable to attend.  That being said, alternative charity benefits are currently being considered; to best host and auction the item.  News to come soon.

Lastly, I'm currently rebuilding my travel budget for conventions and lodging.  Still recovering from the BABScon expenses, and working to pay them off.  Hoping to attend, at least one more pony convention this year.  To supplement these efforts, I'll be putting up my entire personal collection of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Series 2 Trading Cards.  It includes a near-complete set alongside foils, gold edition cards, and even the VERY LIMITED convention-specific promos.…

Everything greatly helps, and I'd just like to say "thank you" in advance; for everyone's kind support.  I count myself fortunate to contribute to the MLP community, and always hope to offer something unique and special.
Hello Everyone,

Quick update.  BABScon & Everfree Northwest, will be my final MLP:FIM conventions.

It's been about two years now, since I started following the show/fandom; on and off.  That said, it's been an honor and a privilege contributing to the Brony charity auctions; with my small bit of talent.  It's not often, that I get to apply my creative skills in such a special role.  The MLP community provided this, and I'm humbled to have been part of it.

My vision has always been, to create unique and exciting projects that others say "couldn't be done".  Last year saw the premiere of "Project: Elemental" at EFNW.  It's success at the auction meant a lot to me, seeing it go to such a great cause.  This year will see the release of my final convention piece "Project: Galactic".  A special crossover of MWGG & MLP:FIM.

I've also received the opportunity from BABScon, to contribute as a special guest artist; during their charity auction.  Though I will only be in-attendance for one day, my new "Project: Morning Light" features a special custom collector's box for the convention's official mascot "Golden Gates"; donated via plush, by the very-awesome Chanditoys :iconchanditoys:

It's been a great ride, and I count myself fortunate to have been part of it.  I'll still continue to develop new and creative works here, but convention travel has reached it's limit for me; in this regard.  Though I didn't get to meet a lot of you in person, I hope you'll continue to swing by now and again; for a look at what's new. 

Thank you so much everyone, for your kind support.
Waiting on a few additional pieces for the upcoming Project: Galactic, for Everfree Northwest's 2014 Charity Auction.

Great stuff coming soon, including this month's new design, Project: Magicmac.

Stay tuned!
New design for February is up!  Project Summerset: Split-Sun Necklace.

No time to spare, it's back to work on the upcoming: Project: Galactic; for the Everfree Northwest 2014 Charity Auction. 

Much like the universe itself, detailing continues to expand and diversify.  This will be my final piece for the Everfree show, and I'm working hard to truly make it a special one.  Stay tuned at the end of the month, for the big reveal!

Until next time, stay classy you deviant peoples.
Back to action!

Hope everyone's enjoying the wintery landscape, as we approach the end of 2013 and progress forward into 2014.  Just in time to bring a new project, into the limelight.  This month's feature: "THE ALI-TWI COLLECTOR'S BOX" (specially made for Echan33's amazing Twilight Plush Figurine).  She does wonderful work, so be sure to check out her portfolio!

New projects also in the works, for next year's Everfree Northwest Charity Auction; as well.  If you're a fan of shimmering sunsets and a certain group of galactic gals, you won't want to miss what's coming.  Previews start here, January 2014.  Stay tuned! 

Best wishes to all you creative types, and have a safe and fantastic holiday season!

On the mend from injury, but will return next month.  Thanks again for everyone's patience and support.
September Update!

Announcing three very special design projects, coming next year at EFNW 2014!

Project: Galactic, Project: Summerset, and The Hall of Pony!

Get excited!  Exclusive preview coming: 11/12/13!
Hello Everyone!

Just a few quick updates this time around.  First time journaling, so please bear with me.

I've added a detailed writeup for "Project: Shimmerveil" in the new deviations section of the gallery, as well as added a new profile image for my DeviantArt ID.  It occurs to me, that I hadn't gotten around to updating it since 2009.  While I'm still getting squared-away with a few preexisting projects, be sure to stay tuned for some really special upcoming ones.  A few custom designs for friends, and one very unique piece that I've had in development for over a year!  Easily one of the most detailed, and complex I've ever built.  For sure, it'll have special appeal to any Vocaloid fans out there.

Until then, that's about all I've got for now.  If you happen to be in the Baltimore area this weekend, be sure to check out Bronycon; taking place at the Baltimore Convention Center.  Also, be sure to see the amazing works from :iconsilverslinger:, & :iconabbystarling: who are showcasing some truly awesome designs; located in the dealers room.  Be well everyone!