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Empty rooms
In empty rooms
vast quantities of nothing exists
where no naked eye
can observe the nothingness within.
When lounging in another room
or when a door just clicks closed
nothingness erupts
silent as a cacophony
in those empty rooms beyond.
And when a head peeks round a door
(like a feather
slowly drifting back down from a great height)
there really is just nothing
nothing happening in those empty rooms
nothing happening within.
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Oct 2010 ID by psyence-a-gogo Oct 2010 ID :iconpsyence-a-gogo:psyence-a-gogo 0 2
After my father died, life continued. Still, I was always taken aback by his terrible absence, marked so bitterly by the thick layer of dust that settled about the house. It lay in every corner, in deep slopes, and no amount of cleaning could unsettle it.
And in a similar way, every time I listened to a piece of music he would have admired, or a book he would have recommended, he passed across my memory, and then I would simply think, Oh.  
When I slept, he told me things. In my dreams he whispered secrets, but they were soundless for there were no more secrets.
Sometimes, when at work or while shoe shopping or between mouthfuls at dinner, I would be bowled over by a surge of plaintive emotion. One that has no true name but one that is cruel and ruinous.
I always told myself: Things will get better. But they never did.
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There is a cerulean skyline
that I look to
when I wake up sad,
with no one to explain
this feeling to.
There is something out there,
between the dreams,
that I need to understand.
That outer limit,
I don't ever reach it,
but I want to.
This won't last forever.
I'm on my way.
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I hold my head in my hands
and begin to think,
attempt to recollect,
the last,
memory of you.
with your body
still close to mine.
to be asleep
when I know that you
are watching me.
Running fingers
through your hair
and waiting
for your happy-cat smile.
All of them
are decent thoughts,
but nothing sparks.
Nothing reminds me
of that painful love
that went away
some time ago.
I can only remember
your excuses falling,
against my head
and arguments burning,
aching my failing love,
the last,
memory of you.
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All of my fires
have been put out now,
from the pyre of my heart
to the ember of my eye.
Once, dangerous flames
travelled in my wake
but all are subdued now.
And I think:
what use is a beacon
without a reason to burn?
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Regret is hindsight's backbone,
self-pity his creeping heart,
and bone fingers that scratch
as they work into your mind.
Leering lips, empty eyes
and crooked skeletal legs.
He shadows behind
waiting until he is needed
until a moment of nostalgia
pushes you back.
Paranoia over past happenings
is the poison that he seeps into you.
And when he's finished
he steps away again –
but only for a moment.
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2010 by psyence-a-gogo 2010 :iconpsyence-a-gogo:psyence-a-gogo 0 0
After only so many days,
An ache creeps into me.
It is a balloon of pity,
But simply for myself, mind.
Such a furore stirs
That in the time between,
I am just a little girl,
No need for rights here.
I'll make you tea,
I'll wear clenching dresses,
I'll beg, cherish, plead.
When we meet again,
After only so many days,
You'd be searching long
To find these thoughts.
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Always look towards that
giant blind horizon.
Claw at it, keep going even
when you are raw.
Behind you lies every mistake
you ever made, even the
ones you hid.
Hold onto that desire burning
a chasm in your heart.
Never pity your
escape from the past.
Never forget it either.
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Little Bird
I feel your sure heart in my hands;
There is a terror over you.
One small squeeze
And paradise awaits.
I cocoon you between these two walls
And wait for your shrill howl
Are you not afraid?
You do not know that I am benign.
But your quivering silence
Is sound enough for me.
I never meant you any harm;
Fly like I will never know how.
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Dear Moon:
Dear Moon:
How could I forget you?
Your man and I
Have spoken for years,
But recently
I've been too busy to talk.
We worked our way
Through every utterance,
We wept and shouted in delight.
But a wedge grew,
And slowly our hands separated,
Until only fingertips
Were touching.
And now,
I need him most.
Please pass a message on:
I'm lonely.
Let's talk again.
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Undressing at night is a queer sensation,
When all the hidden eyes turn to watch,
A cotton shirt slipping off a soft shoulder,
And then later, sleeping peacefully,
Those hidden hands come up to
Lay a still press against that soft body,
Causing a shock and a breathless pause.
These hidden masses slink in corners
Where the dark is darker
And the dust settles heavier,
They skitter frolicly away upon discovery,
And possibly a muted scratch of laughter
Can be heard, but otherwise silence dominates,
In those ticking seconds afterwards,
When people shake their heads
and blame it on the dream.
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Eidolon - Chapter 3
That day would have been a good one if Olivia had not slipped on the stairs. Christopher had finished work early for once, instead of talking himself into finishing one last stack of paperwork before calling it a day. The bus had arrived on time, the noisy school children had actually appeared docile and normal for once, the weather was pleasant. When Christopher arrived at the house his keys appeared to jump into his hand instead of eluding him and the key had turned perfectly in the lock, instead of sticking slightly until he thought it would snap. It had been one of the few occasions that he had not brought back an armful of extra paperwork to finish, so he was able to open the door easily, instead of having to shunt at it until it edged open.
Thinking back, Christopher was sure he hadn't seen her as soon as he opened the door. Not even a glimpse of her. He had been too occupied with shucking the coat off of his shoulders and hanging it up. But when he turned he saw her. His stomach
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Eidolon - Chapter 2
'Christopher!' Jack exclaimed. 'I'm in purgatory out here! Let me in, would you?' Christopher obediently stepped back to allow this distant friend inside.
Jack was removing his soggy cagoule before Christopher had even managed to close the door behind him. He was leaving fat drops of rainwater on the tiled floor of the entryway, as if he were his own storm cloud, come to make Christopher's day worse than it would naturally be. He was mentally imploring himself to ignore all callers from then on when Jack thrust the cagoule at him. Christopher took it clumsily and draped it over one arm mindlessly.
'Is that the kettle boiling?' Jack asked. Christopher nodded dumbly, also listening to the faint tumult coming from the kitchen. 'Mind if I grab a brew?' Jack did not wait for an answer and simply marched down the corridor. He did not falter at the foot of the stairs.
When Christopher stepped into the kitchen Jack was at the sink, washing a mug. Every inch of his body ached at this sight.
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Eidolon - Chapter 1
A house in mourning is a lonely one. A black flag is flown above the chimney pot: do not enter, death was here. He took away all that was dear, all that held meaning. His own hands pushed her down that flight of stairs and broke that tender neck. He still lurks in the corridors, seeping his black aura into everything. Death is cruel, death is anguish.
It had been nineteen days since the bed had been slept in. Christopher couldn't bring himself to touch it, let alone sleep in it. The covers were still thrown off and crumpled. She had been late for work; she had jumped out of bed, leaving the soft purple duvet half hanging off the side. She had pulled some clothes on, probably splashed cold water on her face in the adjoining bathroom. She would have run out of the room and down the corridor and then…
Christopher stopped himself there, closed his eyes and clenched his teeth. To think of Olivia's final steps and t
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