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My baby has no name
Not yet, until he's fully formed
But if he were to be titled
I would have many names for him

He would be Heart Ache
That silent cry in the night
Suffering from the first breath
Nothing good will ever come for him

Or maybe Astyanax
Thrown from life
Made to pay for what he little understood
Just a child, in reality

Perhaps he is a Benjamin
I feel this fits
For he will definitely be
The son of my sorrow

I lay a hand upon my son
Still settled deep inside
Stay inside Heart Ache, Astyanax, Benjamin
At least you're safe in there.
inspired by Elizabeth Jenning's poem Song for a Birth or a Death.

this took me way longer to write than it normally would. i don't know why, but the words just wouldn't come out of my head.

this is also the first poem that i've ever written with capitals.
Mystic-Photography Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2009
Its rather good =)
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