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Hello folks,

I'm offering a full colored badge commission for 35 Euro.
I also sell one of my resin…

All money will be donated to…

Do you like drawing or creating art?
Do you offer commissions or want to start with it?
Do you love our beautiful nature or have a favourite animal?

So please use your skills and join the Naturama Project 2018!…

It is a project, that collects artists from all nations to draw together commissions for our environment and the animals, we love.
At the end of the project, we donate ALL money (each cent!) to environmental organisations to help saving:
* the last tigers
* wild wolves
* amazing birds of prey
* sweet and helpless pets
* otters and rare snow leopards
* the marine diversity
* the little but often forgotten wild bees
* the fluffy bats
* dangerours sharks
* and the cute hedgehogs!

2011 we started the Naturama Project and about 40 artists collected 1.800 Euro!
Since then we drew, crafed and created and were able to donate all in all
19.363,98 €!

And this year...?

Become an active part in naturama and send a mail at: !

The project starts offically at 1st of April 2018! Join us now!
Hello folks,

It's time that I should write something again here.
I'm here since I was about 22 years old. When I was in that age I had plenty of time to draw, because I didn't had much duty, no partner and in my humble single-room-home was no computer and there was also no such thing like WhatsApp. What a boring life you may think, but that was what I had and it was better than nothing.

Now I have a good position in my job, I live in a big flat and I even have a life partner! I'm happy and grateful for that, but these things came all with a price: time. I pay that price with a smile, but sometimes I wish I could draw more, could build up/repair my "fan base" and be part of an art community again. Sigh, but there's no time for that at the moment, so I'm sorry.

But even with a lack of time I'm able to be creative. Nowadays I do more handicraft works than drawings. Yes, I built my own partial fur suit! When you asked me in the past about that I never expected that I could do that once xD Never give up your dreams, never.

If you are interested in my doings, like WIP pictures of my works or photos of my nature encounters, you will find me on Twitter. I'm quite active there, peeping and tweeting ( You don't need to have an own account, but if you like to comment there you must have one.

Anyway, I'm just saying.
I won't leave DA, don't worry. Here are too many artists I'm interested in (or at their artwork). Artists I followed over years and saw them evolving, became real good full time artists and so on. Seeing someone grow is interesting, but don't think I'm a creep...

Eh, have a good time. And don't forget, dragons may sleep over years until the will wake up and spit their fire of creation again ;)
Hello there folks,

Like every year I'm a part of the Naturama Project where many artist offer commissions for a good cause.
If you don't know the Naturama Project please take a look to the official website…

This year I offer one pair of the lovely pewter hedgehogs (…). They are available for 20 Euros (includes shipping).
I also offer a badge commission colored with copic markers. It will cost 30 Euros (includes shipping).

All the money of my commissions will go to the save the sharks project, because sharks belong to my favourite animals :)
As you can see on the official website, there are many more talented artists! It's amazing how many joined! If you don't choose me, maybe another artist will catch your attention.

Please feel free to share the Naturama Project in your own journal, blog or twitter.
Well well well, I got tagged by :iconmutabi:
Thank you so much... ;)

1. Post 8 facts about your character.
2. Tag 8 other characters.
3. Post their names along with their creators' Avatars.

Oke, here we go:

1. The full name of Psydrache is Logan Ajnos Psydrache, but her friends call her just Psy.
2. "Psydrache" describes just her dragon race.
3. You wouldn't expect it, but Psy is a FEMALE dragon.
4. Psy isn't physically strong, but she has a strong mind. She has psychokinesis powers (like Mewtwo from Pokemon).
5. She's very moody, cheeky and sometimes even cranky, but good at heart. She often looks for trouble and find it by Fen.
6. Psy is the girlfriend of the orange technodraggy Feanarth <3
7. I call Psy my "soul dragon", because she is often the mirror of my current mood.
8. There is always a bell on her tail, so her prey/victims have a bigger chance and it wouldn't be so easy to hunt/whack someone or something down ;)

I tagg these peeps: :iconda-ti: :iconreptilecynrik: :iconisismasshiro: :iconflyqueen: :icondracheholy: :iconalcira: :iconkyyraneth: :iconbeastofoblivion:
Since about two months I have tenosynovitis on both hands. I don't have it on the wrist, it hurts over the back of my hands and it's also on my knuckels. Since I took some pills it turned better, but it's still here and I can't draw or do any handicraft stuff. I'm dying here, it's so boring!!!
So, I'm sorry for my lack of art. I can't even write blog posts. I should not write even these journal here... Sigh.
So, I hope it will heal soon.
Hello out there,

If someone waits for an answer / note, please tell me. I think my DA had some problems and now I'm not sure if you got anything from me :(
I'm sorry if you think that I'm a lazy asshole. But it's true ;D No I'm kidding, I hope you all got my answer-notes.

Hello my dear fellowers!

Just one month is left and then the next Naturama Project will start!
You don't know about Naturama? There are many talented artists who offers commissions and the whole money will be donated to several environmental organisations. Last year we collected more than 13.100 Euro! That's a big thing! And a very good thing.

Here you can see all the great artwork, that was created in the last years:… .
So, if you want to be a part of this great teamwork or have any questions, contact the team at: or write a comment/note here :iconnaturama-project:

I'm also a part of the Naturama Project and I will offer some pewter figurines ;D

So, for anew fully success we need YOUR help. Even if you don't commish one of us, please share and spread our project to the world!
Thank you!
As the title say, I'm on Twitter now. I don't know what I do there, but hey, maybe you see there some sketches or other works of mine in progress. I don't know yet. You can find me (@)Psydrache :)

PS: I deleted my LiveJournal right now.
So, 2015, here I am!
Now with a lower work pensum I should have more time for my duties and hobbies. I'm still doing silicone molds, so beware a lot more pewter castings. Sorry! Really, sorry for all watchers who expects dragons and stuff. At the moment I'm just too deep into silicone and pewter. But hey, taht's not for ever. Actually I draw here and there something and at the moment theres a big sketch of a well-known dragon next to me. It will be inked and colored by time.

But, do you know that feeling that your drawing is never good enough? Every time when I draw something and look after a while on it I think "I should stop working on this because it's not good enough". That feeling bothers me and make me feel sad. Especially if I look to other cool artist around here. Drawing could be such a hard work! And then there are people sneezing on a paper and tehre's a Da Vinci! Ungh... -.-
Maybe I just have an art block, who knows. Or I lost the flow. So, also sorry for my slappy and non perfect work. I know, practise makes the master.

I won't stop drawing and I give my best.
Does anyone like the new logo? In my eyes it looks like the logo of a pharmacy... Bleh.
Hello out there,

Long time no see, eh?
I'm sorry for my lack of drawings the last few... years? Well, I think as you grow older (or better, if you look at me ;D) you get a lot other stuff to do than only sit at your desk and draw. But seriously, when I was a whippersnapper I never tought that I would have so little spare time a few years later. But I can't complain, because I live a happy life with my life partner, I have a cool but time-consuming job, my neighbours are friendly and I have friends. So what?

I'm a bit ill at the moment. The last few months I visited my doctor more often than my life partner his family. That's exhausting, but I'm tough. I think my life is too stressful at the moment and now I came to a point I have to change it. So, we will see if I will post drawings more often next year ;)

Besides my busy life I find always time for my "twitchy" hands. I do a lot of handicraft work at the moment. As you can see I'm lapse into pewter casting and silicone molds. My father and I did a lot of pewter casting the last time and if you are interested in one of my castings, feel free to make me an offer. I think I will share them by the next Naturama project next year anyway. You don't know the Naturama project? There is a group of many cool artists who sell their art for a good cause. Visit the homepage for more information.…

But there is something very important I want to say now: Thank you very much for your support! Thank your for the kind words, for the watches and faves, for the lamas (I still don't know how they work, omg!) - that all means a lot to me.
I think I started to post here in 2003 and since then DA underwent many changes. Blogging is IN, everyone has a facebook profile or something similar and I think that's the reason why people don't talk personally all that much anymore. It seems to be out of fashion to spent a few seconds for a comment. But for me it's okey. I'm not the one with the best english skills. I need a whole eternity to write something in english xD And I don't want to write sentences like "Woah, I like"  and so. So I'm sorry, I'm not much better when it comes to leaving comments myself ^^"
But anyhow, thank you guys and ladydudes <3

Well, there's a rough christmas sales time in front of me so there will be a period of silence around my person. I hope I will see you next year, when I got my glorious powers back! *rides into the sunset*
Hoka hey there!

Since my mushroom lights are getting more famous than ever expected, I will write something about them here. First of all: No I will not write a manual or how-to. A good chef would never give his best recipe away, you know. But yes, the mushroom hats are made of polymer clay. Actually it isn't a big thing to make mushroom lights by yourself, but I spent lots of effort to practice and plan such lights - so sorry, no tutorial at this point.

But everyone should get a chance to own a mushroom light, which is why I do commissions. You can say how many mushrooms you want, but ten mushrooms are the limit! Normally lights with only one or three mushrooms are optimal, because of the power source necessary. Five lights are possible, too but require a power outlet to work with.

The color of the mushrooms is variable. I can do allmost all colors you like, but not every color glows pretty. For example: Orange and blue glows very bright. Violet ones are pretty nice, too. Moss green mushrooms looks very handsome, but glow more yellowish than green.
I'm looking for and selecting every driftwood on my own and its always mother nature who shapes them and makes them available to me. So please understand that I will not accept any wishes about the driftwood itself.

The price depends on how much work I'd have with crafting. Bigger driftwood is often more complicated to drill than smaller. Not every color of the mushroom hats is easy to mix. And of course there is always the time to look for "usable" and good-looking wood in the first place.

- A single mushroom light (I call them often "solitaire light") are about CH Fr 30.- and comes with a power source (AA Batteries).
- A light with three mushrooms ranges between CH Fr 70.- and CH Fr 90.- and comes without batteries. You will need a 4.5V battery block.
- A "Five-lighter" with five mushrooms will cost about CH Fr 200.- and will come with a transformer. But pay attention: The transformer is has a swiss plug for 240V! Of course you can work with two 4.5V batteries as well, but it doesn't lower the price.
- Each extra mushroom (up from five) will cost CH Fr 30.- extra!
- Shipping costs are not included.
- I only accept either Paypal or bank money order.

Also, since this is a hobby I only accept one comission at a time. First come, first serve.

Sometimes I build mushroom lights just for fun and often put them on sale. Look, these two are available right now:

Kleiner Giftpilz by Psydrache and Mushroom Light Little Pandora by Psydrache

They cost CH Fr 30.- each.

I hope this information helps and I would be glad to send or craft some mushroom lights to you :)
Hi there!
Just some news and facts.

Mushroom Lights!
Im Buchenwald by Psydrache
I still have some here and I will do new ones in autumn when I get new drift wood. They look adorable and each piece is unique!
A light with tree mushrooms will cost about CH Fr 60.- and a single mushroom light will cost about CH Fr 30.-
Shipping cost not included!

New Blog, this time in English!
A few month ago I started a new blog about bones and mother nature. I give my best to write each entry in English. So, for all peeps who like skulls, bones, plants and animals - you will get one's money's worth!

I really don't know if I shoud offer commissions, because I don't have a lot of free time anymore. I will draw on a DIN A5 paper and I guess sketch or ink commissions like headshots would be ok. A sketch would cost about CH Fr 15.- and an ink one would cost about CH Fr 20.-
Shipping cost not included!
Dragons and other fantasy creatures only and only one slot is open at the moment.

So, I thinks thats all. I hope you all have a great time!
Buy commissions and do something good for mother nature!
Thats the topic of the Naturama Project and over 50 artists signed in! They draw or do handycraft work for a good cause! So, please  comission one of them and you get not only a good drawing you also get a good feeling about nature!

What, you don't know the great Naturama Project?
Here, please take a look

A lot of artists have a customer now (inclusive me), a lot of artists are still looking for a commission-offer.
These awesome artists from DeviantArt are still interested in getting a commission-order from you.


We allready earned over tousand euro! Please help to save mother nature!
Prices and more infos you can get on the official homepage of the Naturama Project.
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Life and Mushrooms

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 30, 2012, 12:53 PM

Hello friends

Long time since I wrote my latest post, right? Well, since I moved in my new flat over a year ago I don’t have a lot of free time anymore and this is the reason why I prioritize my hobbies. DA isn’t that important for my anymore, it’s simply a platform for my (rare) artworks, and even I don’t post all of my work here. I only enjoy watching the art of other people, that’s the main reason for me to stay here. I prefer more my LJ account. Well, I write there in German and that’s why I don’t have a lot of readers, but that doesn’t matter. If you are nosy about some artwork from me, you may have to look there sometimes.
BUT I thank everyone who watch me, wrote/write comments and fav my pictures. Thank you folks!

Well, the Naturama Project 2012 is coming up and I think to join it this year again but since I don’t have a lot of time for drawing I will sell a special craftsmanship. I will sell a mushroom light! I’m not sure yet if I sell a big one or just a little one-mushroom light. If you are curious how a mushroom light looks like you have to look in my LJ. But don’t worry, I will do more than one mushroom light, so if you like one right now, you can ask me for one.

Well, ‘nuff said I guess. I wish you all a nice time and take care!


In the curse Forest by Psydrache
Since my mushroom lights, inspired by the amazing :iconakeyla:, are so popular I made some for sale. Each piece is hand made and unique. If the demand is more than I expected I will do more, but at the moment these exemplar is the only one I have available now. If you are interested please write a Note.

My Artwork



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Hey listen!

A friend of mine started a big and very special project with the name Naturama. A lot of good artists, including me, are involved and will open a commission slot only for you!
Please take a look to the follow link:

English version:…
Deutsche Version:

If you see, you can choose an artist and send a request to them. Very easy!
The whole money will be donate for Nature Conservation!

I hope we will see you on the request list and it would be great if you would post the link with some words in your journal too.

Thanks for reading!
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2011 - where was 2010?

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 15, 2010, 11:01 AM

Hoka hey folks, whatís up?

I'm sorry that I disregarded DA so much, but I had a lot to do in 2010.
My boyfriend and I moved togheter and we found a new and a bigger flat. Thats and some other things are the reason why I don't want to be often online. I enjoy the internet free time a lot.

About drawing... With the new flat I have a longer way to work and so I don't have much time for drawing. But I still do it. Scribbling arround but don't post it. I take more fotos from mother nature, you can see them in my blog.

A friend of mine asked me to open a commission slot. Shall I? It is for a good thing, we want to collect the money and give it to WWF or Greenpeace or something like that. I don't know, exist somewhere whou will pay a lot of money for a drawing done by me? xD
Maybe I'm not that good like others, but that makes me not cheap.

So, I wish you a good 2011!


:iconmutabi: She does commissions and all the money goes to WWF. So, if you want to do something good and get something back, please commission her!

My Artwork



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Some kind of News

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 7, 2010, 12:00 PM

Hoka hey folks, whatís up?

Looked ďThe princess and the frogĒ with my boyfriend Fen. Well, Iím glad that I didnít go to the cinema for this movie. Why does Disney think that they must have songs in each children movie??? Thatís so annoying! But thatís not the worst thing Ė the songs were so BORING! And did I mention that they are annoying? But I was surprised about the many good gags in the movie. Man, I laughed so hard, it was a joy ^^

Other things, my Venus fly trap plant grows better since I put it on another place with more light, YAY! But my Nepenthes and Sundew had a bit dry air the last weeks :-/ Man, those carnivore plants are so delicate, but I love they so much! They are my babys and sunshine <3

Since I have Fen in my flat I think about to buy new dishes. I donít own a lot, just a few plates which I inherited from my grandmother. They are really pretty Ė blue and white with a very nostalgic countryside on it x3 If I really buy new stuff so I want to have something similar. I really love the country house style and I saw pretty dishes by Villeroy and Boch Ė but beyond price O.o (WWWWHHHHYYYYYY?????). One plate of them cost about CH Fr 100.-. AughÖ Thatís to much xD

Well, I enjoy the spring/summer time. Itís not too hot here, because we have a lot of rain. Thatís a crazy weather: sun, rain, sun, rainÖ Itís like April weather. But thatís fine during the week, because my flat is under the roof top and so sometimes a real furnace in the summer.
Hmmm, the sunÖ I really like the sun, especially if I could go swimming! At the moment the lake is about 14į degrees Ė but I didnít care xD

So, I wish you all a nice time and take care to yourself and mother nature!


:iconmutabi: She does commissions and all the money goes to WWF. So, if you want to do something good and get something back, please commission her!

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Some kind of News

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 5, 2010, 8:01 AM

Hoka hey guys! Time is still running and never stops, so it's time for a new entry now.
My repoted plant is fine and makes new shoots. Me happy <3 And two of my carnivores made flowers! Thats so beautiful. Take a look here… and here…. Ah yes, and I have a livejournal, but I write German only. If someone is interrested it's
In other news, my boyfriend moved to me in my little flat. Me happy again <3 I guess we have to look for a bigger flat soon.

Oh and thank you guys who send me a llama x3


My Artwork



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