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XR - X Marks the Spot: Part 2
By psycrowe   |   Watch
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Mature  |  Published: June 6, 2006
© 2006 - 2019 psycrowe
Unplanned doodle that popped into photoshop today. Saix chewed him up pretty bad apparently XD.
Wow, shading. XD (No I won't start shading the comics.. that'd hurt my brain XD)
Poor Zexion.. he gets to bandage up Xigbar because... um... out of the Organization members I haven't drawn much, he seemed to make the most sense... annnnnd. Well, I wanted to draw Zexion, so thar XD. (#13 wasn't around for when Saix attacked Xigbar, so shhh about me drawing him XD.)
Look, Xigbutt!
So that's how he got the butt scar... he's no doubt lamenting at why, of all places, Saix had to get him on the ass.

Xigbar and Zexion©Square Enix/Disney.

P.S Yes, "X marks the Spot", being the first comic I thought of, takes place before the Xemnas Reports XD.
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XSamuraiEdgeX's avatar
XSamuraiEdgeXHobbyist Digital Artist
Zex is the poor bastard!
kittyneko903's avatar
kittyneko903Hobbyist General Artist
so... very many..... colorful bandaids XD
LyricalAutumnWind's avatar
LyricalAutumnWindHobbyist General Artist
Lol I always figured that being a man of science, Vexen would be the doctor of the group. I'm sure he knows far more than he should about things like anatomy and what the insides of things are like...-ahem-
The-Last-Sea-Serpent's avatar
But would any of the Organization members trust Vexen to bandage and stich their sensitive areas?
LyricalAutumnWind's avatar
LyricalAutumnWindHobbyist General Artist
Aha! You've got me there, friend. Well played.
The-Last-Sea-Serpent's avatar
Personally, I wouldn't trust Vexen with bandaging wounds any more than I would trust Dr.Frankenstein with organ transplantation.
RoxasSoraNamineKairi's avatar
And u think he'd get Demyx to do it xD
DaleraTheHedgedingo2's avatar
DaleraTheHedgedingo2Student Artist
so THATS how he got those scars! wow.
KiSm15's avatar
KiSm15Student Artisan Crafter
lolololol :lmao:
poppup's avatar
TouchMyLexicon66's avatar
TouchMyLexicon66Student General Artist
what happed to his eye patch?!?!
deidarachann's avatar
waaait... OMG *just noticed* XIGGY HAS 2 EYEZ!
or am i being stupid xD?
psycrowe's avatar
psycroweHobbyist General Artist
He's got 2 XD. Which isn't canon now that that psp game is out. I think he loses his eye before becoming a nobody, but I haven't played it :C
deidarachann's avatar
oh right i read somehwere.. he loses his eye in the game fighting someone xD god i so want birth by sleep :(
but who knows, maybe that eyepatch is just for the piraty fun xD
Duckyworth's avatar
DuckyworthHobbyist Digital Artist
Lol. Poor Zexion..... :rofl:
cozcon2000's avatar
cozcon2000Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lol draw more zexion, hes my fav character
InvaderSasha's avatar
InvaderSashaHobbyist General Artist
Poor Xiggy :'(
Snickerdoodle-sensei's avatar
LOL. That's awesome. Poor Zexy always doing the dirty work.
InvaderSasha's avatar
InvaderSashaHobbyist General Artist
i kno right?
RikuXSoraLover's avatar
awww tht's so mean Saix!!!! Dx
lumiephoenix's avatar
lumiephoenixHobbyist General Artist
Poor, Xigbar...
anonymous's avatar
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