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Draekard Evolution by psycrowe Draekard Evolution by psycrowe
This pic is meant to illustrate one character (I've named him Ro) and what he may have looked like in the beginning when I first drew a Draekard (though known back then as simply a furry dragon) and his evolution as the Draes changed. I chose a Blue as they're sort of the default Drae (but the first one I ever drew was later dubbed the Black color). I did my best ot mimic my style during the earlier years. I colored them with markers and quickly inked with microns.
1998: Draes had scaley faces, simplified claw feet, long necks, bad wings (Draes actually gave me a boot to the arse to learn how to draw feathered wings properly, over the years) and no wing thumb(just a claw), all blue(or red/black/etc..), and no pupils. Not too many of this version ever made it to the net. I had no scanner at the time, and a lot of my 1998 Drae work was given away as gifts.
1999-2000: Big change in appearance. Claws become paws(and large ones at that), and they start to look less feral. Different hair color is introduced, along with colored and longer feathering. Wings get better, and there is a high anime/lion king influence.
2001: Muscle is more developped, and wings become better still. Paws are smaller, but still on the large side, and hair detail is added. Markings are also introduced(more towards 2002). Anime/lion king influence is fading.
2002: Draes gain a toe on their back feet, which in turn become more 'foot-like' and paws become more slender and hand-like. Draekards also earn their name and the anime/lion king influence is mostly lost. Drae builds & muscles are further developped. Tails become floofier and manes are more commonly colored to match their fur(for my characters, anyway :)).
2003-Now: Ears change slightly, wings are drawn more realistically(2005). Markings on body and wings are more common(2003) and Drae facial features become more..defined and expressive. Fingers become more paw-like, yet still retain the hand look, and they also gain an extra finger as well as visible pawpads(2005). Their builds are further developped(2003-2004) and chest muscles are added(2005).

And there you have it. :)

Draekards belong to A.Crowe.
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GraseyTheWolf Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
can you do more for 2013 .-. *rolls on back*
demonic36 Featured By Owner May 21, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
just cus of this id watch you but im flooded daily now...ah whatever ill watch you anyways love the evolution btw
Shiranui-Wolf Featured By Owner May 6, 2009
I love the whole evolution of these cool guys 8D reminds me of my made up creatures XD Still trying to come up with a look I'm comfortable with.
trogdorboy Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
So, like, how did you come up with draekards anyway?
psycrowe Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Hehe, to make a long story short, in 98, I had discovered a furry art site called Yerf, and an artist on there was drawing these cute looking fluff dragons. Wanting to try out the idea of furry dragons, with a less cute look, I started doodling these snarly creatures that were(funnily enough) quite adorable as cubs. Over the years, they got more and more refined to what they are, today, blending different animals, like big cats, horses, etc. :)
HyenaTug Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2007
I meant to say "word's"... damn, what's with my fingers today? 0.o
HyenaTug Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2007
I'm sorry but, isn't the "Ro" words is for "dragon" in japaneese? ^_^
Rosenquarts Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2007  Student General Artist
you know you could make them seperate??
Shade703 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2007
oohh! Nice! i want one, they look really cool! you did a fantastic job on the colouring! i love the look on the 1999-2000 ones face. he looks so sad! *give fluffy dragon thing a hug* and the way he's standing with his hands/front feet together AAWWW!
tat2puppy Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2005   Digital Artist
Very nice coloring!!!! I love how you added a green color on the tip of the blue wings:clap: VERY NICE:)
sparrowstampede Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2005
Must keep this one in mind. :3
Kazanthi Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, this was a stroll down memory lane for me too. Man, I miss playing in the RP. *grins* Though I have to admit, I still manage to sneak in playing Walks Alone or Pariah now and again on a freeform channel. Hell, even Rinal. I've always loved your style, but I have to admit, seeing your newer versions makes me want updated versions of the ones you were so gracious as to do for me back in the RP days. I will have to commission you when you have time. And I have money. *laughs* This is a great idea, by the way, showing how your style and skills have evolved. I likes.
zarathus Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2005   Artisan Crafter
I love things like this :) It's always interesting to see how characters have been developed over time.
Your draekards have changes quite a bit since 1998, too. I definitely like the most current design the most. Love the stripes... stripes always look pretty :D Draekards are an interesting species. Do you have anything anywhere with more information about them?
moonfeather Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2005  Professional General Artist
utterly gorgeous. I still have my Draekard characters. I've been planning to re-draw them for a while now :)

I love reading about people's personal creatures and the changes made over the years :)
CuddlyDemon Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2005
What I really hate about this (and honestly, it's the only thing about any of your work that I do) is that it just proves that your artwork never sucked. (At least in regard to the Draes.) Nobody could PAY me to post any of my stuff that's older than maybe a year.

Anyhoo, badass. I love these sort of pictures; knowing how accomplished artists developed their characters is helpful in developing my own.
AzuraRiverja Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2005
Wwooo, that's awesome, the way ya did that.. heh.. I remember most of those phases, too! I feel like and oldbie drae-fan, now. ;) Awesome as always.. ^_^
chibipush Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2005
^_^ Sweet.

Oh god, it makes me shudder to look back at some of the ancient drawings of Rubans and Suryngai.. and even worse, the beginnings of the Rubans when they were sculptures..
JMBauer Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
nice use of colors, awesome!
dragonchaos Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2005
I still cling to the 1999-2000 style, slowly been trying to edge into the most resent form, but, as i suck at hands, and feet, i havnt acturlly been ableto cross the gap. I never did see any of the 1998 drae's till now. late 1998-1999 i believe is when i came across your art on Elfwood, found ya again on Side7..and then here o.o i was actrually on the role-play for a while under the name Stormy. i sucked back then -.- anyway. i have been trying to get better by seeing how you do it. i getting better with feathered wings, but they tend to be abit to big..[poor Joey, my blue drae..his's wings are twice as big as him -.-] anyway..i shut up.. It's awsome seeing how you have improved over the years, and i know you can only keep getting better. keep it up ^_^<3
Nailo Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2005
Nice art!!
hunterbahamut Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2005   Digital Artist
Definatly strange to see how much the draes have changed over the years, as well as your own ideas and style changes for them
Really good Psy, I'm impressed you could emulate your older styles for this as well, I wouldn't have known unless you said it.
azurelis Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2005
That's a very intriguing approach to a beautiful character. Nice job ;)
lex4art Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2005
Interesting idea. =_o.
Isdrake Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2005   Digital Artist
Nice. Me likes. :aww:
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